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Diet Clinic

Diet Clinic®, Encourages Eating Your Way to a Hale And Hearty Lifestyle

“There is no joy in achieving something, which you have achieved without obstacles and challenges”

Rajiv Seharawat, founder Diet Clinic ®

In the past decade and more, the healthcare industry has seen a massive transformation in terms of technology and awareness. People have only gotten better in the comprehension of this sector and become additionally conscious of keeping themselves updated with what happening around them.

In return, the sector also has improved itself on the front of delivering better customer services and reaching out to people far accurately. The evolution of data analysis, cloud technology, and mobile applications had made it more convenient for people to access their health needs anywhere and at any time. They look for the best, need the best and demands the best.

And, companies like Diet clinic meet the customer expectations essentially more than what is predictable. They focus on your overall fitness and wellness and negate any magical pills, potions, supplements or else. The diet plans are prepared and regulated by dietician Sheela Seharawat, Director & Rajiv Seharawat CEO, Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd, that are designed after her utmost efforts, dedication and hard work.

At Diet Clinic®, they have tried to cope up and meet the customer demands and lest needs in the market, the research, and development team works on various strategies. They have introduced a Mobile Application and utilized technology to make good health and wellness more accessible to people.

“ Let your Diet Work for you ” Sheela Seharawat, Founder & Mentor Diet Clinic ®

Sheela, a nationally acclaimed Dietician, supervises a team of professional dieticians at Diet Clinic. She started the organization in 2006. Her mission is to help people to lose weight in the simplest and healthiest manner. She works with a scientific approach and therapeutic diet plans which she has developed are very helpful in early recovery of life-threatening diseases.

Business Connect: What gives you an edge over your peers?

Sheela: It is of extreme importance to stay updated of all that peers are doing – their services, products, marketing strategies and all. A clear USP with an assurance of the result is what we aim at. It is what entices people to come to Diet Clinic. Our health and diet plans are entirely customized. We pay attention to the needs of our clients, understand their problems and guide them the way forward. It is here our job does not end. We move ahead with them in their every move, providing them with all the support that they require to stay motivated on their goals.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days? How did you sail through them?

Sheela: It was never easy for me and us. Less reliability, hardly any trust from people around you and fear of repulsions from the market was some of the factors that came as obstacles at the initial stages. Moreover, it was a huge challenge around 12 to 15 years back that food and diet is the only solution for a healthy life, a life full of wellness and happiness. The only thing that kept me moving was belief. The belief that what we are doing will give results. Slowly with the world getting educated with diet and we also constantly educating and communicating people the benefits of eating and staying healthy, our belief started paying off. People who trusted us experienced positive results and they became our first brand ambassadors.

Business Connect: What was your learning during struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Sheela: Patience, trust in self and belief that, yes you can do it, are some factors that will always keep you moving ahead. There is an age-old adobe: “keep doing your job and do not count on the results”. It held true in my case. I had aimed to see a healthy society and have strived hard to spread the message through my endeavors. This kept me motivated and moving always and even in difficult times. Challenges are bound to come, the ones who have trust in themselves, sail through.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of patients in your organization?

Sheela: The word ‘faith’ hold a lot of importance to me. Over the years when people say that they are able to achieve what they have expected with Diet Clinic, they became our brand ambassador.

Today, we have thousands of people who are happy living a healthier and happy life. These people are our role models now who speak about their route to healthy living and their success stories to others. Today we have more than 35 clinics in the country and have been possible through those who have shown trust and faith in us.

Business Connect: What are the efforts made by you not to lag behind in the race of having latest technology?

Rajiv: We at Diet Clinic acknowledge the use growth of technology in pour field as well. One way we have tried to make good health more approachable in by introducing our newly launched mobile app- the Diet Clinic App. People stay connected to us at all time and they feel that losing weight or dieting or any other wellness approach is now much easier. People can chat real time with our health advisor and dieticians, take health and diet tips from them, read and download healthy menus and recipes, make a booking and renew their packages and make payments and more. Moreover, our online platform has made life and health so easy that people find it easy and approachable.

Business Connect: How much do you rely upon Research and Development? What is the role of research in the growth of the Company?

Sheela: I believe research and development is a continuous process. It helps us dig deep into what is already there and input new innovations to already existing scientific principles. This one is more helpful today as it aids us with new and innovative ideas to keep people healthy and improve their quality of life.

Business Connect: How difficult it is to remain relevant in this competitive world? How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times?

Rajiv: It gives me a boost to see around and find that people who have associated with Diet Clinic live a changed life that is more healthy and happy. The road to success is not easy, but it is not all that difficult also if your intentions are honest and your approach positive.

Business Connect: What are your contributions to CSR activities?

Sheela: Businesses which think differently in today’s time, are the one that sustains in the long run. People these days and also corporates and businesses are more sensitive towards social issues. Including us, all businesses are trying to improve and increase the value they provide to their customers. As a part of CSR activities, I and my team in regular intervals conduct camps for the society where we try and educate people on the need of staying healthy, conduct blood donation and other health camps, etc.

Diet Clinic was started as an initiative and the intention of improving the lives of people. One common characteristic shared by all of us is the desire to be happy and healthy and for Sheela creating, value as a part of her corporate social responsibility simply means providing services that help people improve their lives and become happier.

“I believe that you might be the best or the most talented person in your field, but if you are not created value for the society, it isn’t of any use”

Sheela Seharawat


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