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A Young and Agile Supply Chain Pioneer, Shaping the Entire Supply Chain Network

The supply-chain industry is a crucial part of the commercial landscape, ensuring smooth transitions of goods from one place to another. Syncopating smoothly with the rapid pace of change in the industry since its inception, ZEVO is a unique platform that revolutionizes supply chain solutions using electric vehicles across various sectors, with a special emphasis on refrigerated solutions.

ZEVO offers end-to-end, zero-emission vehicles for operations, EV charging using renewable energy sources, real-time visibility and control, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery, and refrigerated micro storage. By leveraging innovation and technology, ZEVO transforms the supply chain network, ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability on both mobility as a service and micro warehousing.

Driven by a path-breaking vision of saving carbon emissions in the nation and contributing to the positive impact on environmental sustenance, ZEVO aspires to be among the top three logistics and mobility brands in the nation by 2030 and offer clients micro-storage and micro-warehousing options that are less expensive, quicker, more convenient, and environmentally friendly by embracing electric vehicles and effectively exploiting pertinent technology.

The genesis of ZEVO was based on the need to address the ever-existing real-time everyday problems embedded in the prevalent last-mile supply chain. The journey began way back when the CEO was working with PwC. A documentary on farmer suicide served as the catalyst, inspiring him to take action for the benefit of society and the ecosystem as a whole.

The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Aditya Singh Ratnu, CEO of ZEVO and Dhruv Bhatia, COO of ZEVO aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve efficiency by using electric vehicles for first-mile procurement, lastmile delivery, temperature- controlled refrigerated delivery, forward and reverse logistics and agricultural supply chain electrification.

To achieve their goal, they were the first to integrate EV mobility into the last-mile supply chain and the first to use hybrid renewable energy to power state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled micro-warehousing. Nestled in the capital of India, Delhi, ZEVO has spread out its branch presence into two states and is planning to soon venture into 14 more.

Service Portfolio

The foundation of ZEVO was laid after extensive research on electric mobility, including its advantages for the environment, the amount of CO2 that can be offset by employing electric vehicles across supply chains, and its effects on gig workers, small vendors, and farmers. The following are some of ZEVO’s primary services:

• Last-Mile Delivery: ZEVO makes timely and secure delivery of items utilizing electric vehicles to the final location (such as consumers or retail outlets).
• Micro-Warehousing: ZEVO offers pharmaceutical and FMCG companies cutting- edge temperature-controlled micro-warehousing facilities as point-of- consumption storage options.
• Temperature-Controlled refrigerated delivery: Delivery of temperature- sensitive goods like medications, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables is handled by ZEVO using electric vehicles fitted with refrigeration units. Throughout the trip, ZEVO keeps an eye on and regulates the items’ temperature and humidity.
• Forward and reverse logistics: ZEVO uses electric vehicles to handle goods inbound and outbound logistics. If necessary, ZEVO also makes it easy to return or replace items.
• Agricultural supply chain electrification: ZEVO is committed to electrifying the whole network of the agricultural supply chain, from farm to fork. ZEVO provides cold storage, last-mile cold deliveries, and cold transportation for agricultural products using electric vehicles.

While catering to different client’s needs in the supply chain, ZEVO also hopes to have a positive effect on the environment by converting to electric mobility instead of using fossil fuels.

ZEVO’s Take on the Significance of R&D

R&D is essential for the growth of the company in many ways. It is a tactical expenditure that could produce long-term benefits for the business and society at large. It can assist the business in innovating and developing fresh goods or services that are specifically catered to the needs of the clients. It also supports the business in investigating new possibilities and markets as well as varying its sources of income.

The Work Culture of ZEVO

ZEVO believes in five core work values: integrity, to act with honesty, transparency, and respect in everything they do, pursuing excellence in all aspects of the business and steadily improving performance; teamwork, to cooperate as a single unit, utilizing and fostering one another’s skills; Innovation, the acceptance of change and the challenge of the status quo to produce better solutions for their customers and the environment; and customer obsession, the constant pursuit of exceeding the needs and expectations of their consumers, highly inspired by Mr Ashish Mohapatra’s ‘OfBusiness’.

The leading team at ZEVO believes in “Leading by Example,” bringing innovative thoughts to the table to deliver industryleading solutions and cultivating a work environment that prioritizes environmental responsibility and sustainability in all aspects of operations.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

Information Technology (IT), consumerism, and innovation are the three waves of entrepreneurial activity that have contributed to the current entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. With US$11.8 billion, India was the third-largest startup market in 2020, trailing only China (US$83 billion) and the United States (US$143 billion). Through the 2016- launched Startup India initiative, which aims to accelerate the startup culture and develop an inventive and enterprising startup ecosystem, the government has contributed to the creation of an enabling environment.

The ‘Economic Policy Reform’ in 1991 and subsequent expansion in 2022 marked the beginning of India’s significant entrepreneurial change. That is when the founding team found it to be the ideal time to begin their adventure because the Indian economy will undergo significant change over the next few years, growing to $5 trillion and beyond.

The Expansion Binge and Road Ahead

ZEVO forecasts solid growth in the number of vehicles, with the 3-wheeler segment reaching roughly 2000 vehicles and the Light Commercial Vehicle segment reaching 5000 vehicles by 2025 as the industry continues to grow rapidly. The company plans to offer both refrigerated and non-refrigerated solutions in the micro-warehousing segment to completely transform this sector.

“With technology at the center of our product portfolio, we will provide the most hassle-free user experience and end-to-end solutions in logistics and warehousing. In the future, we aspire to introduce innovative solutions for the Indian marketplace”, says Aditya Singh Ratnu, CEO of ZEVO

Words of Wisdom by Aditya Singh Ratnu, CEO of ZEVO

You should be passionate about what you do and clearly understand why you do it. Despite obstacles and setbacks, passion will keep you energized, resilient, and motivated. Solving a problem that concerns your target market is the best approach to adding value and having an effect as an entrepreneur.

Find a gap, a need, or a pain point that your consumers or potential customers are experiencing, and offer a solution that is superior to the options now available in terms of quality, speed, cost, or convenience.

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