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An esteemed name in the engineering industry

Steel and metal are one of the largest sectors in India. It is believed to have a huge potential in leveraging the position of the Indian economy. Cold form rolling is a vital segment of the industry. It moderately forms a steel profile and renders enormous benefits like easy implementation with welding, riveting, bolting, and gluing, delivering a variety of steel profiles, etc. Through this exclusive edition, we are going to shed a light on the work of a well-recognized and steadfast company in the industry, presenting premium products and services.

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd is a celebrated and one of the oldest Cold Roll forming companies in India. It is a B2B and customer-centric engineering firm. The companies see paramount importance in customer product design. Presently, they render services to three areas – Dewas, Pune, and Ranipet with a monthly manufacturing capacity of 8000 tons.

The company exceedingly facilitates designing, roll manufacturing, and die manufacturing with a complete in-house procurement of resources of tool development, ensuring a lower response time to client queries and a secure check on the quality.

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd came into existence in the year 1979 with the functioning of the first plant in their head office Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. The company commenced its journey from rolling shutter to embarking a huge diversification into the engineering sector and market requirements like solar, automobile, air pollution control, railways, elevators, ERW tubes, and general engineering. They give immense credit to the customers for the growth of the company.

The team strongly believes that everything the company has attained today is because of the continuous support and faith of its customers. The firm kept growing gradually owning to timely improvisations and continual execution of inputs by working with Multinationals and corporates. By understanding the market needs and adapting accordingly, the company experienced massive growth since its foundation, and ever since then, the team has been working functionally to keep up with the market changes.

The company is associated with some of the highly-regarded and recognized companies in the industry. Shedding a light on their hard-earned clientele

  • Railways – The company has approved vendors for railways, safeguarding a continuous supply of wagons and coaches from various sections.
  • Elevator sections for Kones, OTIS, Thyssenkrupp, Johnson Lifts, etc.
  • Automobile – They are the leading suppliers to reputed manufacturers of commercial vehicles like Volvo Eicher, Tata Motors, Force Motors, Ashok Leyland, ISUZU, etc.
  • Solar – Delivering solar mounting structure (Pre and post gal) to Tata power, Sterling and Wilson, Adani, etc.
  • Air pollution control sections
  • Electrical sections
  • General engineering

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd is one of the oldest cold roll forming companies in India. Establishing with a single product, the company has come a long way by diversifying into various horizons. They have a wealth of expertise in the field and deliver even the most critical designs as per the client’s needs. This steadily gives them a strong edge over others in the industry. The team is particularized in handling complex sections equally. The products are demanded to be strong and light-weighted, for which the team works efficiently to the best of their knowledge.

Keeping up with the latest market trends and timely technological advancements holds the utmost importance for any organization to grow. The company allocates a set budget for technological upgrades and adaption. There is an industrial engineering department working incessantly to understand the needs for the company’s enhancement. The team firmly puts forth the idea of partnership and delivering pertinent products to the clients. There is a well-versed team of suppliers who are experts in their domain, ensuring sync with the technological advancements. Most recently, the company has narrowed down to an approach that develops tools within a week which used to take two months for execution.

Efficacious research and development help to enhance the market position of the company. At Dewas Metal, the team believes in the notion to sustain a distinctive team for R&D that goes through a quick marketscan and develops products and services that are high in demand. They perceive it important to have improvements in every aspect. The team conducts a thorough analysis of what is trending in the market, the right pricing, and the means to design the product. It concludes in superior results and trust amongst the clients.

The company fosters a healthy environment for the employees to learn and evolve. The leaders of the company believe in providing their teammates with a congenial and content work culture within the premises. They ensure open and flexible work culture and assign the department of their choice and expertise. Employees are persistently encouraged to put forward their exclusive ideas and valuable feedback. The firm organizes timely recreational activities to boost morale and nurture an environment of trust and togetherness. Besides, they own a library for the relaxation of the employees in leisure time where they also facilitate the on-request book order service.

The company aspires to a 3 fold focus in the coming years and has designed different departments to accomplish the customary goal. They are eyeing new segments to surge the production of more cold-rolled and allied products. Shortly, Dewas Metal Sections is also aspiring to escalate their business to a global reach. They plan to develop and invest in new processes, equipment, and team up-gradation to deliver topnotch quality products and ameliorate the brand name in the market and ensure customer satisfaction.

“Always believe in your dreams and work hard to achieve them”, quotes Mr. LK Shah, The CEO of Dewas Metal Services Limited.


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