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Infozub- Business Connect

A story of this ‘BUZ’ Brand

The initial days of this brand date back to the time the Founder and CEO Logesh was studying in the first year of engineering and what began as a Technology Blog evolved to be a Digital Marketing Platform by the end of the second year. Now being the class topper at least meant that he was pretty known lad amongst his batchmates. Logesh had noticed a major loophole in the entire education ecosystem. Most of the engineering students, including him, were studying outdated syllabus which lacked real-time applications and even the facts quoted were pretty outdated. Seeking enough knowledge of this segment through extensive research, he decided to follow his passion, which gave birth to INFOZUB in October 2013.

It all started when a PLC SCADA training institute based in Coimbatore named Hands-On Robotics, specialized in Industrial Automation and Industrial Robotics was in dire need of creating a brand new website. They were unable to get a hold of an immensely talented professional who could understand their business module and project it in the best way possible. The eureka moment for the brand came when the company’s incessant search was zeroed down to INFOZUB, a premier digital services business based in Coimbatore, South India. Next, in hand, they grasped the entire business operations of Hands-On Robotics, resulting in the immense popularity of their website. In no time of 90 days, the company was ranked as No.1 on all search engine platforms for every single term in their Industry.

Services at Their Best

The sole aim of the service provider companies today is not to accomplish acclaimed names in the market! They wish to have a trusted name in the market, in the sense that the company even aims to acclaim the best name in the after sale service as well. “We understand what vital role does company branding claims in the market so our design module and the team is such that the viewers are bound to appreciate our presence. There was a time when quite a lot of companies with enormous resource took ages to establish them in the market. Reaching out to their targeted audiences through a social presence was indeed an onerous task. “We at INFOZUB do not deliver ready-made options to our customers as we recognize that every client is special so as his problem. Our reliable team provides you tailored solutions that are totally based on functional techniques,” asserts Logesh.

Their social professionals understand the services, their branding as well as pertinent components driving the social media marketing. The company tends to create blogs / Market content in top web2.0 like blogger and WordPress. Social Media is to improve the connection in every action via mind-boggling competition, articles regarding items and also their usages, concerning different solutions and their results, which INFOZUB provides the most effective with their innovative techniques. Technically, a digital service company, INFOZUB is associated with giving the variety of Innovative services which supports online Business needs. The company’s services leverage deep domain know-how in the Industry, technological proficiency in leading industry, and cost-efficient global solutions distribution mechanisms “There is an innovative approach towards SEO solutions which we provide for the wide variety of industries across the Globe. For your company’s end result and profit objectives – internet visibility, brand optimization is priceless. We do it for you” speaks Logesh Kumar, CEO & Founder, INFOZUB.

Effective Solutions Spearheading the Market

INFOZUB believes in empowering businesses with simple yet innovative and cutting-edge solutions, offering an array of integrated services in and around the area of Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Page Speed Optimization and Social Media Optimization that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Digital Marketing

Who doesn’t want to have access to the most recognized and respected way of marketing one’s products; ‘The Word of Mouth.’ Helping their client, seeking best results and acting as their extended arms, INFOZUB has been toiling hard to provide complete report and progress on a monthly basis and since the process is outsourced and automated completely, there is no room for manipulations. The company has been presenting offers of the entire gamut of their services, inclusive of SEO, creative SMO, Web Designing, SSL Implementation, Digital Marketing, Web and Email Migration, CDN Deployment and Integration, amongst others.

With tailored solutions that are totally based on functional techniques, INFOZUB has an illustrious list of clients that includes Backdropsource, Food Buddies, Aksent, Infodataplaces, Digital Nirvana, Synetics Automation, amongst others. Having such a reputed client base in your kitty isn’t a child’s play. One must have toiled hard from all walks of life to have built this level of trust and pictured scenic qualities.

With Digital Marketing being the present day trend, INFOZUB is all set to provide various innovative solutions and services to companies across the globe. Presently the company possesses over 10 employees and has full successive plans to add 100+ by the end of this year. It’s the additional great minds and likeminded people on board which can help a company succeed across all verticals with the help of their respective knowledge, experience and expertise. “We have helped our client’s right from scratch of setting up their Online Identity. Clients depend on us to build a website and ranking it on Google Search via SEO. We also help the clients for social media marketing,” asserts Kumar.

Further, the team is also on a full spree for planning to create an impact in the campus placement scene providing mass recruitment across universities and colleges. They wish to get on board the best of young talent possible, creating a wider avenue for job opportunities in India. Because it’s not always grey haired professions who bring about considerable driving f in the company. The turnaround these days are also brought about by young and fresher professionals and even college pass outs for that matter.

“INFOZUB’s services leverage deep domain know-how in the Industry, technological proficiency in leading industries and cost-efficient global solutions distribution mechanisms”


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