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Indian companies need nap room at work

Indian companies need nap room at work

Do you fall asleep after having lunch? Well, a lot of people do, there is nothing to worry at
all. According to Forbes, winking at work in the middle of time can be beneficial not just for
your health, but also essential for your work.
Some surveys show that in India, around 70 percent of companies don’t offer nap rooms to
their employees. However, globally, multinational companies such as Google, Uber, Nike,
and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). These leading companies are introducing nap rooms
at the workplace to their employees so that they can get some sleep at work. By seeing
some changes, nowadays other companies are considering to launch this idea.
I am going to show some reasons that indicate that Indian companies should have a nap

Better productivity

Taking a nap at work is very healthy it helps you reduce the stress and increases alertness.
2019 nation-wide sleep survey revealed, over 80 percent of people all over the
country get to sleep at the workplace between one and three days of a week. the survey
got with over 1500 respondents from all over India. Around 51 percent and 20 percent felt
drowsy and sleepy respectively all the time. the majority of people have said that just
shutting down the eye for 15 minutes, they become super energetic.
The majority of people have a complaint that they don’t sleep very well at night because of
work stress. A lot of researchers have said that people should sleep well at least 6 to 7
hours per day. If you are sleeping much less than recommended, most adults have
mentioned that lack of sleep can cause major issues in your work. You become less
Forbes mentioned if you have lost sleep at night, In the afternoon taking a power nap for 20
minutes, even you are well resting, will offer you an immediate and great outcome, your
memory becomes stronger and sharper, also studies show that it good for productivity, and
productivity increases company profits.

Healthier work environment

What happens when you have lost sleep at one night? Become irritated, you may behave
weird, even your mind stops working. Do you think? You can create the best atmosphere
around yourself, no one can. Sleep survey get revealed by, it comes from
respondents, that shows 55 percent respondent started working 9 am to 11 am, while 35
percent of respondents were at workstation beyond 7 pm. some survey also shows that
commuting from workstation to home can offer a good night sleep the most.
Technology makes our life easier, but it is also blurring our personal life and professional
life as well. at the workplace, it involves high competition, and no doubt we all get a
request to work at home, it is becoming more common nowadays, the only reason we are

surrounded by tech, you can use technology by sitting at home. according to the survey, 35
percent of respondents have mentioned, having work-related stress at home they awake all
According to, sleeping less than 7 hours regularly, it can lead to health
consequences that affect our health. When we sleep, our body heals itself and restores the
chemical balance, not sleeping cause you several issues like increase nervous systems,
cardiovascular disorders, and many others. power nap for employees, it can enhance their
health directly, which they are not going to take leave for a few days.

Improved bottom line

Running successful companies means, growing country’s economy, this is the bottom line. I
saw the study of RAND Corporation in the US, where they have mentioned five-country
across the world economic cost of insufficient sleep.
According to RAND Corporation, Economic cost of insufficient sleep
Canada – 21.14 Billion dollars (GDP 1.35%)
United Kingdom – 50 Billion dollars (GDP1.86%)
United State – 411 Billion dollars (GDP2.28%)
Germany – 60 Billion dollars (GDP1.156%)
Japan – 138 Billion dollars (2.92%)
This data shows that just simply increasing sleeping habits (at least 7 hours), we could raise
billion dollars to the country’s economy. in India, employees need nap rooms to arrive at
the bottom line. Sleep deprivation can cause severe issues such as higher mortality risk,
impact on the economy and many more.

Global trend

Offering nap rooms, employees become loyal to your companies, as you can see that many
people have a dream to work at a company like Amazon and Microsoft. Because they know
that how employees get treated out there. Nowadays many companies have understood
employee needs and nap rooms have become global tread.
Nowadays it has become Global trade about nap rooms like Google has introduced to their
employee’s nap rooms at the workplace called sleep pods, who are willing to have a quick
snooze, While Nike’s headquarters in Portland has given rooms where employees could
sleep and meditate as well. CISCO (IT company) has given comfy nap pods to their
employees, PwC has introduced a nap room called Sleek Sleeping rooms in Switzerland
Office, And Uber has adopted this idea too and given this facility across the all over the
office. the idea has been considered by those companies because they know how
important it is.

Indian readiness

To prevent low productivity, Indian employees give an honest opinion that they need nap
rooms at the station. Forbes survey mentioned that over 85 percent of respondents
believed that napping at the workplace can undoubtedly mushroom work performance and
productivity. It indicates that employees have started thinking of self-care, they would like
to work where they are able to manage life and work. In India companies’ owners have
different points of view about nap rooms, they might think it can create issues at the
workplace. As I have mentioned so many reviews about napping rooms, it has proven that
sleep should not be considered as a work hinder. Just forcing employees to improve
productivity isn’t a solution long time solution, you have to give appropriate facilities at the
workplace. Now the time has changed and not just Indian employees but also all over the
world who work as employees, they deserve nap rooms.


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