The ever-increasing outreach of social media networking sites has influenced us immensely. The addiction to stay online has simply overpowered our lifestyle. We tend to update every minute details of our daily life being it traveling, business meetings, casual chitchats, birthday celebrations and even some gloomy pictures such as death rituals. Many entrepreneurs have benefitted by its usage in its early days. It became a favorite tool for many business leaders and young entrepreneurs to spread their businesses globally by the accelerated communication. Assorted established publication houses and developing business magazines in India such as BUSINESS CONNECT signed up on its platform to reap benefits from this social media giant. It eventually helped millions of users worldwide.

But recently it has grabbed eyeballs for breach of privacy of many users. It was found guilty of compromising with the privacy of its account holders. Mr. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, admitted that he was monitoring the data consumption and usage pattern to understand the psychology of its users. This, he said, was meant to augment its attempt of keeping a check on the global usage patterns of its platform. Facebook was utterly rebuked by a large community which included cosmopolitan magazines, global media houses and numerous articles were written championing the cause of digital privacy. But hardly anything substantial happened excluding a few events of account deactivation by some big personalities such as Elon Musk, the visionary founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

Amid all this, Facebook is back with a bang with its new set of patents which claims to predict the date when you are going to die. Isn’t it absurd? But the company has applied for a patent that will help it know every micro movement of its users. It has developed a mechanism which evaluates the consumption habits and on that basis, it can predict the D-day of its users. Are you ready to know the date?


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