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Arivation Healthcare

Arivation Healthcare: A promise to serve the needs of those in need

Lately, India has become an entrepreneurial hub as several startups are emerging every year in various areas. We are witnessing many start-ups here and there related to Digital Marketing, Education, Manufacturing, IT solutions, etc but, a few of the entrepreneurs have the service mindset to contribute to the noble cause of alleviating the human sufferings in the society. Arivation Healthcare has intervened in the market with a unique business module and a vision to serve society by offering healthcare products and services.

Arivation healthcare has created an ecosystem niche that can bridge the healthcare gaps in the field of Hemodialysis, Diagnostics, and Pathology with its innovative products and best in the class solutions along with strategies to improve the business operations, investment, and marketing functions of the relevant service providers. With around two decades of industry experience in healthcare, the Key Official of the Company envisions to evolve and strive as an atmosphere of innovation and ideas that can make a difference for its customers. The team has a focused approach of connecting medical professionals, hospitals, patients and OEM.

The product orientation segment of the Company focuses on – Medical equipment and diagnostics(Manufacturing), Dialysis consumables(Manufacturing), Life science and Bioinformatics(Software). Here, they deal with the needs of instruments and equipment related to dialysis by manufacturing the revolutionary in-home portable dialysis RO equipment that the company has claimed to launch in the country by seeking inspiration from future technology that will revolutionize the healthcare sector in many aspects.

The service orientation segment of the Company aims at  – A turnkey establishment for Dialysis centers, Marketing & Data Analytics, NPI, KPI, KOL Studies, Experimental Data Analytics, Track & Optimizing Campaign, Transactional support, Clinical Audit & Training Program.


A brief about the Key Official

Mr. Arup Dholey- Director

Mr. Arup has attained his MBA from ISB, Hyderabad and BE Electronics from NU. With over two decades of rich experience of working with Fresenius Medical Care and NiproCorporation of tackling National and International dialysis Business, he realized the product and services gap in Dialysis focused healthcare facilities. The realization made him coin the idea of offering better Hemodialysis treatment, Software and Consumables to the people who are being adversely affected due to this gap. The dynamic business leader has been involved in PPP Dialysis turnkey projects with Central and State Government under the NHM program.

During his tenure with the NHM program, approximately 50,000 dialysis treatments were added to community healthcare services at different medical colleges, district hospitals, sub-divisional hospitals, and corporate hospitals. Almost 6000 patients got benefitted from these initiatives.


Inception Story
Arivation Healthcare is an ISO-certified Firm established on 13th of August 2019 and is well recognized by Startup-India. With the vision of rendering products and services to patients in the area of Nephrology, the Company has developed a portable water-Treatment SystemforDialysis. Recognizing the adversities of the patients who have to rush to the hospital for performing dialysis, Arivation Healthcare has aimed to provide Dialysis at the bedside of patient where ever the patient is in the Globe.


Differentiating factor
The unique business module propagated by Arivation Healthcare includes medical products like a patented portable water-System and consumables like dry Dialysate powder that is commonly used in the dialysis procedure.As per Mr. Arup, there are a couple of machines in Europe and in the USA only; that are quite expensive and cannot deliver desirable results with Indian water. This water-system is specially customized for Indian water only which gives them an advantage in the relevant market. The System will also aid the initiatives of the Government of India by enabling dialysis facilities to rural and non-accessible regions as well.

Mr. Arup has also planned to launch an app shortly that will allow all the nephrologists& Dialysis centres in the Country easily accessible for the patients in the need. It is a common platform so that all the stakeholders or involved parties can get optimum benefit from each others. The Platform mentioned above will bridge the gap between the patients and the nephrologists with ease, especially in case of an emergency. The Key Official being an MBA possesses effective market intelligence and research strategies that give the Company a differentiating factor with a perfect blend of marketing strategies and the healthcare services to all.


A stroke of genius
Innovative formulations can make a company the major success. Mr. Arup decided to start this venture as he desired to serve the society with a noble cause as the zeal to provide the patents with better health measures constantly poked him. His intention behind the commencement of this venture is not about deriving profit from the patient’s convalescence but to offer him a measure that can alleviate the adversities in the treatment procedure. A touch of innovation along with empathy towards the consumers is the motive behind this venture that has been firmly proposed by him.


Struggle story
As a new venture, there was a fair share of ups and downs along the way and many learning experiences as well that Arivation healthcare tackled. For a startup, it is always an uphill climbing to convince the society and the consumers to consider it over the big players in the relevant field. Along with this, team and workforce management are also quite a hard job for a start-up. It is challenging to convince people to join a new venture as they are not well aware of the policies of the company that has just intervened in the market with an innovative idea and cannot assure the employees with high salaries and great perks. But the Company dodged all these obstacles and carved its niche in the market.


Significant contribution in combating the deadly COVID- 19
In the current scenario when the whole world is fighting the novel CoronaVirus,  the innovative solution by Arivation Healthcare has rendered an added advantage to the design isolation ward by taking the multiple organ failure scenario for the COVID 19 patients into consideration. ‘Portable RO system for Dialysis’ has given a choice to give renal treatment at bedside anywhere in an isolation ward for the patients in need of dialysis.

Some of the infected patients need support in multiple organ failure scenarios and at that time, providing renal treatment becomes crucial.

There are 3 conditions where the isolation for COVID 19 patients has been made and the Portable water RO system can be used efficiently.

  1. A well-established hospital where there is already a Dialwell-established, and it still needs an alternative water treatment system of Dialysis for COVID-19  infected patients and portable RO.
  2. A hospital where there is no dialysis facility- Need to have a water treatment unit for dialysis and the Portable RO prepared by the Company can fulfill this requirement.
  3. A makeshift isolation facility which definitely needs a portable RO along with the Dialysis machine to deliver treatment at the makeshift arrangement.


Message to the Entrepreneurs
“Never be afraid to delve yourself into the risk practices and always consider your cravings to succeed as a motivation that will guide you in every extent of your life. I would like to share my secret Mantra to be a better leader-One must always carry a sense of empathy towards one’s colleagues, employees, competitors, consumers or whoever one comes across. For me, the definition of leadership is a bit offbeat. A leader shall be considered worth it only when he possesses the ability to clone pioneers like him.”

-Mr. Arup Dholey




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