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The Humble Being Behind TCFM’s Phenomenal Success

Written By- Indranil Roy

The facility management sector is rapidly growing in India. Since the last decade, the dynamics of this service has aided sustainable growth across industries. Whilst ensuring the safety and hygiene of employees, the reduction of carbon footprints during project development to transition too is noteworthy. Constructions appear when an architect translates aesthetic ideas into reality that represents luxury and panache. Hiring a professional facility management firm ensures the dream lasts the sands of time. But, behind the optimacy are ingenious minds, who oversee day-to-day operations and uphold the culture of a business.

In simple words, it is a COO (Chief Operations Officer), who shoulders everyday operations to ensure overall excellence. COO is usually the second-in-command in a business foundation and undoubtedly one of the highest designations. While other labels like CMO, CTO, CFO, etc. have a focused responsibility, a COO has to oversee all of them. In other words, COO can be compared – to the Chief Of Staff in Naval Command!

But despite having such a prominent role, COOs are often perceived with ambiguities regarding their duties. Being the second-in-command, he needs to carry out the CEOs decision and ensure every idea and concept sees development. Business Connect Magazine recognizes the day-to-day ordeals of a COO and through its upcoming edition, “COO of the Year 2021”, aims to empower their importance.

Featured below is the story of Anand GD, COO of TCFM (Technique Control Facility Management), one of the fastest-growing Facility Management providers in Pan India. Having around 2 decades of experience in overseeing operations, Anand has been integral in TCFM’s expansion that grows over new business horizons.

TCFM is a 100% owned subsidiary of Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL), one of the largest and trusted names in Facility Management with a lineage of over 25 years. TCFM took its first step in 1995 in Europe and with the emerging opportunities forayed into the Indian Market in 2009. Since then, ESPL and TCFM have worked in tandem to provide manpower solutions to a large clientele. Considering the expertise, scalability, and forecasted demand for professional FM services, ESPL bought a 100% stake in TCFM in 2016. From there on, TCFM’s journey has only been onward and upward.

The Company is serving over 150 clients spanning an area of over 70 Million sq. ft. Pan India. Its services address all genres of real estate in commercial, residential, co-working, hospitality, retail, education, medical, energy, industrial & warehousing segments. It has employed over 7000 professionals – trained on severe modules that build competency in housekeeping, technical & engineering services, disinfection, sanitization, pest control, and landscaping amongst others. TCFM is also technologically integrated for its day-to-day operations which gives them an edge over competitors and allows the pursuit of FM with a data-centric, predictive, and prescriptive model of operational delivery.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to!” – Richard Branson.

The phrase summarizes how Anand pursues the people management ordeal for TCFM. He believes that empowering the employees with education, mechanized tools, and upskilling programs allows for a steadfast workforce. As the COO, he supervises all the administrative and daily operations at par with the core values.

Simultaneously, he implements his expertise in mechanization and automation of multi-faceted processes. Anand’s long-standing exposure has helped in keeping TCFM at the forefront of providing safety, hygiene, and business continuity at spaces. Post pandemic the demand for Professional FM has become more evident, Anand’s leadership will guide TCFM to seek and procure this demand.

His instrumental leadership has rewarded TCFM with a 7000+ manpower spread across 14 cities, from a base of 3000, that too within just one year of 2019- 20. The workforce is exceptionally diverse and comes from all walks of life. While the core team consists of experts in their field, many of their staff on the ground come from very simple backgrounds with simple qualifications.

But, their USP lies in the ability to learn and grow. TCFM, not only provides the job, but also an education and a uniform – all of which contribute to deserved respect. What makes the organization more complacent is that the value of the person is constantly communicated and recognized through regular R&R programs and platforms. This makes everyone in the TCFM family feel grateful and look forward to their day at work.

The facility management industry is a very conventional business formed upon conventional values. Here, it is important to adhere to the changing compliance norms and standards to be at par with the global market. TCFM has a full-fledged SSG team (Specialist Services Group), which keeps the Company in touch with compliances and statutory bodies. It manages properties that are certified by global bodies such as LEED, IGBC, BSC, CII, etc., thereby adhering to globally acceptable levels for processes and best practices in Facility management.

R&D plays an integral part in keeping the Company updated with operational innovations. Deep investment in research and development helps them with the automation and mechanization of services. Utilizing customized technology tools enables TCFM with a predictive and prescriptive methodology to manage large volumes of assets spread across large areas. This includes monitoring assets and their consumables such as diesel, energy, etc., to tracking manpower and the status of customer complaints. These technical competencies allow clients and facility managers to run entire operations over a tab from anywhere across the globe with high proficiency.

Just like its prolific business model, TCFM has a wholesome work culture. “When the intentions of respect and welfare are pursued right from the start as the founding values of the organization, it coherently resonates to reach the end customer with the same intention”, asserts Anand. Since its responsibility encircles health and wellbeing to customers, the ethic helps maintain a 98% client retention rate.

Also, TCFM has well-defined tasks and KRAs formed upon analysis of data, which helps them set realistic targets. “Our motivation strategy is simple – Don’t designate tasks that are not achievable, ensure that tasks given are completed, scrutinize when not, provide more support and training so that it can be”, acknowledges Anand. The Process is repeated and remarkable performances are rewarded accordingly.

Employees further enjoy access to education, upskilling opportunities, and growth. This allows them to feel content and look forward to a long career at TCFM.

While upscaling the efficiency of companies through FM solutions, TCFM keeps a hawk’s eye on societal concerns. It provides routine housekeeping and sanitation to over 17 govt. schools in Karnataka and sponsors underprivileged children in Govt. schools. After these children complete graduation in the affiliated institutes, they get an opportunity to work at TCFM upon completing a one-month training program.

TCFM stands proud for having 5 such students from the two training courses conducted. They are now employees having a good pay slab coupled with a respectable designation. TCFM also worked actively with the BMC Mumbai on a drone disinfection drive to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds and trained the govt. on efficient housekeeping of the COVID relief centers.

Over the period, TCFM has attained phenomenal growth and laid several landmarks on its path. In 2017, it delved into Mechanized cleaning services and in the next two years expanded its services Pan India. In 2020, it entered into aerial disinfection & fumigation services raising the bar to Specialist Engineering Services. The year span 2019-20 has been spellbinding for it achieved a CAGR of 110%! TCFM has also been featured under ‘Top 20 Housekeeping Service Providers amidst COVID-19’ by the Corporate Review Magazine in 2020. Starting 2021 with a bang, TCFM was awarded the ‘Fastest Growing FM Company’ by iNFHRA, at the 2021 Workplace Partner Awards.

With technology assisted manpower becoming the obvious trend that epitomizes efficiency, TCFM is leading the arena with competent innovation and proptech tools that drive excellence in operational delivery. With time, it aims to integrate more of digitalization and contactless processes that drive efficiency, safety and scale. “Our vision for 2021 is to double our manpower count across the country which is currently at over 7000. We will drive this growth with a strong focus on technology and automation. Proficient men and innovative machinery will help us deliver quality IFM services to acquire a huge chunk of the growing FM market.”


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