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Baggit is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction; its name suffices to illustrate the quality and value the brand has created with its outstanding products.

Baggit is a ladies handbag brand whose product portfolio also includes wallets, men’s bags, and ladies’ belts. Catering to the mass premium segment of the audience, they have also started making a significant contribution towards ethical fashion by adding recyclable products to their portfolio.

Also, they recently launched a value brand ‘gg’ to provide its customers with a functional line of bags that fit well in their everyday life. The brand name ‘gg’ has been derived from the brand name ‘Baggit’ because of the 3 decades-old brand equity of Baggit.

Baggit bags are sold over 1000 counters, which include Large Format Stores such as Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Central, Pantaloons, etc. and 55 Exclusive Brand Outlets. Besides this, Baggit has a strong online presence at and leading online marketplaces, which include names like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and many more.

Baggit: A brand that encourages Fashion with Purpose defines its uniqueness and sets it apart in the market. Choosing to be a vegan and eco-friendly product is crucial for them. Being a business with a cause was an idea 30 years ago, but today it is the driving force of the company. Their incredible vision is something that their consumers can relate with and trust them for.

And, it’s quite essential to keep driving home the point, whether it is through their products or the allied messaging they send out. As a brand, they strive to provide superior quality products, but carving a niche goes beyond that. Ensuring that they are also perceived as a brand with strong core values, ethics, and beliefs, is quintessential. This comes out in their messaging whether it is to reinforce their commitment to be vegan or encourage conversation on important socio-cultural narratives so that their vision to be a brand with a cause is justified. That is what they are purely focusing on. At Baggit, it’s not about having an edge but sharing a common belief that people can resonate with them not just as a consumer but as a stakeholder.


Baggit has always focused on providing the optimum product mix comprising of the latest trends to cater to all customer segments. With the launch of gg, they have developed a value line of merchandise for addressing the needs of the price-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on quality too. By addressing the needs of their end-user, they are also keeping up with the client’s expectations, hence it’s a win-win situation overall. Adding to this, they have also created a recyclable product range that will soon hit the stores giving both clients and end-user variety in terms of collection.


Change is the only constant and any brand in the accessories market is their competition. They as a brand stay relevant via in house product designs and also meaningful message driven campaigns. From 3 decades Baggit has stood for a seamless combination of style, strength, and design in the fashion industry. The ‘PutItOnTheTable’ campaign last year helped to strengthen the brand image. Focusing on gender equality, the campaign captured the essence of the issue with Bollywood youth & style icon; Shraddha Kapoor is the brand ambassador.


At Baggit they strongly believe in values such as Professionalism, Respect & Trust and Excellence. When they recruit professionals, they train them and help them to adjust to the working atmosphere of the organization. They have executives who are still there with them for the last 25 years. Today, they recruit professionals based on their specialized sectors, they believe in converting industries into universities where they learn, train and grow, which also helps in the growth of their employees professionally and personally.

At Baggit, they stringently encourage work-life balance. Every year they organize camps, yoga sessions, regular vision seminars, etc. for their employees, which boosts wellness and develops a positive approach towards the company even during the challenging times.


R&D plays a significantly important role at Baggit as it helps them to be synchronized with the market trends and maintain a competitive edge by sizing up the business opportunity. They regularly conduct Brand Health Check and Usage and Attitude study to monitor brand performance and constantly keep tabs on the changing category behavior. Adding to this, they also collate regular customer feedback w.r.t. their products and overall ambiance in the store with the help of POS level feedback forms which are automated through their system.

Combining inputs from R&D led activities with the creative ideas and customer insights they are able to take the product and customer experience to the next level hence contributing to the growth of the company.



  • 2000 – First exclusive Brand Outlet launched
  • 2005 – Nina Lekihi voted as one of the most powerful business women by Business Today.
  • Ranked the highest selling brand in Large Format Stores – Handbags category.
  • 2014 – Peta Vegan Fashion award – Best Brand Women’s Wallet category
  • 2017-18 – Presence in international markets like Srilanka & GCC.
  • 2019 – Presence across 1000+ doors PAN India including 50+ Exclusive Business Outlets


  • Best Performing Retailer – Fashion Accessories – Inorbit (2010)
  • Best Brand Award – Shopper Stop (2011 – 15)
  • PETA Proggy Award – Fashion without cruelty (2014)
  • Make In India – Award for Excellence (2015)
  • Best TVC of the Year – The Activation Venues Forum Awards (2018)
  • 26th most watched TVC (2018) – Campaign India Top 50 Ads of 2018


In India, Baggit currently has its presence in 100+ cities including Metros and Tier II cities, with 55 Exclusive Business Outlets around 750 plus counters, including LFS and Trade.  In the coming months, they have plans to open their exclusive outlets in Tier-II cities and also introduce a value line of merchandise for addressing the needs of the price-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on basic quality too. Apart from its presence in Sri Lanka, the brand has entered Dubai as well and is exceptionally performing well. The bigger vision is to make Baggit a global brand in other countries.


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