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GreenPenn Outsourcing Business Advisory is an Outsourcing Consulting / Management Consulting company founded in 2015 in true entrepreneurial spirit.

GreenPenn is an exclusive partner for creating a 360-degree outsourcing solutions. They are the pioneers in India in identifying the best-suited contact center for clients’ deliveries. Domains being no barrier to them, GreenPenn has clients from Telecom, Finance, Banking, Human Resource, and Media. GreenPenn has a network of more than 5000 contact centers across the globe which are best-suited for qualitative delivery of multiple campaigns of Lead Generation, Appointment Management, Pre Sales funnel management and End to End sales of products and services. Their award winning tools and process give a seamless experience to their clients and contact centers.

GreenPenn demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and aimed to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

GreenPenn’s strength is in its diversity. Their companies are engaged in Sourcing projects for Contact Centers, ITeS Establishments and Software development organization. Their core competency is to provide consulting services to startup companies by doing Idea feasibility checks, project planning, project implementation, transitioning, operational structure designing, MIS designing, Management development programs, Internal business development programs.

GreenPenn’s core business values include integrity, transparency, entrepreneurship, accountability, collaboration, perseverance and caring.

With a portfolio of more than twenty off-shore clients looking to outsource their services, GreenPenn helps them grow and prosper. With an aim to always add value to the clients and a diverse portfolio, they stay always up to date with the latest needs of the market. Having the best technology partners in the world affiliated with they make sure that the solutions they offer are proprietary and custom-designed as per the clients’ requirements. They tend to give the clients a complete hand-holding right from the drawing board to the execution of the project.


Like every new start-up, they faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning. They had a very new and fresh concept in this field and it took a lot of time and hard work to get their name out and convince the clients that their approach and techniques work and yield better results.

Starting with one client at a time, they made sure that the focus was a hundred percent on that client’s requirements, and they delivered. This gave them the confidence to work with multiple clients at once, and now they have more than 78 satisfied clients onboard.

“The major lesson that I learnt from our struggling days is to give 110% and ensure to keep in mind the Vision and Mission of why the company was started.”~Mr. Uday Daljeet Singh Kang, Chief Marketing Officer | International Delivery Head at GreenPenn

The most difficult challenge that most entrepreneurs face is running the show themselves: they have to be the Chief of everything, and give 18-20 hours a day to make sure they deliver. Mr. Kang says, “Be prepared for rejections, but never lose hope and keep moving forward towards your vision.”

The company was founded on pragmatic and genuine principles. To be successful, they believed, they must deeply understand each client as an individual, and must have the expertise to meet all the requirements of the clients. They ensure that these principles are followed with all their clients, and this has been one of the major reasons for their success.

They have the best panel of CTOs and technology partners that are evolving at a very rapid rate. It allows them to be up to date with the latest technology which can be integrated with their existing processes and can help yield better results.


There is no book or manual that can be used to become a successful entrepreneur, but there are a couple of things that need to be kept in mind, Mr. Kang explains.

Networking: It is one of the major essentials required to become a successful entrepreneur. Networking with like-minded people or with people who are tenured or experienced in the same field as yours will give you a lot

of information which you require to get the ball rolling for yourself or to help you mitigate the risks involved.

Managing Money : If you cannot manage your money, there is a very less chance of you managing a business. It is simple as that. You should know where your money goes every month, hence budgeting is the key.

Hiring the correct people: As an entrepreneur giving control of any aspect to another person can be challenging, as new entrepreneurs tend to be control freaks. But having an effective and experienced staff will give you access to new strengths and take most of the burden off your shoulders, which will help you focus on what you should be doing, which is thinking and implementing the next steps and strategies for your company.

Adapting to new trends and technologies: As technology is evolving at a very rapid rate, you being an entrepreneur should be up to date with the latest technologies so that you remain a step ahead of your peers and competitors.

Research and development is one of the most important aspects of GreenPenn. Without the strategies designed by the company, and without their successful implementation and results, it would be impossible for GreenPenn to implement the strategies for our clients. R&D is thus the major aspect of the company in order to develop new strategies and products to stay ahead in the race in this competitive marketplace.


The company as a whole has ingrained values and vision to stay true to their goals and continue on their path to success. Some of these are:

Integrity: They are honest, ethical and treat others with fairness, dignity and respect.

Transparency: They are clear about our intentions and communicate openly.

Collaboration: They work together, share ideas and recognize the contribution of others.

Caring: They care about their customers, their employees and their families, their communities and the environment.

Accountability: They make good decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, are responsible for their own actions and deliver on their commitments.

Entrepreneurship: They are creative, innovative and take a measured approach to opportunities, balanced with a long-term perspective.

Perseverance: They persevere in the face of adversity with courage, a positive attitude and a fierce determination to succeed.

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