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CivilMantra: Enterprise dedicated to Infrastructure Engineering Consultancy, Construction Management and Financial Feasibility of the Construction Projects.

CivilMantra: Enterprise dedicated to Infrastructure Engineering Consultancy, Construction Management and Financial Feasibility of the Construction Projects.  

In  Roads, Highways, Bridges, Railways,  Metro, Tunnels and Hydro projects, etc the engineering industry is important for supporting the industrial sectors. It has always been an area of focus for a country’s economic growth. Government is also promoting investment in this sector as it is important to preserve economic development in the economy.

While hiring the services of an Engineering consultant, the customer or contractor should have a reasonably clear idea of the Engineering consultant’s competence, skills and history before hiring a consultant. There have been instances where thoughtless selection produced issues. In third world nations, consumers usually try to select an Engineering consultant for their financial constraints on price rather than on the basis of expertise, resulting in delays and project losses.

For any solutions that can be innovative but at the same time environmentally sustainable, a professional consultant engineer would ensure that leading-edge technology is used. From the original one-man show to large consulting organizations that have come up offering multi-disciplinary services and serving global clients, including those in India, the contours of the consulting fraternity are changing.

For businesses of all forms, sizes and technologies, CivilMantra provides an extensive suite of, advisory and project management services ranging from design to commissioning. CivilMantra has worked to provide engineering consultancy services at various stages of the infrastructure project starting from, Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Report, Due – Diligence Engineering Services, Detailed Engineering Services, Proof Check Consultancy, Safety Consultancy, Authority Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Services for a range of public and private clients under the various segment of Civil infrastructure including, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Railways, Metro, Tunnels, Hydro bridges and other infrastructure and urban infrastructure etc.

CivilMantra has a clientage of various major businesses/contractors in a very short span of time, such as Montecarlo Limited, Apco Infratech Pvt Ltd, PNC Infratech, Sadbhav Engineering Ltd, Barbrik Projects Limited, HG infra, GAWAR Constructions, Afcons Infrastructure Ltd,  Raj Path Infracon,  Valecha  Engineering Ltd, Gannon Dunkerley and Co. Ltd etc and More than 50 Mid Cap Contractors along with various government bodies.

“We are currently carrying out multiple Indian mega projects for Post Tender Engineering Services such as “Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi Expressway” and “Aligarh-Kanpur Road projects” and many more.”

“Our expertise lies in our range of services we deliver in the field of Post Tender Engineering Services, including new technologies, innovations and value engineering from design prospective especially in the field of various structure designs. All these innovative ideas and value engineering in the design work have a significant impact on the overall cost of the project and material usage, which leads both contractor and nations towards achieving sustainable development. As a result, we have repeated requests from our renowned customers.” Throughout the project cycle, the sheer success and reliability in execution has made CivilMantra a preferred engineering and project management partner across the country.

There are many challenges in the infrastructure industry having very significant impact on the economy both in terms of the usage of natural resources and allied cost of the project. We need to cope up with these challenges as soon as possible in order to kick start the economic growth and for this first we have to adopt and make a comfortable atmosphere for the digital transformation in Infrastructure which is must to achieve the growth – effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Further we also need to move from traditional methods/procedures and standards of the construction towards the Innovative Ideas, Modern Technologies, and value engineering to achieve economic growth in true manner.

Through organizational transparency, clarity of style, creativity and quality growth, we are working honesty for consumer excellence.

The MD, Susheel Bhardwaj, expresses that we are actively innovating, upgrading and revolutionizing our methods to provide the very latest and new in consultancy services that meet with the highest quality standards, talking about the operating style, quality control and research and development.


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