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Ergode IT Services

Ergode IT Services Pvt. Ltd.


Smart work pays you efficiency but hard work gifts you success. Success is not a magic, one earns it through wheeling the efforts, zeal, patience and learning on the roads of gain. Secret of success is to put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. Believing in the fact “OPPORTUNITIES NEVER COMES KNOCKING YOUR DOORS, YOU HAVE TO GRAB THEM”

ERGODE has successfully revolved their wheel in global drive. They sail a glorious journey to place golden feather on their caps. Valuing the need of the hour, they did their best to toss their coins up. Paying the price of success with hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination of whether to win or lose, they have applied the best of themselves to the tasks in the lap. Tackling the grievances of approximately 1.32 billion of clienteles, they proudly walks on the bridge of diversity.


What else can’t be done if you have strong determination to achieve something? Holding 5 million satisfied customers across 120 countries securing 50 successful market places along with 16 curated well devised websites is near to impossible task, but with their strong desire and efforts of every single soul of the organization’s employees made it possible.

Dealing with more than ten thousand of orders a day, the firm is effectively working in life of suave, convenient and simple trading. An E-Commerce house offers a lot of effortless transaction in one of the largest democracies in the World. Ergode, today has proudly and successfully spread its roots into the Indian Market gathering more and more clientele on a daily basis and believes in making life easier in terms of online marketing.


Technology and E commerce are powerful means to connect with unconnected global trade. ERGODE visualize to build an E commerce ecosystem that allows Consumers and businesses to do all aspect of business online. The B2C model directly provide selling opportunities to producers (manufacturers) and Brand owners to maintain the sheer experience of trading on global waves. Technology today is something of a backbone to E-Commerce Industries. Thus, with its in house IT product Development Team, Ergode builds up the ability to stay on top of things with the most advanced technology and the latest business tools. The company believes in the managing its operations technically, as the technology offers often impressive than anyone can think of. Helping to reduce the stress of physical storage, robust indexing, cost cutting management, better consumer service, also to increase the productivity on the marks.


For every foot of success you have to step with care and great tact as success is a great balancing act. ERGODE commendably balance the bars of potential customer demand’s and vendor worthiness. Ergode’s core competencies include Inventory management, Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Order Management, Vendor Management, 24/7 Customer Service and an In House IT Product Development Department which enables them to ship to over 120 countries. If customers are the kings, they believe vendors are their empire.

They lead the ways of glorifying journey the backbone of technology. Not only limited with customer and vendor relationship, they mainly focus on the quality and maintaining standards at par. The world has a lot to offer that is not accessible to most people. Therefore, Ergode build themselves as a solution to bridge this gap. Ergode brings products from across the world that otherwise would have been inaccessible to its customers, without physically travelling across to different countries.

What makes Ergode different is that it gives equal importance to both its customers as well as its vendors. At Ergode they believe in doing the best for both our customers and our numerous loyal vendors as each person is an important building block in the organizational pillar.


Roofing more than 400 employees under the shed, they are setting up an excellent example of integrity and up to the mark execution. They believe that employees are creator of wealth of an Enterprise. With the team of extremely passionate, efficient, hardworking and enthusiastic workforce the firm is proudly crowning with tag of best amenity providers. Crediting the regards of achievements in the hands of their task force, they consider them as soul of united body. Conducting work friendly environment and open culture to perform, the firm encourages every individual associated with them to have stress free working life. Ergode has an open culture where employees feel free to speak out, take risks and Present their opinions on the table.

The organization stands tall because they believe that organization is held up not by employees but by the family that believes in acceptance, support, and teamwork. The ERGODE Family also enjoys ‘no dress code policy’, medical insurance, profile change opportunities and much more. Also Regular Employee engagement activities too are conducted to create stronger bonds and relationship with employees. Ergode also conducts monthly employee events such as birthday bashes and festive celebrations. And weekly Employee Professional Development sessions are organized to interact and engage with each other.

ERGODE consists appraisal system, which evaluates the performance of employees by setting monthly targets. Which is considered as measurement the annual appraisals process to make decisions on promotion as well. Considering the procedure to analyze their strengths and the weaknesses for the potential development of the individual.


Striving for continuous improvement, instead of perfection is the key ingredient of success. Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable; with the same philosophy of business ERGODE builds quality standard as the most important feature to survive in the massive boom of the economy. The quality standards at Ergode are maintained through sheer experience strengthened by the use of the latest technology. The company’s in-house built technologies ensure to maintain the best possible quality in its services to customers.


A constant struggle, a ceaseless battle to bring success from inhospitable surroundings, is the price of all great achievements.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. With the same optimistic approach of performing the will, they are crowned with many triumphs. They hold the glory of being one of the best places to work in two consecutive years 2016 and 2017. Also as one of the 20 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies and 20 Most Valuable IT Services Companies.

They also hold the Tag of the Consultants of the Year 2015.


Mr.Rupesh Sanghavi unveils the inception of the firm that the idea of Ergode came across his mind when he was simply out, buying books. Through observing the millions of possibilities that one can come across in the E-Commerce world and being encouraged by the same, Ergode was born. He is the one whose utmost dedication, commitment & zeal taken the firm to another level; His directions, optimistic approach and foresighted nature are helping them to be globally crowned. He does not credit the victory to only his account but considers it the mixed efforts of his directions and excellent execution of the super talented team.

Believing their team efficiency to be the result of the firm’s glory. The expert team of personnel includes Mr. Anish Doshi, Raj Kothari, and Mr. Amit Sharma as Business Head to carry out smooth sailing of business operations. Mr. Pankaj Rathi is appointed as Sr. Manager in Finance department to carry out wise financial decisions. Mr.Shivendra Pratap Singh (HR Manager) holds the responsibility of hiring skilled and talented personnel to assure the business growth in the next level.

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