Manav Subodh is Co-founder of 1M1B
Manav Subodh is Co-founder of 1M1B

Manav Subodh is Co-founder of 1M1B (A Million for A Billion)

Manav Subodh is Co-founder of 1M1B (A Million for A Billion), an initiative to activate a million young leaders & entrepreneurs who will drive a billion people out of poverty. A series of events, including his experiences during the Arab spring-inspired Manav to leave his corporate job in 2015 and create 1M1B. Since then he has expanded 1M1B in Caribbean’s, Ghana, India, Vietnam, and the USA.

He was featured in Forbes as “The Man Who Will Help 1 Billion People”. In 2016, in partnership with the office of the Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, Manav led the creation of the first Smart Village. A village accelerator, prototyped in the villages for local job creation and for providing the last mile as a service to startups, is now being replicated to thousands of villages of India under the brand Startup GuruKool.

Manav also created a first of its kind annual event at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Now titled, #1M1BforSDGs, a celebration of leaders and social entrepreneurs supporting the United Nations SDG’s Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Manav worked in the corporate sector with an organization like Intel, Ernst and Young (EY), Hughes and QAI.

His most prestigious corporate assignment was with Intel Corporation in which Manav worked as a Global Director for entrepreneurship in over 30 countries and later led mentoring and incubation for the Intel CEO’s inspired; Make it Wearable, one of the largest corporate innovation initiatives on wearable computing. Manav’s experiences along with other experts are captured in the book HyperShift, co-edited by Manav, released in 2015.

Amongst others, Manav serves as a member at the National Advisory Committee of Department of Science and Technology ( DST), Government of India for technology business incubation (TBI) and research parks.


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