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In the late 90s, the gates to digitization opened, encouraging revolutions that steadily transformed our lives. Digitization introduced the Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Smart Devices, which further formed the foundation of society today. In the corporate world, these innovations reconfigured practices bringing automation into play. Fintech is prime evidence of this. By combining technology with financial knowledge, Fintech has contrived several revolutionary solutions like funding, payment (including electronic wallets), e aggregators, e-trading, and e-insurance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

These digital solutions have brought us closer to our financial needs, which earlier required manual efforts and long-standing hours. With the surge in fintech, financial service providers are also moving in the path of evolution to improve solutions and customer experience. Innovations like AI and cloud computing are the steppingstones, and financial service providers need them to survive and compete in this cut-throat market.

CPQi have built a strong name for themselves as a fintech solutions provider across the USA. They have a strong emphasis on leadership, research, innovation and culture. They provide digital transformation, bringing predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps and cloud migration to financial markets. They also provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial markets systems for leading American economies.

In 2006, Terry Boyland planted the seeds of CPQi in the UK. After a lot of research and consideration, Terry then expanded CPQi into Fortaleza, in the North East of Brazil. From there, he leveraged local resources and worked closely with universities in the area to provide managed services and resource augmentation to some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

He was able to deliver excellent resources from a wide pool at a cost-effective rate, bringing opportunity to an up-and-coming area of the Americas. The South American market proved a fruitful area of opportunity and innovation, and CPQi enjoyed exceptional growth as a result. CPQi has since spread its roots across North to South America and introduced some of the most cutting edge strategies and solutions in their segment. Growth continued to accelerate when CPQi brought Matt Midson (CIO) out to play.

Matt is one of the driving forces behind CPQi’s business in the USA. He is known for his leadership roles at several global giants in financial markets and is known to motivate his teams towards hard work and a strong sense of integrity. Under his aegis, CPQi has strengthened loyalty with its three core priorities; clients, company and employees. Its services exist to bring innovation and excellence to financial institutions across the Americas. The products it implements assist in:

  • Centralizing a business
  • Redefining advisor-client relationships
  • Trade risk management
  • Scaling front and back-office solutions
  • Digitally scaling Banking Operations
  • Faster delivery and automation
  • Increasing efficiency and profitability and
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of credit lending decisions

Each one of the products they work with helps provide the backbone for financial markets. The products take away the high stress involved in financial market technology, streamlining the client’s business with efficiency and accuracy.

“Our focus and values are driven towards completing a hard day’s work that meets the needs of our clients”, states Matt.

With the surging evolution in technology, CPQi is revamping the financial space through user-friendly digital upgrades. Every team member at CPQi is trained in banking and technology, understanding clients’ concerns easily and ensuring teams understand each project more intimately.

Its other leaders (mostly Ex-banking CIO’s), also collaborate on the projects they deliver to clients.

In Matt’s words, “This ensures there’s always someone who used to wear the other shoe and understands what’s required of our company to ensure success”.

CPQI’s nearshore resource centres are always in the same timezone as its clients so don’t sacrifice speed, delivery or safety, while still providing great rates. Sometimes during emergencies, communication avenues can get disrupted – making offshore alternatives difficult to maintain; CPQi’s teams work in the same timezone to ensure this issue doesn’t occur for their clients. The process is essential when fostering a DevOps environment, making CPQi the preferred managed services provider to the Americas.

Over the years, one thing that kept CPQi preferable was its commitment to its people. Disruptive solutions require dexterous people. To that end, CPQi seeks out 3 things in the people they hire; people who are hungry, humble and smart. Its success is evidence that these things build a strong team. These ingrained qualities ensure every individual is the sort of person to seek out new opportunities for personal and organisational growth.

Humility upholds teamwork and respect for co-workers. Lastly, ‘people smarts’, which isn’t all about intelligence but is more about how an individual works with co-workers, ensures CPQi finds people that get the best out of their team and encourage those around them. Their collaborative spirit unveils an unmatched quality to clients, fostering trust for bigger projects.

When asked about his views on technology as a tech company that financial markets look up to,

Matt told us: “technology is only a tool, ultimately, it is only the vessel through which the power and innovation of human beings leads to fruition”.

Since its inception, CPQi has attributed its success, growth and delivery to its robust team and how they leverage technology. To transform in-person banking to digital banking, it uses Cloud computing, which helps financial institutions avoid the technological complexities of physical computing infrastructure. The cloud is then paired with DevOps, which combines software development and IT operations, to provide more competent digital functioning. The service is then bundled with predictive AI technology, designed uniquely for each financial institution, and lastly omnichannel banking solutions designed to bring CPQi’s clients closer to their users.

“Our models are set-up to be flexible in their nature, delivery is based on demand and workflows can be modified when needed”, explains Matt.

Their flexibility and diverse experience enables quick resolutions. Flexible cost packages enable clients to have a predictable cost base to work from. CPQi has serviced more than 30 of the largest financial institutions across 11 Countries in America. Its disruptive offerings are bringing financial institutions closer to their users, employees and the world at large.

CPQi’s efforts to provide excellent technology services has been critically acknowledged across the business fraternity. Recently, Silicon Review magazine listed CPQi in their ‘50 Innovative Companies to Watch’. Some of its other laurels include:

  • Most Outstanding FinTech Solutions Provider 2021, by the Corporate Excellence Awards
  • 12 FinTech Companies to Watch, by Invest Ontario

CPQi’s CEO was conferred as ‘One of the Top Influential Business Leaders’, by CIO Prime Views. Not long ago, it opened a resource center in Halifax, one of its major milestones. CPQi also held an important speaking position at the Digital Transformation Conference.

“We are very proud to have built such a strong team of influential leaders”, adds Matt proudly.

Introspecting the road ahead, Matt shares CPQi’s plan to earn a stronger position in digital transformation for banking. AI, DevOps and Channels will remain integral, CPQi will be evolving these solutions to build sustainable solutions, address risks and create collaborative environments.

“People are the true proponents of change and growth, as long as you surround yourself with the right people, who display values you cherish, you’ll always find success”, Matt Midson.


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