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Ante Air Logistics

Ante Air Logistics: Adding wings to let you grow

With the expansion of the businesses across a wide range of domains, the dependency on logistics and cargo services has grown manifold. It is quintessential to get services that caters all your needs in a stipulated time frame. The latest need of the market is quick and reliable services. The market will not give you many chances if you are not prompt and good in providing the services.

Catching hold of the present needs of the clients, Prem Jha, a young entrepreneur, gave final touch to his long cherished vision by establishing Ante Air Logistics with the brilliance in logistics and cargo services. The Company provides services as per client requirement, it is flexible in terms of the services. It also has lean process where it provides customized solutions to its clients all the time.

This Delhi based company is a single window solution for all type of logistics and cargo services pan India and across the globe. It offers a range of courier and cargo services under one brand name called Ante Air. It offers IT based Logistics services, where it provides 100% POD (Proof of Delivery) to its clients through its panel. Apart from this, it provides customized solutions where clients tell their requirement and the company makes it for them.

The advice that fits the bill

It also encourages clients and doesn’t shy away from telling upfront the ways and means to save the cost in logistics by taking alternate services. For an instance, instead of Air services, client may take Train services for delivering the goods all across India. It can deliver goods throughout India and the globe, and even in remote and rural regions of India.

The Company always remain on its toes to deliver comfort to its clients. To this end, a client can now download the MIS or any related information of the B2B cargo shipments and B2C shipments with simple step. Once clients have the access of its portal, they don’t need to call multiple times in the service center to know about the shipments or invoice etc. It provides a large chunk of its services through the portal itself.

Mr Jha share his valuable experience of the entrepreneurship. He says, “There is no need to compare your company with any other company of your domain. We must keep our employees,Vendors and clients motivated. We should never compromise with our own terms and conditions.”

The Champion of client servicing

Despite being new to the industry, the company has been able to win the faith of a whole lot of companies. Its clients comprise small start-ups as well as big corporate houses since it is providing all type of cargo and logistics services. “I would like to name Aesthetic Living Merchants Pvt Ltd, one of my clients with whom we are working since my company started. We are providing Cash on Delivery and Prepaid Delivery services for them”, proclaims Mr. Jha. Apart from this, Iris Global Services Pvt. Ltd, Iris Computers Ltd. And Aptech Ltd among others have been the loyal clients since the inception of the company.

One of the most critical tasks for any organization especially for the new one is to ensure transparency and provide 100% genuine facts without the fear of losing any client. The team takes feedback frequently and on the basis of those feedback, the team works to improve the weak area as suggested by the clients.

The Ante Air Logistics is the division company of CloudAct Business Services Pvt Ltd and its other vertical company is CloudAct Technologies. It has its own IT in-house team and has built up the system by its own team. It is also coming up with its Ante Air mobile App very soon where a client will have full access from proving a request of pickup till delivery of that shipment along with downloading the POD on a single click.

Let your work do the talking

Motivation has a huge role to play for the employees to deliver above board services. Mr Jha always keeps his team motivated by saying that progress happens step by step rather than in a single jump. “If we provide good services, it is very obvious that clients will increase their business”, he adds. This is the reason why every month its client base and the volume increases.

The team members understand their duty and they do it with full energy. The Company provides equal opportunity to every staff. There are few example in the company where a Housekeeping staff went on to become City Manager and he is taking care of the entire operational work of Bangalore city, his name is Mr. Chandrapal.

As of now, the company has two separate verticals in logistics, one is B2C where it provides e-commerce logistics services. The key people are Mr. Satya Prakash, Mr. Amit and Mr. Ravi Mathur. The other segment is B2B vertical which is led by Mr. Tarun, Mr. Avinash, Mr. Anil, Mr. Arun and Mr. S.J. Ganesh. Apart from these two verticals, Mr. Nripendra Das is a key figure who takes care of the Finance and Accounts.

Mr. Jha finds his motivation from Vijay Shekhar Sharma (the founder and CEO of Paytm). “The way he has done everything despite having so many bad phases in his business and achieved the success is really a great thing. There are many things to learn from him but the way he always smile is really fantastic and he keeps saying never quit”, exclaims Mr Jha.

A bright future ahead

Since it is into International shipping also so it is planning to register its company in the UK and the USA. It is planning to open up offices at overseas locations too.

Last year in 2018 Feb, we had just 10 clients and now we have more than 150 small and big clients. In terms of people associated with it, the last year it was just 10 and now it is a team of more than 50 in just one year. Moreover, it is covering more than 90% of Indian Pin Code in terms of delivering the goods.

It is planning to have 6 to 10 offices pan India and having at least 50 more staff in coming six months. It also wants to create global brand of Ante Air where any individual or corporate company can get its logistics services with a single click.

Mr Jha has a few advices to share. “I would like to say that do not compare yourself with any individual in this world. We all are unique, every single company and single person has its own ability to do the task in different way. Just believe in yourself and be honest all the time no matter wherever we work”, he concludes.


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