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Eduplex Solutions (ESPL)

Eduplex Solutions (ESPL)

Where excellence is effortless…

Incepted in the year 2013 by a group of professionals with enriched MNC experience, Eduplex Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL) began its fascinating journey to emerge out as an outstanding institution instead of being just a business entity. Intervening in the education space, it gradually migrated to Managed Services, Consulting and IT Projects, particularly into ‘Digitization’, keeping abreast of the dynamic changes in the business scenario.

ESPL is a part of the unique initiative, Start-up India, UDYAM, also supported by National Skill Management. So far, it has ensured a firm PAN India presence and is operating from 23 different locations with 120+ experienced individuals and associated partners.

Fundamentally, the phenomenal enterprise operates in two distinct domains- ‘Managed Services’ and ‘Projects’. In terms of ‘Managed Services’, they provide solutions like HR & Payroll processing, Skill Supplement, Consulting for Start-up / Pilot, Operation Management etc. The organization is also providing Field and Resident Engineer Support as well as providing Training & Education facility for engineering and general students.

In regard with the ‘Projects’, ESPL has an excellent expertise in providing end-toend solutions on the digitization process for its esteemed customer- base.

Being the leading face of ESPL, Mr. Arobindu Basu (Founder Director & CEO) is taking it to greater heights with his 32 years of enriched industry experience, from his earlier association with DEC, Nokia, Compaq, HP, IBM etc. He is a well-renowned name in the space of Corporate Governance, Project Management and Entrepreneurship.

In his vision to establish an entrepreneurial venture of his own, Dr Debasish Ghosh– an eminent UK-based Surgeon– joined Mr Basu as a co-Founder of the organization. At present, he is leading as the Chairman of the company.

Since the inception of the institution, Ms. Sumana Halder is at the helm of Managed Services as ‘Country Manager’. She is a well-reckoned sports person with national & international repute and has represented India in Junior Asian Gymnastics championship at New Delhi, in 1991. Moreover, she has been a National Junior Champion Gymnast in 1989.

A Post-Graduate in Operation Research– Mr. Subrata Majumder– joined the organization with his wealth of experience by working with companies like BOC Ltd., J. Thomas & Co., CTTA etc. At ESPL, he is holding the fort of ‘Projects vertical’.

The prominence ensured by the company at its niche domain has been the end result of the ceaseless efforts made by these erudite personalities only.

ESPL was established with the extraordinary vision to emerge as a leading name in IT-enabled service & knowledge-based market by infusing their core values enriched with “Integrity”, “Empathy” and “Excellence”. In this dynamically changing world, they aspire to create a difference in numerous ways. In this direction, the company has adopted a unique initiative of code name- J21 and created an exemplary roadmap till 2025. To drive this outstanding transformation, they have built a specialized task force.

ESPL always reckons that its success is the result of its inbuilt integrity in the character of the company. It constantly strives for truthful behaviour, actions and responsibilities. Moreover, they believe empathy towards peers, partners, customers and society, while ensuring excellence in the business operation, is the key to a thumping success.

Today, the niche market is driven by a cost-sensitive client-base that sometimes suffer due to a lack of awareness related to quality needs. In terms of their sales proposition and project governance process, their effective engagement with the clientele begins by inclining the proposed solutions as per their needs. What comes as the outcome of this unique approach is zero compromise on quality, scope, time and cost on part of both the parties. Nevertheless, they are offering a competitive yet quality solutions to the niche industry.

“We create champions in our domain and they act as an ambassador whether they are with us or in a different organization. Thus, we ensure that as a whole the nation, the society and world is benefitted along with our success,” quotes Mr. Arobindu Basu.

When asked about the uniqueness of their business model, they stated that their clear divergence of onsite and offsite activities is their key distinguisher. They drive any implementation with two different focuses while integrating those by their PMO as a nodal. This unique approach ensures independent task completion under aspired time duration.

“This model has worked for us in ‘Black Swan’ like situation of COVID-19. We could engage all our people by this method during the lockdown, ensuring business continuity through our remote management infrastructure,” asserts Dr. Debasish Ghosh.

And talking about the synergy with the tech advancements, they have some in-house developed online tools & applications to support their operations. They also keep upgrading these tools as per the market trends and leveraging the latest hardware tools for their ongoing projects. As being an ISO 9001, 27001 & 20000-1 certified company, it has a technology refresh policy that ensures mandatory tools up gradation every three years.

ESPL is an institution that firmly promotes skill development as an integral part of its work culture. At the company, the employees are always trained with the help of top-notch technical & soft skill programs regularly. Individuals under the management parasol are regularly offered with management level trainings from reputed institutes like IIMs. Furthermore, the company has granted its workforce with an ‘interest free loan policy’ for training and skill development (including gadgets required for the same). Such steps towards propagating the growth of the employees by the company are commendably inspirational.

And over a period of time, they have implemented a culture with a perfect blend of professionalism and flexibility at its core. ESPL believes in ensuring effective support to its employees in the best possible manner.

“We believe in creating a bond among our people and have created a virtual club ‘CONSOCIATE’ to celebrate various events and stay connected,” cites Mr. Subrata Majumder.

Scaling the heights of thumping success, the company has crossed numerous milestones. Be it digitalizing 25 Cr+ pages in 5 years or attaining 92.8% customer satisfaction survey rating, their excellence and relevance is turning heads in the industry. So far, ESPL has received winner of MSME Award 2020-21 in service category from ‘Bengal Chamber of Commerce’ and an appreciation letter from Honorable Ministry of Women & Child Development, GOI – Mrs. Menaka Sanjay Gandhi. And in the same direction, the company has also been ranked one among India’s 500 Most Promising IT companies, 2021.

In terms of empowering the women folks from rural areas, Eduplex Solutions has conducted a prestigious training program at Jamshedpur on ‘Digitization Skill Development for rural women in 2015’. Moreover, it has
been associated with the “BACHPAN BANCHAO ANDOLAN” that started in 1980 by Nobel Peace Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, and is India’s largest movement towards child-protections activities.

The dedication to serving the society is not just restricted to this, they are also ensuring e-Training to students across India.

“ESPL participated a voluntary online training in collaboration of Relearn Institute to train “Basic Electronics” to 48 students across INDIA. The training was delivered over google meet for students in the age group of 10 – 16 years. The concepts of basic electronics, application of electronics and concepts of IoT (Internet of Things) were explained to them. The students from the furthest corner of Nagaland participated in this training,” reveals Ms. Sumana Halder.

Soon, ESPL is about to venture into diverse segments like Healthcare sectors & IOTs. As the company foresees a bright and blazing future ahead, it desires to bring on board all the stakeholders to drive its business till 2025 and
become a leading player in the relevant industrial space.

“It needs guts to be an entrepreneur. Listen to everyone but do whatever your heart wishes & as per your gut feelings! Conflict resolution is a part of the process and choose the simplest option because all good things in life are simple. Create quality, process and skill from the very beginning; You need to be different from others. All stakeholders must see value in you and hence make them believe in your vision. It comes from your conviction in yourself only. Rest will follow.


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