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Googee Properties: The rising star of Real Estate Market

Googee Properties: The rising star of Real Estate Market

India is on the cusp of a massive urbanization. Touted to be one of the top three economic powers over the next 10-15 years from now, this diverse country is witnessing a rapid influx of people into the metropolitan cities and its peripherals to enjoy better opportunities and modern standard of living.

According to industry reports, people living in urban areas will increase from 462 million in 2018 to 600 million in
2030. And a mammoth 5 million homes per year need to be built from the current rate of 0.5 million per year to
accommodate this urban influx.

The real estate market is pegged at $1 trillion by 2030 owing to this huge demand.

Rising disposable incomes and game-changing government initiatives have egged non-urban folks on to embrace modern, smart living opportunities, thus triggering a massive migration tsunami.
This urban influx directly benefits the housing sector and results in a real estate boom. Housing sales volume picked up post 2011 and real estate enjoyed a purple patch then, with high-rises mushrooming in all major cities including Hyderabad.

The demand-supply gap was in place and properties in both premium and affordable range saw a robust appetite among buyers and suppliers and thus was born a new star in the horizon i.e. Googee properties Pvt Ltd.

Acknowledging this Gap, Googee properties entered the market and built a reliable Brand name, that executes any project with professional ethics and customer centric approach. As A real estate developer, they comply with safety, environment and legal requirements.

The MD and CEO of Googee properties, Mr Shaik Akbar, served with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, for over 12
years. Being in Service Industry, interacted with many people from various segments of society. He realized his
aspirations of having own enterprise, where he can offer opportunities to many professionals. His skills in sales and customer service led him to start a real estate company .He called upon many successful professionals across
industries to join him and thus born new star In Real estate market i.e M/S Googee properties Pvt ltd

He started voyage in this domain with only 2 acres of the property land. But now, the Company has ensured the
growth of around 400 acres of business land within three years of time frame. Once a team of only 2 to 3 employees has now expanded to more than 1500 business associates. The dream venture of the visionary Managing Director has successfully ensured employment to a great number of people. And still, he is striving to offer the opportunity to more people in need by making them financially independent. His humble efforts comprising the noble intentions of the betterment of the society are quite praiseworthy.

Googee Properties has earned a good reputation in the real estate market. In Hyderabad, it is an established brand name on which the clients rely for credible services. According to the Managing Director, only a few companies hire professional real-estate associates, and Googee Properties is one of those institutions. They only hire qualified professionals as business associates.

About 99% of the active workforce in the Institution is more than just a graduate. This policy has been implemented by the organization to deal with the clients in the most sophisticated way. The Company has spurred the market by offering a win-win situation to its client base. As the property sold by the Company gets 20-30% elevation in the prices within 6 months of the period, owing to the drive of urbanization.

Alongside this, Googee Properties also ensures to render the residential plots keeping the budget of their valued
clients into consideration. The plots offered by them are available for prices – as low as 7 lakhs to as high as to 1
crore. Such an exclusive range of the residential properties made the dream come true for the people with an
extremely low budget as well.

Mr. Shaik well- recognizes the implication of R&D in the development of a business venture. He asserts, it is the most important aspect to pay immense attention to. For any organization, the up-gradation of the business operations is crucial while keeping pace with the market trends, and this could only be achieved by acknowledging- client’s pulse and future opportunities.

He states that they are aspiring to expand their horizons by delving into the space of villas and apartments construction, as soon as the chaos created by COVID-19 pandemic gets sorted. For making this a huge success, R&D will serve as an impeccable tool in recognizing the need of the consumer base, and the latest trends in the domain.

Workforce serves as a backbone for any organization, and it is a must to ensure employees’ contentment. Mr. Shaik recognizes the fact that when an employee collaborates with an organization, he is focused on his individual growth.

The Company has offered each associate with a sense of contentment by rendering an enormous space to their
aspirations to expand. Each associate is satisfied with the earnings that are being obtained by him, after adjoining the Company. Alongside this, the Management ensures to share the future prospects of the organization with the
Workforce that serves as a key motivation. This process rings the bell with employees effectively, as a brighter future of the Organization will ensure a better future for those in association with it also.

The Company has a slogan- ‘Go Together and Grow Together’, that makes their agenda quite unambiguous regarding the insights on keeping synergy with the Workforce. Most of the times, Mr. Shaik inspires the team by proposing ‘the need for choosing our goals wisely and chasing them with honest hard work’. He has ensured to maintain transparency in business operations, which is the core value infused in the work culture of the Organization.

Googee Properties commenced a business venture naming ‘Googee Pharma city’ in December 2019. Within two
months of time frame, they effectively sold out 200 acres of property. For a business venture, which is just three years old, trading 200 acres of property within such a short time is a big achievement for sure. It has also bagged ‘Company of the year 2019’ award for its exemplary services in the real- estate domain.

Alongside this, Mr. Shaik has been bestowed by the ‘Top Performer of the year 2019-2020’ award for his noteworthy achievements. During the nationwide lockdown, the Management of the Company with its strenuous efforts ensured employment to more than 500 associates. These newcomers in return bestowed the Organization with an escalated number of clients that has improved the revenue of the Organization even in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The future for Googee Properties seems bright and promising. Sharing his aim for next year, Mr. Shaik declares that the Company is striving to be included in the top five realtors in the real- estate business. They are aspiring to enhance their presence in the respective domain of the two states -Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh, and
emerge out as a leading player in the real estate business. As a realtor, they are also planning to commence
business ventures wherever there is a scope of development.


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