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AaKrithi Consultants

AaKrithi Consultants

A brainchild of Krithika Ajay; paving the way to a seamless growth

Written By- Kajal Dobhal

Business Connect is back with its brand-new edition where it presents the success stories of some phenomenal enterprises that are being led by a few outstanding leaders who are determined to make a difference to the world in the best possible manner. AaKrithi Consultants is one such company that has pioneered the relevant domain with its out-of-the-box service offerings and the thought leadership of its Founder – Krithika Ajay.

Bootstrapping with an impassioned approach to engage with the organisations or individuals to develop exclusive leadership capabilities that may allow them to implement key change initiatives driving towards a successful transformation, AaKrithi Consultants came into existence. The business venture was conceptualized amidst the glooms and dooms of the Covid-19 pandemic to initiate the back-up support for enterprises and individual businessmen to make pace with the ‘new-normal’ scenario and ensure a healthier life with more confidence and fervour than before.

“We at AaKrithi provide a personalized and solution-oriented experience for the well-being of our adored client-base,” states Krithika. Enriched with two decades of experience in Human Resources, Organisational Development, CSR and Counselling space, Krithika Ajay is leading the company as the Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Owing to her compassionate and charismatic persona, infused with a human-centric approach, she has been helping individuals and organisations across the globe to attain their aspired career objectives and goals.

About the inception story
Krithika possessed entrepreneurial spirits from an early age and wanted to commence her business venture in the consultancy domain. She kept the flames of entrepreneurship kindling in her heart and got herself acquainted with the industry by gaining two-decades of experience to later commence her own venture. With the onset of the unprecedented global pandemic, she took a call to inaugurate Aakrithi Consultants, thereupon halting her corporate career.

Krithika believes it was the austerities of the unprecedented crisis that were the key driving force behind the commencement of her brainchild. The shattering of enterprises and people getting unemployed within a blink of an eye shook her to the core to be a leader and make a difference against this backdrop. So eventually, the hidden leader within her manifested itself at the most crucial times.

Apart from this, Krithika has always been keenly interested in CSR activities where she can majorly contribute to the social upliftment while helping the underprivileged society. In this direction, she has also decided to lay the foundation stone of ‘AaKrithi Foundation’ where her aspirations can be shaped into a living reality.

Divergence in service verticals
The exclusive company is adept in delivering services in three service verticals – Advisory, Counselling and Consulting. Krithika reveals that they fundamentally focus on Consulting segment where they address the pain points of an organization. Be it HR Solutions, Organisational Development or Business Process Improvement, the company ensures a comprehensive suite of consulting services to the budding or existence enterprises.

Highlighting the Advisory and Consulting service verticals, Krithika elucidates that they ensure critical business information and analysis to enable enterprises to make smart and informed decisions that lead to cost optimization, better profits and business resilience. AaKrithi acts as an extension of an organisation, offering entrenched expertise and comprehensive resources across industries. Moreover, AaKrithi renders talent solutions that allow an organization to manage the recruitment, selection, engagement and potential of critical talent, executives and next-generation leaders while minimizing the retention and compliance risk of a global workforce.

Regarding the Counselling segment, the Founder reveals that they focus on Relationship Counselling, Parenting Counselling and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). From assisting the married couples to amend their spousal relations to enlightening the new-age parents with unique and appropriate parenting styles or assisting the organisations to ensure their employees with a healthy mental status, AaKrithi is a one-stop store for multiple counselling requirements.

Perception of technology
Krithika always creates an impetus for emerging technologies within her workforce and being an eminent business consultant, she well-acknowledges the gaps in multiple industries and always motivates her clients to establish tech-oriented business models. She performs intense research on the emerging technologies in the market that can allow the companies to thrive in their respective industrial space.

Though the Founder is a tech evangelist, she equally supports the importance of human resources in the growth of an enterprise. She avidly states that it is the emotional quotient of the workforce that can pave the way to a roaring success for any organization. “Undoubtedly, technology can make the processes effortless and effective but it shall never be perceived as a mode to replace the human functions,” asserts Krithika.

Insights on leadership
Freedom and delegation of the responsibilities are the aspects that she always wants to ensure from her end as a leader. The culture established by her in the company is cordial for the employees and ensures an appropriate work-life balance for them. Krithika always encourages and supports her employees in the best possible manner in pursuit of their respective passion.  In this regard, she quotes, “I don’t believe in leading with tyranny; I want people to have their values in place in terms of reliability and responsibility. My approach has always been simple yet effective that instigates me to ensure an open-culture where discipline is infused in a sophisticated manner.”

Apart from this, her thoughtful leadership always inspires her to ensure a low attrition rate and ensure employment to those in the dire need of job opportunities. She believes that her insightful approach will bring ease to the crisis proposed by the pandemic.

Glimpses of future endeavours
At present, she has envisioned to carve a better future for her NGO – AaKrithi Foundation. Her endeavours are majorly aligned towards creating a social impact with this venture. Moreover, her adroit team is also focused on ensuring a PAN India reach in the upcoming year. For this, they will be starting a recruitment drive for future expansion of their company.

As an adept counsellor, Krithika has foreseen that the prospects of counselling will be booming in the next few years. Her attempts in this segment are inclined towards going to the next level where being a leader, she can support women, children and youth for their better well-being.



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