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Freightwings & Travels Pvt. Ltd

Freightwings, offloading with excellence!

The world is rapidly undergoing economic growth and the freight forwarding industry is growing like jungle fire.

And in this booming market, there is a need for a well-managed freight forwarding network. Freightwings & Travels Pvt. Ltd is one such efficacious organization taking care of everything from customs broking to freight forwarding.

Mr. Jayanth Nairi and Mr. Prabhakar Nairi, Managing Directors and also the visionaries behind this venture, serve on a platter customer friendly services encompassing new age MTO and NVOCC with tailored warehousing and door to door supplies.

They also are well equipped with major cargo industry affiliations, quality certifications, an all-India network of branch offices and warehouses. Regardless of what your product may be, from garments, pharma, heavy machinery, chemicals, leather goods, to textiles or more, the needs are met with excellence. The reach they hold is global with a suitable mode of transport like air, sea, rail or road, everything is at disposal.

Mr. Jayanth Nairi in conversation with Business Connect taking us through the journey of Freightwings & Travels Pvt. Ltd.,

Business Connect: Could you tell us something about the company and the services you offer.

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We are a freight forwarding and logistics company. Our offices are spread all over India with healthy tie-ups around the globe. Our company offers premium end to end logistic solutions.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest trends of the market?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have always been proactive in identifying gaps in the marketplace and aligning our costs, quality of delivery and service to ensure that our customers are satisfied and their professional requirements are met.

Business Connect: What do you believe is your forte that keeps you going?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have been in the business for over 40 years and we take pride in working even today with the same enthusiasm that we had when we started making our way towards being the market leaders. I would say apart from the standards we set for ourselves to be competitive, this energy and momentum that we work with after being one of the oldest in the business would be our forte.

Business Connect: Do you see any transformation happening in the entrepreneurial world? 

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have a lot more entrepreneurs than before (in number), and that changes the landscape of the business world. Startups, New ideas, Market Opportunity, International Scope, Valuation, and the likes are the basic fabric of today’s entrepreneurs

Business Connect: How did you sail through the obstacles you faced in the initial days if you faced any?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: Obstacles are a part of any growing business. I have learned through the years that with Volatility comes greater growth. To identify if conditions are going to get better and sail through tough times or sometimes to realize things are not going to improve and to stop and minimize losses is what one needs to be cautious about at all times.

Business Connect: What was your learning during struggling days, so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: Our biggest learning was to always value the relationships we built with our customers. Also, make sure that we always deliver tangible benefits of doing business with us over competition year on year.

Business Connect: what kind of clients have you served over the years?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: Our clientele comes for a number of different industries, but we specialize in Garment export and Imports, Pharmaceutical Import and Export including vaccines and all kinds of temperature controlled medicines and Hazardous Goods. Our customers include Pharma giants like Cadila Healthcare, Unichem Laboratories, and Novartis to name a few.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: To make available the finest customer service and maintain relationships at best. Relationship helps us understand our clients’ business needs, challenges etc. and we strive to deliver services that can reduce their complications to our best capacity.

Business Connect: What are the efforts made by you not to lag behind in the race of having latest technology?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have always been a futuristic and technology backed company and have always allocated a healthy percentage of our resources in technology.We have also developed an inhouse software which makes our work much quicker and more accurate.

Business Connect: How much do you rely upon Research and Development for the growth of your company? 

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: Research is the engine that fuels the future of any company to be a leader in its industry. The aspect of R&D is as important as the service standards or compliance is for us as a company.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: I believe motivation comes from seeking solutions to problems and to remain relevant one needs to always learn from previous mistakes.

Business Connect: How do you maintain an efficient and loyal staff?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: A good percentage of our staff has been with us ever since we started this company who have become family and they identify the company targets and goals as their own. We also try our best to look after our employees as our partners in service and not just employees

Business Connect: What kind of activities do you conduct to keep your employees energized?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have a staff lunch organized every quarter which allows all the employees to not only mingle between themselves but also with the management. Also, once a year we have a gathering organized for our staff along with our partners namely the airlines and shipping lines; this allows the staff to come face to face with our partners and build a better relationship so as to be able to provide the best possible rates and service to our customers.

Business Connect: Who is your role model and what are your learnings?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: I have always followed the work of Ratan Tata and have immensely appreciated the compassion he has for his team and the people he works with.

Business Connect: Is it on the cards to go global any time soon?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We are focused on the Indian market. It is very difficult to maintain the standards of delivery while expanding vertically in this business.

Business Connect: How are you giving back to society?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: As a firm and as an individual I am passionately involved with the Rotary International staying involved in the service to humanity and society as a whole. For instance, during the Nepal Floods, we provided free logistic services for relief material to be sent to the people in need.

Business Connect: What genre do you follow in case you are a reader?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: I usually like to read books on psychology, management, and business.

Business Connect: Please let us know about the achievements of the company.

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: We have stood the test of time. When most of other Indian owned freight forwarding companies were being taken over by MNC’s, we managed to stay afloat successfully. We are also extremely proud to state that we as a company have zero tolerance for any under the table deals.

Business Connect: What are the milestones accredited to the company?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: After 40yrs of getting independence; in the year 1987, we were one of the first few freight forwarders who was awarded a Customs Brokers license. Also, recently we have been awarded and AEO-Authorized Economic Operator Certification by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs Under the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

Business Connect: What are your efforts to ensure the female workforce at par with male counterparts?

Mr. Jayanth Nairi: In an industry which is known to be male-dominated we have managed to hire a good ratio of women employees who are an asset to our firm. As an organization, we have tried our level best to not only employ a fair number of women, but we also make sure that the women employees in our organization are well up to date and trained in every aspect of the business.

Freightwings efficiently works on the assurance of an expert team, personal attention to the customers, zero negotiation on the premium quality of work and highest priority to each consignment. The long list of esteemed clients holding on to the organization for years has been the result of this abiding quality of assuring the best services for the customers.

For over 40 years Freightwings has bought together some of the best minds in the logistics industry of India with a cumulative experience in a variety of sectors of the logistics business. With a mission to be India’s most innovative integrated logistics provider and superior freight forwarder and deliver the most economical business solutions, they are looking to be recognized as the leading professional in their area of business.

And by the pace and dedication at which they are providing comprehensive services to their clients, it won’t be long before they are recognized in the Indian and the global market both.


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