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De-facto Technical Partner to D2C Giants

FarziEngineer is the humble initiative of Ashutosh Kesharvani and Gaurav Shukla to pursue a difference. The brothers in arms have sustained a holistic career in the tech space, working on product development, APIs, Mobile Apps, and other IT facets. During that time, the duo observed a change in the system, elements like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning were transforming the way businesses interact with clients. On the other hand, the platforms did not confine to just a computer science background.

It offered simple drag-and-drop features to individuals from other technical spaces for building applications. The understanding eventually led to the fruition of FarziEngineer. However, progress was not an imminent achievement. To make a name in a fast-moving and antagonizing market, they were aware of the need to be innovative. Initially, FarziEngineer was like a boot camp for the underprivileged, where the company trained and gave them some challenging web development projects.

But their sheer dedication eventually showed them the light. Ashutosh and Gaurav drew several branches of software solutions. First was CRO Services (Conversion Rate Optimization), which provided increased conversion to e-commerce companies on their platforms, generating more revenue. Second, they came up with software development/product engineering. Third, they introduced Business Process Optimization to help companies improve their workflow and operations.

The duo also marshalled a team of languageagnostic engineers having a common goal, ‘to grow and expand.’ While the entire business floats online, its solutions and people’s integration fosters FarziEngineer’s progress. In the two years, it has made its presence across the nation and penetrated foreign markets too. Its solutions address many E-commerce sites in India, job portals in the United Kingdom, and individual market research portals in Singapore.

When we think of new-age business optimization, the integration of software solutions amazes our minds. With the boom in smart devices and digitization, software solutions have created a niche in the industry. Although it became popular due to domestic demand and the spread of microcomputer technology, the situation has changed dramatically. Platforms like AI, ML, Big Data, and IoT are pushing tech solutions to new heights.

These are known for improving agility, cutting down operational costs, optimizing productivity, strengthening risk management and governance, and fostering quick transformation. From a business point of view, it helps in adhering to the planning, requirements, designing, developing, testing, deployment and maintenance to anchor the sought-out trajectory.

India has begun to excel in these areas as they seek to enhance flexibility and build customized applications. While tech giants predominantly offer low code platforms, the rising demand has pushed several Indian brands to the race. FarziEngineer is one of them. Founded in 2018, the firm is a thriving Software development firm focused on end-to-end solutions. From product or service optimization, web development, or other solutions FarziEngineer, is a powerful catalyst for growth.

The ever-shifting digital space is making everyone burgeon into research, and for FarziEngineer, it is no different. Apart from being beneficial in curating in-house development, invasive research also helps with new aspects, for example, working on Open Source Code platforms. Utilizing opensource in e-commerce platforms renders several benefits, other than budget reliability

Open-source ensures:

  • No vendor lockdowns – unlike proprietary software
  • User to decide when to upgrade the system
  • Customizable and flexible
  • Security with the freedom to modify, upgrade and redistribute
  • Eliminates any false speculation or claims

FarziEngineer partners with several open-source projects to craft customized solutions. Using open-source platforms uphold the desired quality, which fosters trust amongst clients. Also, they have an in-house team of professionals who perform R&D practices for product development, thereby aligning the company to changes and incubating trends. The diverse expertise also extends to end-to-end consultancy. Leveraging its technical potency, it offers free advice to clients on their business strategies and challenges.

The pillars of trust and quality drive the excellence of FarziEngineer; the presence of a multi-disciplinary team strengthens them. More than 40% of the team members are from other technical spaces like civil, electrical and chemical engineering, and FarziEngineer stands proud for nurturing them as required. Each member enjoys ownership and the freedom to implement ideas. The leaders keep an eye on team bonding and integrity as well. Leaders often fly to cities where their employees live and hold meetings in commercial suites.

“Our team is scattered across 25 cities. We visit a city – call all co-located members and function from the same place for 15 to 20 days”, says Gaurav.

During the pandemic, the practice significantly aided them. Because of restrictions, they did everything from communication to the creation of products in isolation. The timely visits kept the team motivated and engaged. The teamwork also provided an upper hand against the uprising competition. A considerable number of brands with robust networks are spearheading the software space. FarziEngineer now enjoys a presence amongst them and confers it as its milestone. The collaborative proficiency also propelled several partnerships in the national and international market.

”Our team shoulders our stability and ability to leap from project-to-project or prospect-to-prospect,” acclaims Ashutosh.

Aiming to level up the game, FarziEngineer is foraying into more plug-and-play solutions. For the next five years, the Company will be eyeing AI-enabled solutions. They have already formed two prototypes – Brimo and Farzicom. Farzicom is a suite of AI-driven components that will enable an e-Commerce platform with tools for payment management, warehouse management, business insights data, and more. Customers will come with a business plan and Farzicom will take care of the rest. They envision this to be the next step in E-commerce.

“With these products, we will be competing industry giants like Nacelle and Shopify at the same time, very soon,” shares Gaurav in a proud tone.

Moreover, FarziEngineer will be integrating AR into its e-commerce solutions. It’ll enable customers for virtual try-on and real-time interaction.FarziEngineer sees AI and AR as its launch-pad for the next step as the world shifts toward more contactless solutions.

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