Buddy4Study: Bringing smile to needy scholars by bringing a plethora of scholarships

Buddy4Study: Bringing smile to needy scholars by bringing a plethora of scholarships
Buddy4Study: Bringing smile to needy scholars by bringing a plethora of scholarships

India has traversed a long distance since the day it got official freedom from the rule of British Empire. People expected many positive changes to take place in many domains such as education, poverty and various other aspects of day to day life. Many things have actually changed such as the literacy rate has jumped to 74% as per the census report of the year 2011 from 12% in the year 1947. But it is just numerical figures which are not sufficient to describe the quality of education. Quite often, we get to see students dropping out of their schools because of the paucity of resources which could help them get access to affordable higher studies. They keep waiting for any financial help but except limited lucky candidates, not many get access to scholarships. Contrarily, more than $3 billion worth of scholarship is available for Indian students every year which is either not disbursed, underutilized or never reaches the end beneficiary. The worst part is the carelessness of government and civic authorities regarding such scholarship programs. There was need of a solution to take note of this grim reality. Surprisingly, there are many Philanthropists, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Government Bodies, Schools, Colleges and Universities looking for talents to invest their money on. But the lack of suitable machinery to match needy students with investors kept playing spoilsport.
This premise to match needy students with investors gave birth to a unique entrepreneurial venture in the year 2011 which laid the foundation stone of a pioneering startup Buddy4Study. It is an Indian scholarship portal aggregating the latest information on scholarship opportunities while providing application support with a vision to make quality education accessible to every student across India. The startup was a brainchild of alumni from the top business schools and technological institutes from the likes of IIM, IMT and BITS Pilani. The company was spearheaded with the joint efforts of its co-founders & co-CEOs Manasvi Singh and Manjeet Singh along with the other co-founders Ashutosh Burnwal, Mohit Bhambri, Anirban Chatterjee and Raj Kishor Chaudhary. With the state of scholarship ecosystem in India which was largely unorganized, the company came up with the idea of using technology to rescue the poor system. Buddy4Study takes the help of AI and Data Science to solve the problem of students in the form of an educational financing matchmaker. The company grew steadily for three years. The real growth of the company started in May 2015 when all co-founders came together. They realized that millions of students across India are unable to reach their full potential due to a lack of affordable financing.
Common Platform for Seekers and Providers
The company designed a robust scholarship search engine where students can not only search for scholarships but also create their profiles, find scholarships that match their profile, apply for all such scholarships. Simplification of scholarships was the mantra that it used to build its product. And that is how the company got its name. Buddy4Study derives its names from the motive of the company to become chum of students. It envisions becoming a friend that students would count upon for anything and everything related to scholarships in India. So far, it has helped more than 8.5 lakh students pursue their dreams by connecting the right scholarships with the right students. Backed by a robust scholarship search engine, it is the only platform in the country that allows both scholarship seekers as well as the scholarship providers to access information which is taken care of properly. The information ranges from scholarships across the globe to the process of application and personalized support.
The company provides easy access to profile based national and international scholarships and end to end application support to students between the age group of 6 to 35 years. Apart from this, it yields end-to-end management and monitoring of scholarship programs including scholarship design, scholarship promotion, application management, shortlisting & selection process, interviews, documentation & verification documents and a robust scholar tracking system.
Differentiating Factors
The product and process innovation set it apart from other players in the domain. The USP of Buddy4Study is the excellent blend of ideas education, implementing artificial intelligence and data science in simplifying the whole process of educational financing and scholarship matchmaking. Moreover, its business model is financially stable, lean, capital expenditure free, technology-driven, product based and in line with the value chain which makes it highly scalable and disruptive.
Esteemed Clientele
The company caters to more than 40 B2B partners who include prestigious names like Vodafone India foundation, TATA Trusts, DLD, Jindal Steel Limited, Marubeni, Michel and Susan Dell Foundation, L’Oreal India Foundation and many more.
The company has been able to achieve a giant leap towards success with the help of its pool of over 150 talented and dedicated employees. The buddies (read employees) work with a sense of responsibility and empowerment to make their contribution in making education accessible and affordable for students across the country. They are motivated by the happiness they bring in students’ life by becoming a medium to cherish their dreams. The employees are young and keep themselves in line with the latest trends. The founding members of the company are from India’s most reputed institutions carrying rich background in entrepreneurship and startups. Moreover, the company has an in-house team for content, media, digital marketing, sales, promotions, on-ground operations, recruitment, tele support centre, web design, software & programming, application development and testing etc. The in-house team operates across 20 states in India.
Eliminating roadblocks that students encounter
The company is working with an ultimate to produce more and more scholars empowered with scholarships. To achieve this, it is bringing all the stakeholders of education on a single platform. It is working with the government, foundations, corporations, NGOs, trusts, academicians and everyone else to optimize the way scholarships are disbursed and scholars are identified. It wants to pass on all the benefits of scholarships to students and thereby eradicating obstructions encountered by students. The company is also working on bridging the additional gaps that are left after a student gets a scholarship. It is doing this through Educational Loans and till date it has successfully helped disburse more than 1 crore worth of loans in a short span of time.
Major Milestones
The company has accomplished many commendable achievements. It is recognized as India’s most preferred CSR implementation partner. It has the privilege of being India’s first indigenously developed technology-based scholarship search engine. It got recognition from government dignitaries like Mr Amitabh Kant (CEO of NITI Aayog) and Mr Manish Sisodia (Education Minister of NCT of Delhi) for its various efforts. So far, it has helped more than 50000 scholars which keep increasing on a daily basis. Mr Manasvi Singh got recognition as the Youngest CEO in the domain of EdTech. The company runs scholarship operations in more than 20 states and 80 districts in the country. It has expanded rapidly from being a team of 3 to a team of more than 150 in less than two years. It established four successful tie-ups with the government. Moreover, its achievements include the launch of Indo Global Scholarship Congress 2018, UAS 2018 which is India’s largest international education and scholarship event and Vidyanjali- India’s largest corpus for scholarships just to name a few. Most importantly, it has been successful to bring smiles to the face of students.
Buddy4Study has earned the trust and respect of stakeholders from education. A standing testimony to this fact is the trust of one million subscribers and hundreds of clients.
Envision of becoming synonymous with Scholarships
The company wants to become the world’s largest scholarship platform. Moreover, it wants to reach a mammoth 1000-crore club in the next few years. Above all, it wants to be an equivalent to scholarships. With an education loan in its kitty, the company aims to be the biggest Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in the times to come. It also wants to be the largest platform in the scholarship listing platform. Apart from this, it wants to emerge as India’s top contributor in the startup space that becomes famous across the world for innovative products and services.
Words of Wisdom
While getting interviewed, Mr Manasvi Singh shared some golden words which imbue life-changing learnings. He says that companies are made by people and not by buildings. Having the right people on our side helps a person step ahead than our competitors. Adding further, he says right people with the right attitude and the right talent makes a lot of difference to the business.


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