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ICRI Online Learning Academy

ICRI Online Learning Academy

An Innovative Endeavour by Sukriti Dugal, Supporting Working Professionals to Flourish and Achieve Their Career Goals

In India, edtech has expanded significantly during the last ten years. Despite the value of our schools and colleges, the knowledge they don’t teach us is just as vital. As a result, there is a gap between industry and academia in India’s educational system. Fortunately, Edtech companies are striving to bridge this gap by providing high-quality education to everyone at the touch of a button from the convenience of their own homes. And one such educational endeavour that upskills working professionals in the areas of clinical research, healthcare, pharma marketing, aviation, and logistics is the – ICRI Online Learning Academy!

Sukriti Dugal, an incredible and inspiring female leader, founded the company in 2018, with the aim of developing individuals who are prepared for careers in clinical research, healthcare, and related sectors and creating a space for knowledge production, connecting with experts in the field, and learning pertinent information. She has been the architect of the overall direction and strategy of the company and has created a shared strategic vision of what should aspire to be.

Sukriti is a remarkable leader who emits excellent clarity, passion, and confidence. She is a lawyer by qualification and holds an LLB from the esteemed School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, an LLM from University College London, and an LPC from BPP Law School. With a transformative leadership style, Sukriti supports her team members in reaching their full potential through a unique ‘aspire-inspire’ approach. Another leading lady, Seema Mishra is an academic coordinator with years of expertise and excellent industry knowledge.

“The objective behind the formation of ICRI Online Learning Academy is to tackle the demand for skilled professionals in the different industry verticals by providing industry-oriented PG Diploma, Certificate, and Diploma courses with well-qualified and expert faculties. Today, is regarded as one of the top 5 learning academies in the nation by leading newspapers and journals, and we have a global alumni of more than 18,000 students and 100+ subject matter professionals. Further, the company has been recognised as ‘One of the Top 10 Edtech Startups of 2023” the leading lady apprised.

The Genesis of ICRI Online Learning Academy

In 2018, the aspiring businesswoman decided to launch this ed tech initiative as she found that there was a mismatch between the knowledge candidates had gained from their college education and the skill sets required at the workplace and with everything being digitalized.

After finding the urgent need for upskilling and industry learning, both in the Indian and global markets, Sukriti made her humble beginning in entrepreneurship by offering courses in clinical research and healthcare. She gradually expanded the scope of her offerings as her courses gained acceptance and popularity, introducing courses in psychology, food and nutrition, public health, medical tourism, logistics and supply chain management, digital finance, and aviation management.

Unique Value Prepositions

ICRI Online Learning Academy has gained an excellent market reputation over the years. But what makes the company stands out is the diverse and comprehensive nature of its courses. The variety of programs offered usually extends in terms of duration for a period of 3–6 months. Each course module focuses on a particular employment role and aims to educate the candidate about the actual tasks involved in that role. The purpose of the tests, exams, and assessments—all of which are completed online—is to evaluate the candidates’ practical knowledge. 100% placement is provided across all course pan India with a dedicated placement team.

The courses combine pre-recorded and live sessions to provide students with the flexibility to learn at their own speed and to directly address any questions they may have with the mentor. In order to offer services outside the realm of traditional occupations, has developed courses in industries that are expanding not only in India but also internationally. With the help of its programs that are placement-oriented and industry-focused, it is dedicated to ensuring career progression. Additionally, they work to raise awareness among Indian youth about the magnitude and potential for employment and growth that such sectors present, both domestically and internationally.

Industry Transformation Over the Years

There has been a significant impact from cutting-edge new technology. Since its inception, has been dedicated to using technology as a medium, and the team welcomes applicants from all around the world. They have developed new courses, including SaaS, medical escribing, and pharma marketing, after understanding the customer’s pain points.

It is their goal to consistently develop new programs with better delivery from professionals in order to keep up with the times. The interface that they provide is very easy to use and is accessible from a computer, laptop, or phone. They frequently update the course materials and add new modules that include technology, such as remote clinical trials, which they added in response to what was seen during COVID-19.

Overcoming the Hurdles Like a Pro

Like any start-up, ICRI Online Learning Academy encountered its fair share of challenges; even before the process began, there were a number of mountains to climb, like scaling, developing new sectors, collaborating and funding, and marketing and advertising difficulties in raising awareness of the scope of the industry.

The Distinctive Business Model

With a Pan-Indian reach, ICRI Online Learning Academy operates on the paradigm of industry partnerships. The emphasis is on NSDC-approved courses in clinical research, healthcare, logistics, aviation, and psychology. These professionals enroll in the programs to expand their knowledge is strong technically and has a top-notch faculty in its field of competence. All of its courses have been created with market demand for the jobs of the next 20 years in mind, in addition to a reliable delivery system through various digital partners. 44% is the net profit margin.

Sync with Technology and Innovation

Technology has always played a big role in ICRI Online Learning. They make investments in the best SAAS tools to increase corporate productivity, and they also use SAAS-based programs to stay up-to-date with market trends. The ICRI Online Learning team is devoted to investing in technology, incorporating it into operations, and launching new programs since technology is here to stay.

Additionally, they are actively involved in research and development and collaborate closely with the internal academic coordinator, Dr Seema Mishra, and jobsearch websites like Linked In and Naukri to comprehend current trends in India and around the world in terms of what the expanding industries and jobs of tomorrow are. They also conduct in-depth research before releasing a new course to the market.

Road Ahead Sukriti avows, “Our future course of action includes expanding the range of courses offered to include areas like cyber security, blockchain with logistics, AI with clinical research, and healthcare. In the near future, we also hope to work with international industry agencies and organizations to establish India as a centre for clinical research and healthcare education.”

The company is seeking partnerships for educating doctors and personnel in foreign hospitals as well as exploring new opportunities in the UAE and South East Asia. As part of their efforts to launch hybrid programs in the fields of telemedicine, drones, medical scribing, and medical coding, they are also investigating partnerships with universities given that India’s new education policy is focused on digitalization.

Sukriti wraps up with one key message: “We are solving a big problem here: lack of awareness regarding career opportunities in the areas of clinical research, healthcare, logistics, and medical tourism, hence lack of trained manpower not just in India but globally as well.”

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