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Eastern Mindfulness

Eastern Mindfulness: Where Serenity Prevails

Mindfulness is a fundamental way of living life to the fullest and is equally convoluted. Eastern Mindfulness is a platform offering tools & strategies for achieving excellence in various areas of life. The team offers scientifically designed mindfulness programs for individuals, companies & institutions to empower them for optimizing their performances. These programs include modules like stress release, productivity enhancement, mindful leadership, improving relationships, mindful goal setting & manifestation, excelling in mindful communication, emotional intelligence and much more.

Minds behind the Venture

Alok Taunk, the co-founder & excellence coach at Eastern Mindfulness, holds an intensive corporate experience of more than a decade, where he was a part of various organizations working across various roles including sales, marketing, digital advertisements, online marketing & was also a part of many corporate think tanks. Also, he has been practicing various self-enhancing scientific mindfulness & other Vedic practices under the direct supervision of a Himalayan master for around eleven years from now. He noticed how people across the corporate realm are facing burnouts due to increasing stress, responsibilities, pressure, which is also hampering their other walks of lives.

Similarly is the case with students, who are constantly living under judgments & pressure. Thus he, along with Geetanjali who holds deep interest & strategic formulations in diet & nutrition thought of coming up with Eastern Mindfulness – A platform offering tools for optimizing performances. They are also working on an application called MindField App, which would offer guided meditations, wisdom audios etc which is likely to be launched in Coming Months. A new year gift to humanity for their holistic wellbeing.

A walk through their lives

An amazing journey of years of holistic practices and training right from the Himalayan master, Alok and Geetanjali have religiously dedicated themselves to transforming lives. While Alok has a management background in studies and work; extensive experience of corporates for almost a decade has provided him a versatile approach, that lets him be in others shoes and guide them for applying the Eastern Mindfulness principles for optimizing their lives. On the other hand, Geetanjali raised in a holistic sort of an environment where she “understand” inspite of understands and propagates knowledge to others, just the way she was guided under her mentor.

The organisation clearly understands value of every single human being as a universal entity and therefore provides various transformational offerings for various people accordingly. The corporate word in the overall arena requires it badly and the programs revolve around stress release, productivity, relationships, goal manifestation, leadership, self- confidence, etc.

Challenges while driving the force

An Eastern Mindfulness programs help companies & individuals in dealing with workplace stress, anxiety & empower in order to enhance focus, awareness, productivity, and inclusiveness. The organization offers various other scientifically devised engagement programs for improving & enhancing communication, work relations, mindful goal setting, building mindful teams, leadership, strategies for work-life balance etc.

Usually, it is found that start-ups struggle a lot in finding a suitable candidate. Fortunately, hiring of the right candidates hasn’t been a problem for the makers ever. People love to get associated themselves with value. The size and the magnitude of the company don’t matter if the value they are getting is enormous. Everyone strives for progress & loves to associate their identity with a positive idea, of course keeping remuneration part into consideration.

Going Ahead

Currently, the organization is closely working with the corporate & institutions wherein the businesses/institutions hire the Eastern Mindfulness services for their employees/students/members – the engagement can range from a day to few weeks to few months along with regular follow-up webinars. Eastern Mindfulness offerings aim at empowering individuals, whether they are in a corporate setup, institutions – students, professionals or any other walk of life, with self- development & scientific performance optimizing tools & strategies which they can integrate in their routine to enhance their mental, emotional & physical state of being. Once individuals take charge of their lives they can easily handle every situation around them.

The makers are working on various modules and soon shall provide ready to implement strategies to bring a measurable change in various areas of life, whether it is work, family, social, success etc.

In a candid chat with our Senior Editor Sugandh Bahl, cofounder Alok Taunk opened up about various challenges and his plan to tackle them. Here are the excerpts:

Business Connect: What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others in the field?

Alok Taunk: At Eastern Mindfulness, we have combined some higher & sacred consciousness uplifting scientific processes for holistic development which makes us stand apart.

Business Connect: How challenging is it to run a startup in an atmosphere of cut-throat competition in the market?

Alok Taunk: We primarily focus on internal competition, which means to better our offerings, our products & services from their previous versions. Honestly, our entire focus, energies & resources are channelized towards selfgrowth & expansion. Secondly, our services are one of its kind and what makes them stand out are the scientific ancient mindfulness protocols which are integrated with all the modules.

Business Connect: Is hiring a tough task for start-up companies? How do you cope up with this obstacle?

Alok Taunk: We keep on getting resumes where people are eagerly looking forward to work with us as they see the difference we are making in people’s lives.

Business Connect: Please go through your future plans?

Alok Taunk: We are working on a self-help mobile application which shall contain guided meditations, wisdom audios, tips and much more which shall prove handy and one can use it either on the go or at leisure to work on various fields like health, work, mindfulness and emotions etc. Apart from these, we are restructuring our marketing & advertising strategies in order to reach as many people as possible so that this scientific wisdom can be integrated in their lives to make a difference.

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