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Moksha Creative Services: Utilizing seasoned expertise in online visual content market to deliver magnum opus everytime

Moksha Creative Services: Utilizing seasoned expertise in online visual content market to deliver magnum opus everytime

Nowadays, almost all businesses move towards the tradition of making their presence on social networks. This comes on top of the checklist while ideating a plan to establish brands. The online subsistence varies from one business to another. Many times, the company requires a one-stop solution provider who could deliver multiple contents, hassle-free. Sadly, there is a huge deficit of such solution providers in our country. Only a few companies are available in this domain which can be considered an all-rounder.

Moksha Creative Services is one among those few companies which have expertise and competency to deal with this huge gap in the visual content market. It has seasoned talent in multiple domains such as Designing, Photography, Videography, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Fashion Stylist just to name a few. It has the honour of being the biggest creative outsourcing company in India to move into e-Commerce and Fashion.

Moksha Creative Services was created to solve the need for high-quality visual content at an affordable price in a quick time. With brands in most industries requiring digital presence (website and digital), the company felt that there was a gap in the market with no organized content creation companies in the country. Brands were either setting up in-house teams with high fixed overheads, idle time cost, capital expenditure on equipment or working with freelancers or large advertising agencies.

A solution was needed to reduce fixed overheads having the flexibility of freelancers and processes of a larger advertising agency. Capitalizing on this need, it has produced over 10 million images and videos in the last 3 years with over 800 clients across the world. Its work can be seen on e-Commerce websites, Social media pages, YouTube channels, Hoardings, Print Ads, In-store and Newspaper ads, etc.

Moksha has carved a niche on the basis of creativity, expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Moksha comes out with robust production know-how to help its client streamline, add consistency and save money on the photography process. Moreover, it produces more than 2 million photos and videos every year for catalogue, lookbook and campaign launch for over 800 fashion brands and e-commerce companies from across the world. The temperament of introducing something unique for its clients enabled them to become the first company in India to launch the catwalk production on catalogues.

It utilizes cutting edge technology to achieve quality and productivity. More often than not, it is appreciated for its shooting expertise, top of the range talents, equipment and customs processes. This helps it in bringing freshness to content each time. Its critical colour matching of products can help reduce customer returns from eStore purchases. Automation of many cumbersome aspects of photo/video post-production allows for the speed and efficiency needed to match the demands of eStore delivery.

The wide range of Services
Moksha Creative Services helps its clients position their brand as an easily identified and authoritative source for clients’ area of expertise by means of assorted services. In line with its various offerings, Online Advertisements is one of the most popular ways to grab the attention of a wide user base. Moksha Creative Services produces innovative online advertising campaigns through different types of advertisements available which purely depend on clients. To this, it uses videos, gifs, carousels and cinematography etc.

This not only helps to get more traffic but also generates leads and sales. Animation has played a pivotal role in getting a swift way to people’s hearts. Besides this, Editorial/ Advertising campaigns have been a long and time-tested way to create maximum impact. The company develops unique, creative and attractive advertisement services which can be used In-store, on hoardings, at the point of sale, on television.

Differentiating Factors
Moksha Creative Services provides advertising campaigns at a much lower cost than larger advertising players by removing intermediaries and using internal creative talent which is amongst the best in the industry. It is constantly innovating by building technology solutions in the visual content space such as photogrammetry, augmented reality and machine learning etc. The company works on retainers as a creative agency as well as on individual projects apart from e-commerce shoot.

The renowned and colossal Client base
The company has the honor of working with some of the business leaders in their domain such as ITC Group, Aditya Birla Group, Flipkart, DLF Malls, Raymond, Shoppers Stop, Levi’s, Benetton, Tissot, Matrix, TarunTahiliani, Jabong, Kmart Australia, Sarenza France, AlTayer Group Dubai, Stalk buy love, Hummel, Oyo rooms and over 800 brands.

The company has been quite successful in building a big customer base through its unique trait of under-promising and over-delivering. This has helped it build robust partnerships with numerous brands. Moreover, the company has benefitted a lot from strong mouth publicity which has somehow proved to be the best marketing tool for it.

The company wants to capitalize on its brilliant performance by investing in technology and building solutions that will help it offer high-quality content at one-fifth the cost with three times of its existing speed. It is planning to give final shape to its tech solutions this year across India. Moreover, it is looking to expand its creative agency mandate with global brands.

It wants to increase its overall presence in other countries.Moksha Creative Services has been able to achieve all these things by virtue of its dedicated and talented pool of workforce with over 200 employees. The company has maintained a culture which persuades and motivates employees to be creative, work hard and have ownership of work. This translates to a journey which can be enjoyed along with a multitude of people.

Most recently, the company has built a robust technology platform to augment its existing business and give further scalability. This platform will make it capable of moving forward from the traditional ways of producing content. This platform has been already tested in the market and it will start getting commercialized soon.

Major Milestones and Achievements
The company despite being a self-funded startup went on to become the largest creative content company in 3 years with over 10 million images and videos already produced by it. The company was founded with the vision to become the leading global brand in the visual content creation space. Today, it enjoys the privilege of working with several clients around the world. The company has maintained its pool of talented employees and customers with its magnetic retention skills.

The company receives partnership opportunities by virtue of strong mouth publicity done by its satisfied clients. Apart from this, the company has been way ahead of its peers by building its own technology solutions which have simply transformed the way visual content was hitherto being produced. Moreover, Moksha has become the creative advertising agency of several brands.

Future Road Map
The company is keen to offer services in a manner similar to products, i.e, productized services. The concept is simply phenomenal which has imbued huge opportunities for its future clients. Moksha Creative Services is working day in and day out to set an example as a new age advertising agency with smart content creation capabilities.

Words of Wisdom
While being interviewed, the C0- founder, Mr Kabir Singh Kochhar, shared some of his learning regarding entrepreneurial venture which stands quite fruitful for the aspiring and budding entrepreneurs. He says that entrepreneurship is like a roller coastal ride. He is further quoted as saying there will be highs and lows and emerging entrepreneurs need to stay humble during the highs and optimistic during the lows. These words are simply musical and a testament to his positive character and humility.


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