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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inspirational Life Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inspirational Life Story

By Sandhya Agrawal

When we look around, we see stories that motivate us to work hard despite the challenges and turbulences in the journey to a roaring success. Born on 30th July 1947 in Austria, Arnold started his career from scratch with a not-so-adorable childhood. But, nothing could stop the dedicated person in Arnold, not even his family tragedies. He has faced challenges in nearly every step of his life, but he believed in himself and climbed the ladder of success.

Building Years
With a phenomenal career, Arnold Schwarzenegger is acclaimed to be the most popular personality alive. Alongside being the best action movie star, he is undoubtedly the most recognized and famous bodybuilder. In his entire childhood, he faced a conflicting relationship with his father under the suspicion of Arnold not being the biological son of Gustav Schwarzenegger, and due to this, he was neglected over his elder brother.

Inspired by his father, Arnold pushed himself towards sports from a young age and deep-dived into weightlifting and bodybuilding, and it soon turned into his passion. For the same, Arnold’s mother remained sceptic and thought his son was ill when she saw the pictures of male bodybuilders in his room, for which she even called the doctors.

At age 18, Arnold served his compulsory Austrian Army’s one-year service as a tank driver where he was put in a military prison under the charges of insubordination for participating in the Junior Mr. Europe competition. Interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger purchased the tank he drove after he became successful.

Genuinely speaking, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s age was never a barrier for him to excel in his career. However, he has achieved remarkable milestones at a very young age. Here, one of them is the Mr. Universe competition which he won at his second attempt in 1967 just at the age of 20, making him the youngest person ever to win the competition. After that, he won the same competition thrice.

Hereafter, Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to Munich in Germany and attended a business school. There he spelt one of his coaches “I’m going to become the greatest actor”, and the amount of confidence Arnold carried can be seen in the sentence mentioned above.

Arnold considered America to be the land of opportunity, and he got the ticket to move to the USA with his Mr. Universe trophy. As soon as he moved to the city of prospects, he left his Austrian accent.

In 1971, Arnold’s brother, Meinhard, died in a traffic accident, and a year and a half later, Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his father too. Despite possessing a good relationship with brother Meinhard, he did not attend his funeral with the fear of having to face his father with whom he didn’t carry a good relation.

Popularity Through Movies
Arnold’s  desire to embark upon the journey of acting was realized after he was casted in the movie – Hercules in New York in 1969. He got increasing fame with his debut movie named-  Pumping Iron. Things came to his favour,  after his role in Conan the Barbarian in 1982 was praised by the film critics. After that,  he was up for the lead role in the sequel Conan the Destroyer. In the same year, Arnold Schwarzenegger got casted as a lead role in the world-famous movie The Terminator. This movie solidified his image as an action hero alongside the popular actor Sylvester Stallone.

Personal Life
In 1986, Arnold married Maria Shriver of the Kennedy family and lived in the Brentwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles in California. Arnold fathered four children named Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher, and in 2011 the couple shockingly opted for separation. Years later, it was discovered that Arnold had another child out of wedlock with the family maid who was born days after Christopher’s birth. Regretting the incident, Arnold said “As inspirational as I am for my accomplishments, my mistakes should also serve as a warning” because this led to family pain and splitting up of the whole family.

Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding books, his life struggles, and achievements are a great source of motivation and inspiration for everyone.

 “What we face may look insurmountable, but what I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

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