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Admissify Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Admissify Edutech Pvt. Ltd.

Facilitating Excellent Educational Opportunities in India and Overseas

While on our quest to find the most innovative firms in educational consulting and overseas education, we had the chance to interview Admissify’s co-founders, Ishant Aggarwal and Rahul Laxman, who are aspiring to make it easier for students to navigate the difficult process of studying abroad and empower them to be successful in their academic endeavours.

Upon realizing the lack of professional support and guidance in overseas education, the enthusiastic visionary leaders came up with the idea of a comprehensive, cutting-edge study abroad education platform, – Admissify Edutech Pvt. Ltd.,

The seeds of dreams were sown in 2017 in the capital city, New Delhi. Soon, their efforts and distinctive approach have propelled the platform to make a name for itself as a dependable partner for students looking to pursue an education abroad. Admissify has sent 1000+ students to places including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, France, Russia, and more.

Aiming to acquire top admissions and scholarships for aspirants by building their profiles and utilizing their application expertise, Admissify has been able to obtain a strong footing in the industry. It boasts the greatest student scholarship rate and also provides employment placements, with over 75% of the students receiving scholarships.

Dynamic Leadership

Ishant Aggarwal

Ishant Aggarwal, the brains behind the brand, is an inspiring and dynamic leader with more than 15 years of expertise. He commenced his career in India in the key position of President at Darcl Logistics Pvt. Ltd., the country’s top logistics provider with more than $4 billion in annual revenue and 4,000 people nationwide. In academics, Ishant graduated in business studies from the esteemed IILM Delhi before enrolling at Regent’s Business School in London to get his master’s degree in business management.

Rahul Laxman

Another leading man Rahul Laxman is a member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys UK and practices IPR law in London. He took a turn in his career when he joined his 30-year-old family Real Estate Development Company and, furthermore, started another successful real estate company in London. Later, he went to India and, together with Ishant Aggarwal, founded Admissify.

The innovative leader graduated from Queen Mary University with degrees in biomedical engineering and business management. He then earned a Diploma in International Relations from LSE after completing his LLM with distinction in international commercial law at the University of London.

The Prominent Offerings – At a Glance

Following a high-quality, client-centric approach, Admissify focuses on personalized holistic guidance tailored to the students’ long-term career ambitions and building optimized applications in order to secure large scholarship admissions into the world’s top universities. Here are the key services offered by the platform:

  • Comprehensive counselling via App and all offices in India and London
  • Smart University Selection on the E Platform
  • Application Building
  • Scholarship Prep
  • Support for Visas and Immigration
  • Test Preparation
  • Pre-departure services
  • Accommodation services: the largest range of student accommodation in the UK and Europe
  • Jobs and Placements in Destination Countries, Inc.
  • Postgraduate Visa and Work Visa Extensions in the UK, Canada, and Australia

Germination of the Idea

We aim to revamp the face of the education consulting experience in India and overseas with alumni advisers, immigration experts, and qualified faculty!

Giving a brief explanation behind the inception of Admissify, Ishant Aggarwal stated, “While pursuing a master’s degree in the UK, my co-founder Rahul and I realized how little support and useful advice had been given to inbound international students. Additionally, we saw students visiting local offices, asking untrained “counsellors” with no prior expertise for suggestions, and enrolling in a small number of foreign universities and courses without receiving methodical or insightful counselling.

We wanted to bring the best alumni mentors and expert counsellors on board to provide comprehensive guidance and assist students in obtaining the best admissions and scholarships. Thereby, making the most significant decision of our lives, we launched the Edu Tech platform of Admissify on the web and app.”

Insights on the Latest Market Evolution

Admissify’s innovative team constantly strives to stay one step ahead of the market state by incorporating the most recent industry innovations and shifts in the study abroad programs offered to students, from developing basic applications with no further support to now quickly adopting technology and moving toward a high-quality interaction and fact-based long-term career planning approach.

Admissify introduced an online platform in response to the worldwide crisis, and video counselling, in particular, has gained significant traction in providing students with efficient and practical guidance. This has made it easier for today’s students who want to study abroad to advance, be transparent, and get the advice they need.

Overcoming Challenges Like a Pro

It was incredibly difficult to lead the study abroad industry in developing a smart and comprehensive e-education platform and app. In order to incorporate end-to-end functionality, video counselling, and current information, Admissify had to gather a sizable quantity of information about more than 3000 international colleges and more than 10,000 programs.

The Differentiating Factor for Admissify that Made them Stand Out

Admissify’s distinction in the study abroad consultancy industry is driven by their commitment to providing holistic and personalized service enabled through cutting-edge technology. This approach has significantly expanded their customer base. By prioritizing individual student needs, leveraging their global network, and implementing cutting-edge technology, they have built trust and loyalty.

Admissify has established an excellent track record as a trustworthy educational and career abroad consultancy owing to their dedication to obtaining scholarships, giving thorough support, and offering postgraduate placement opportunities to those already studying abroad.

They further distinguish themselves through their global presence, transparency, scholarship record, and knowledge, in addition to post-arrival job placement and support. The Admissify Platform’s leadership and management are adaptable, adapting to market changes and delivering rising value.

The Substance of R&D

R&D is crucial for creating a difference and staying at the forefront of the curve. Since its inception, research and development (R&D) has played a significant role in Admissify’s growth trajectory. The ongoing R&D spending has led to technologically cutting-edge solutions that enhance the delivery and calibre of our services.

Flagship achievements include the development of an AI-driven university matching system, which has increased the precision of matches between students and programs at universities. Additionally, the team’s data analytics skills have allowed them to provide students with up-to-the-minute updates on developing trends in studying abroad.

Remarkable Accomplishments and Milestones

Moving on its dynamic roadmap, Admissify has reached a number of milestones, including growing its global network to connect students with one another and obtaining 1000+ scholarship admissions for students to esteemed colleges throughout the world.

Giving an insightful summary of the company’s achievements, the influential leader, Rahul Laxman, proudly apprised, “Admissify has been recognized for its innovative strategy and earned accolades for outstanding study abroad consulting, in addition to many Admissifyers achieving renowned titles and full scholarships to top institutions globally. Through our students’ increasing successes, we demonstrate our own success alongside them. As a result, we gain more clients through student recommendations and enhanced digital interactions.

Moving towards a Flourishing Future

Five years ago, Admissify was envisioned to grow as a leading study abroad consultancy by continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients and bringing our services to an even larger audience. It has been rapidly progressing on a victorious path, and further planning towards future growth encompasses strategic market expansion with a focus on capturing an even broader client base. Further, they aim to drive revenue growth through further marketing, by providing cutting-edge services, and by enhancing IT infrastructure to provide smooth user experiences.

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