PHP vs Python vs Ruby
PHP vs Python vs Ruby

Boiling down the three most debated programming languages


In this blog post, we, the team of editors at business connect are going to make a try in resolving the most debated question among the minds of students, language learners, web programmers, and companies who wish to develop their own website or something else in application field. If we talk about reality, then every language programme comes with having some pros and cons, opting one among other totally depends on the requirements of the one. In this article, we have derived a deep discussion about the railing features and disadvantages of these three matters to clarify the queries regarding the same mentioning the stats and the facts about every counter which will help you to choose the suitable programing language according to the specific needs.

The discussion starts with the first language programme that what is PHP all about??


Conquering around 83.1% of market share, paced, versatile and pragmatic, the language empowers almost everything. Starting from pin to mount, being used in probably every blog to very famed websites in the globe. The demand of the same is increasing at a pace. Ensuring easy development, tool support, ultimate frameworks, persistent improvement, web foundation and many more. These are the main supportive towards choosing the programming language.

As the reality speaks every packet comes with sweet and bitter experience. In PHP, the users face the issue of fragmented community.

Many of the renowned companies use the language programme for next level engagement. PHP trends are followed by the firm like Facebook, global instant messaging app-WhatsApp, slack, lyft, Wikipedia, Tesla motors and many more. PHP integrated with around 54 pacemakers. For instance Laravel, Auth0, fortrabit, codelgniter.

Concluding the points in the nutshell, PHP can be considered as ideal language programme.


‘Guido vanRossum’ derives this general feature programming language as the most praised and recommended unit known for its elegancy in syntax and readable code formats. For those who are just to take off their career fly, PYTHON suits them best to match with the facilities. PYTHON is arguably the most readable programming language.

Talking about the good coins of PYTHON, the open source enhance the dynamic typing providing elegancy, simplicity and beautiful coding, large community of users are in favor of the programming language due to its object oriented approach for rapid development and ensuring job securities for bright career prospects. However the same is not so easy deal to understand and learn. The language seems to confer poor DSL capabilities, messed up package management and too much imperative approach. Also the programme figure bad syntax behavior while having anonymous functions.

As per StackShare, all around 3176 companies are featuring gesture of PYTHON. Instagram, Netflix, Google, Uber technologies, Spotify hits the top of the list. Integrated with sufficiently employed tools, PYTHON is commanding the needs bed with the association of Django, Google cloud deployment manager, Auth0, Pycharm and a lot more.

This is not done!! There is one more language that is in the list of hot topics today. viz. Ruby now the question arises that what is


Well, the Creator ‘Yukihiro MATZ Matsumoto’ took a cup and blend all his favorite ingredients like Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel,Ada and lisp to form all new language from the recipe called RUBY for keeping the healthy balance of functional and imperative programming.

Now the point is why do developers choose RUBY?

‘Matz’ framed the picture in such a user friendly way that powerful open source features productivity and simplicity on equal bars. The large share of community is preferring the concerned for its Meta programming facility. However, Meta programming may leads to complexity in some matters but still recommended for a point. Nested block is also a con making the codes unreadable.

Driving along with 2903 companies along with it. Airbnb, Instacart, Spotify, stripe and many more are the participants of the programming language. Clipping with more than 70 tools in it, Ruby is efficiently presenting the marks on the ladders.

Wrapping up the pen into railing the ranks of these programming languages, PYTHON stands first in the race. PHP is on second and RUBY on third.

The cons are about to disappear soon as the development is still on roads. These facts are totally looked up on the basis of user experience rest the choice is in your hands only. We hope that this brief description of the concern may help you in choosing the appropriate one.


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