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Capitalist Yard India Pvt Ltd


Real estate is one of the most globally appreciated and growth-oriented industrial sector. The segment is highly economical as such demand for homes and office space never goes down. Real Estate currently has a market size of (US$ 1.72 billion) in 2019 which is forecasted to grow into Rs 65,000 crore (US$ 9.30 billion) by 2040. The segment is also a preferred sector for  NRIs investors. Amongst the other cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Dehradun, which are known for its properties Bengaluru stands as the most favoured for property investment.

The city is the highest growing Metropolis and its millennial workforce in the garden city has a positive impact on the growth of Bangalore’s real estate. Out of the many notable real estate agencies, Capitalist Yard stands as one of the unparalleled platforms of all real estate solutions.


Capitalist Yard Group is a thriving real estate service provider headquartered in Bengaluru. The company is proficient in settling solutions for all kinds of property-related concerns under one roof. They deal with all properties such as plots, villas, apartments etc., and proffers its services for both HNI & UHNI clients. “We believe in not just settling deals but in educating our customers about every minute detail that effects the real estate market and can influence their decision making” asserts Ankit Rai Gautam (Managing Director). Right from choosing the right options till handing over the property to the buyer, the company stays by their client’s side as a trusted partner and provides them hassle-free services until the end transaction.

The backbone of Capitalist Yard Group is Capitalist Yard India Pvt. Ltd. The company has two more venture’s Prop Floor Realty & Prop Floor Interiors. Prop Floor Interiors – A interior designing studio with contemporary ideas. Apart from this, the company provides financial services like Home loan, EMI and tenure. Legal advisory which constitutes verification of documents, Memorandum of understanding and Transfer of Property Ownership. Market analysis, which gives the clients knowledge of the location, consumable services available in the area & ease of transportation.


The need of the clients come first, as such Capitalist Yard ensures that every solution is deeply analysed. Until the clients find what they wished for, they stay by their side and guide them accordingly. This makes the company highly preferable and “a one-stop for all property solutions”. The company’s client-centric mindset is reinforced with three core pillars:

Utter Professionalism: The company believes more in listening than speaking, which helps them to deeply understand their customers’ problems and needs. Acknowledging their concerns, they work as an intermediary between the developer and the customer and propose solutions based on logics, reasons and facts.

Customer is the Ultimate King: “Our customer gains a great deal of flexibility by choosing us” – Ankit. If a buyer or seller believes they’re incapable of comprehending to the property-related concerns, the company can work as their real estate consultant. Keeping client satisfaction as the top priority, Capital Yard shows its significance and like a true consultant don’t charge their customers.

Unbiased Advice: Being always available for the customers, they try to give the best real estate advice for both commercial projects and residential projects. Their agenda with their clients are much concerned towards entrusting honest real estate advice than publishing a profitable balance sheet.


Real estate industry is one of the most globally recognized segments. There is a never-ending need for properties to build homes or Workplaces; Hence, it is a growth sustaining vertical. Comprehending to this aspect, Capitalist Yard has formulated a very client-centric approach in their modus operandi and ensures that each of their clients gains the satisfaction and the dream place they aspire for.

Another competitive factor, that gives them an edge is in-depth R&D. A fine example of their R&D practices is the wide number of services. The company has treasured a fine quantity of merchandise built on their primitive case studies, which help them frame a constant process to follow and work upon.


“I am an ardent follower of Elon Musk – Founder and Chairperson of SpaceX and Tesla. From him, I have claimed a very important lesson: you will fail over and over again. The world will turn against you but don’t quit”. – Ankit.

Ankit has acclaimed many years of experience in business development sales and marketing. Today his brainchild Prop Floor Realty delivered 500 sales in 4 years & Capitalist Yard has successfully delivered more than 150 successful sales in one year. During initial days Ankit was drowned in struggles, which struck his mind to give up from his goals. He was broke for a long time, had days when he quenched his hunger with single meals. However, “patience”, “honesty”, “confidence”, “hard work” & “dedication”, are some of the ethics that help people get over their tough times.

Learning from his early days, he ensures that his company has a constant aim to grow. “Each day in the morning when I get up, I feel today is my first day. I have to start from zero and devise something of greater value. The only way you can be successful is if you can accept to become zero.” Concludes Ankit


“Every time you cannot motivate your employees with examples you have to set examples. That is the best way to keep employees’ content.” Ankit believes that performance is the best way to keep your employees at their optimal levels. Having around a decade of experience, the management portrays their performance as an example so that employees can accomplish new heights for the company.


Within 1 year of its establishment of Capitalist Yard India Pvt Ltd the company has empanelled with1000+ developer’s units, 180+ Investor units, 65+ Landowner’s unit. Along with this, the brilliant performance of Prop Floor Realty, it has brought the “Certificate of Appreciation” for Outstanding Channel Partners by many developers.

The company is also bestowed with the Property Consultant of the Year 2018-2019 – Customer Choice by Common Floor”.

These accomplishments highly portray their dedication to bringing a smile on their client’s face.

Ahead in the road, the company looks forward to growing its business in metros like Pune & Maharashtra. Within a short span of time, the company has created a strong base for themselves in Bengaluru and is looking forward to becoming a preferable property consultant in India.


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