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Alveo Software Private Limited

Alveo: Ensuring World class services in multiple domains under One Roof

In the contemporary world of numerous startups and more emerging each day, a company cannot sustain without Digital Solutions. Shishir Avasthi, with three of his colleagues, started Alveo Software Private Limited, which provides Digital Marketing, HR Solutions, Responsive Design, and Web Development to its clients.


Building a creative and extensive user interface designs for mobile and web apps, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, MobileApp Marketing, Mobile App Development, Improving Digital presence, and Cloud-based innovative HR solutions for refining the recruitment process. They assist with HR needs for recruitment processes and behavior analysis. The firm ensures the working of its solutions across multiple devices. Along with that, they dispense web-based solutions that enable the success of the client’s brand. They have developed a cloud-based Contact center solutions for business to deliver better customer service at lower cost.


Alveo Software came into being when the founding members decided to leave their MNC due to its merger. “We couldn’t see the future of our team, and hence, we decided to get on with our venture,” says Shishir.

The company consists of technology experts that believe in resolving complex business problems with eccentric digital solutions. The need to grow is vital; therefore, they quickly adopt new technologies in order to provide a better experience to their clientele.

The firm provides online support and development. They constantly communicate with their clients on a daily basis to ensure a design that is close to the customer’s demand and expectations.

Alveo Software deals with overseas clients. They have a cordial relationship with each one of them. “One of the clients, who is based in the USA, constantly shares the industry’s knowledge and best practices of his company. We learn and adapt, which has helped us to grow quickly and efficiently.

In three years, they have grown from a team of 4 to 30 people. Shishir understands the importance of creative and hardworking members in the organization, without whom the company wouldn’t have achieved desired success.


Alveo is one of the few companies that recognize the need to relax for a focused mind. “Most of our work involves innovation and research on new technology, so it’s important that people are able to take shorts breaks,” says Shishir.

The company has adopted the gesture of sharing a laugh since the time of its inception. It is necessary that an employee doesn’t feel restricted in the workspace. Daily tasks revolve around communication; hence, they make a constant effort to keep the environment light and comfortable.


  1. They don’t work on weekends since the launch of the company. They acknowledge the need to take time off from work and spend time with family.
  2. The office timing is flexible. Work and life balance have always given paramount status in the company, something that shouldn’t be compromised.
  3. Late evening calls are neither promoted nor entertained.
  4. Every month, they have office lunch parties or a half-day out.
  5. Once a year, they go to a picnic spot for a whole day as it brings freshness for the members. “Especially in the rainy season, a lush green environment of Pune is quite relaxing,” says Avasthi.
  6. Team mate’s birthdays are celebrated in the office; this ignites the sense of warmth in the company.
  7. Book sessions are regularly held, where the team deciphers a bestselling novel through various sessions. Reading is promoted through this exercise, which is necessary to keep the creative flow smooth for the company.
  8. They have Rock Start Award for anyone excelling in his work and anyone can give this award to anyone else.
  9. To encourage the new idea generation there is one initiative called Idea Monkey where anyone can suggest any idea. Ideas are taken seriously, and the best ideas are rewarded.

All of these activities are taken seriously; hence, an in-house entertainment committee is appointed that manages offbeat domain and festival celebration.

The firm keeps the hierarchy culture at its minimum. The doors are always open, which manages to keep the space employee-friendly. The company believes in communication as a problem-solving strategy. Hence, regular meetings for brainstorming along with yearly 360-degree feedbacks are extensively encouraged.


With the background and over two-decades-long career in the IT sector, the founding team is well versed in the execution of the operations. The company uses cloud technology and cloud technology and top JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue), which helps the small firm to provide better results.

The young and talented workforce has comprehensive creative skills. This helps in extracting

unique and astute solutions to intricate problems. The employees are provided with the opportunity to lead projects which ignite the enthusiasm for directly connecting to the client and issuing the best service.

Alveo Software has a dedicated Q-A department that tests the working of each development until it is declared error-free. The core team consists of technology experts, who have enriched knowledge in the industry’s standard practices of quality check. The firm holds regular knowledge sessions called collaboration sessions internally to learn and explore the best trends of the software arena. This is driven by the team members who not only choose the topics after brainstorming but also ensure that it becomes a learning experience.


“Struggle is a part of the process, “ says Avasthi. It is significant to choose the right teammate, which generally becomes a challenge for most corporates. Alveo Software has faced quite a similar situation where the recruitment process became tiresome and fruitless. Therefore, they have relied upon their employee’s referrals in order to hire the best talent.


Alveo Software has been a steady company since its inception; it has only witnessed growth and success. “A lot of discussions are happening around the slowdown and recession in the industry, but we see steady growth and a strong project pipeline for us,” says Shishir.

The future of the industry will heavily rely upon AI, Machine learning, Robotic process automation and IoT (Internet of things), for which the company is enthusiastically prepared.

Other than growing in the market place, the company also wants to focus on its internal functioning. Shishir talks about the significance of slow and steady development rather than a shoot up as it will promote the new teammates to adjust to the company’s culture and workflow.


While a chat with Business Connect Magazine, Shishir says- “Forming a company could be an easy task but sustaining and growing consistently without compromising with your value system has been extremely difficult for the market. Strongly inspired by the book‘Delivering Happiness’ of Tony Hsieh, I wish to spread happiness among the entire stakeholder’s Community. It also doesn’t matter whether they are our clients, employees or vendors. Because it is a small contribution to make the world a happier place.”


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