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GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.


GND Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a highly recognised, tech-innovative organisation, which started as a product engineering Services venture, and sales of in-house IoT products. Initiated in 2015, the company stands as one of the leading companies in developing Digital Solutions and Products, by using various technology platforms such as IoT, M2M, LoRa WAN, etc.


The fundamental driving force of GND Solutions is bringing innovative and transformative digital solutions for Industrial, Retail, Pharma and Enterprise segments focusing on Clod Chain Management and Asset Tracking. The company maintains a 3-way service pattern for promulgating their products and services, amongst national and multinational clients. These are:-

IoT Solutions: GND provides efficient end-to-end solutions that are focused on delivering rapid time-to-market capabilities. These solutions range from Cold Chain Management, Asset Tracking and Monitoring, and Industrial Applications.

The cold chain solution improves supply chain visibility for enhanced customer experience, theft protection and inventory management — location tracking solution helps clients with complete logistics support and vehicular monitoring services.

The tagging solution is concentrated on constant monitoring, tracking and conditioning heavy engineering units such as tractors, cranes or other industrial equipment and mobile assets.

Lastly, the intrusion detection Solution provides the next-generation security system for homes, shops, offices and factories.

Product Engineering: Under this segment, the company forge its products according to the client’s needs. After an in-depth analysis of the client’s business needs, the company works as a development team for the client and craft the product that achieves their satisfaction. GND also prodives resource augmentation services for product engineering work to many large MNCs.

In-House Products: GND is an OEM partner for many large global MNCs to help them deliver and implement IoT Solutions. The company developed numerous IoT products such as temperature & humidity device, asset tracker, feedback button, door open-close device along with an industrial gateway. GND also takes custome device development for IoT projects.


With over two decades of experience in product engineering, chip to cognition R&D services in IoT and M2M segments, Mr Venkata Siva Reddy Started GND Solutions in 2015 as an engineering services venture. He is an expert in Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Satellite transceivers, RF design, Tracking and Monitoring, and Battery Charger Applications with a deep understanding of driving technology strategy, business administration and product management.

In 2016, GND got a project with one of the largest telecom companies to design, manufacture and supply an IoT device as an OEM partner to enable the telco to launch its first enterprise IoT solution business in India.

GND delivered the product in record time while meeting all the quality standards, along the way developed an application to show the end to end capability of the product, which enabled GND to launch its own IoT solution offering in the market in 2018. Since then, the company is provisioning a wide variety of digital solutions and services, for national and multinational enterprises.

“Our fascination is always about solving problems, with the right technology” asserts Mr Reddy.

Technology is everchanging and to sustain as a preferable choice, GND solutions come with the most advanced measures to solve their client’s concerns. Venturing latest technologies in IoT, Cloud and Software space, GND Solutions have devised client-centric products and solutions that are highly cost-effective and reliable.

Their first services and solutions have treasured trending names in their clientele base that are part of Fortune 500 companies. A few titles are – Arrow Electronics, Avnet Inc., Reliance, Hitachi, ABP Global, Tata Communications… and the list goes on.


“Today’s R&D forges the road to tomorrow’s opportunity”. Acknowledging this fact, Mr Reddy believes that many of their initial approaches have helped them in adapting to the trends while incorporating new ones in the industry. An excellent example of this statement is the incubation of LPWAN (LoRa) in their technology road map. LPWAN is a low power wide area network that allows long-range communications at a low bit rate with very high efficiency of power consumption on IoT devices and network. GND solutions always had a captivating approach towards emerging technologies; investing in LPWAN based technologies helped them devise many of their products and services, thus, elevating them into the global market.

In the following year (2018-19), GND Solutions put its emphasis on its ‘Cold Chain Solutions’. By performing thorough R&D in this segment, the company own a large client in Australia, which helped in progressing in the global market. Currently, the company is working on Smaller IoT tags, such as LPG monitoring and Tank Monitoring Systems, which shows their forte on an industrial level and gives them the opportunity, to welcome more clients.


“We have always updated ourselves with the latest software, communication and cloud technologies, to stay abreast of the digital evolution”. Mr Reddy.

With technology at its core, GND Solutions stays abeam of the State-of-the-art inventions in the market. A few examples of their tech-advancements are the CAT-M1, NB IoT and smart devices which are focused on producing solutions for the enterprise and industrial customers. The prime USP of these products are that they operate with little power and has a long-range communication capability.


Employees are the keystones of assessing a company’s market image, quality and growth. The company consists of a team of high intellect and creativity. Through proper monitoring, the company keeps track of its team’s performance and provide appropriate and satisfying resolutions against their issues. Further, to recognise their employees’ work, the company appreciate and rewards its employees, which also helps in boosting their morale and focus on work.


With its flawless and exemplary performance, GND Solutions has welcomed dozens of awards in its trove. In 2017, they participated and won the CES 2017 award for Smart Home Applications. GND Solutions is one of the best IoT Startups. Also, GND is one of the Top 30 admired Tech Leaders.


The company is looking forward to increasing its workforce along with increasing its global presence. GND Solutions currently has steady clientele from Australia, Singapore and Dubai. In the following years, the company wish to propagate their services in Europe and build a strong brand presence in Northern America. Overall, they want to see themselves as one of the favoured names when it comes to IoT and Digita Solutions for Cold Chain, Asset Tracking and Industrial applications all over the globe.


“Be very passionate about your goals, treat others the way you want to be treated. Show dedication in your work and commitment towards your promises. Also, have transparency while communicating with clients and learn to do smart-work. These efforts shall place you on the next level. The market is very competitive, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re new or old. What you bring to the table justifies, how much capable you are as a reliable service provider”. Venkata Siva Reddy.


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