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Hesol Consulting

Hesol Consulting

Logistics & Supply Chain Consultants of the Year 2020

Hesol revolutionizes Supply Chains through ‘Out of the Box’ Supply Chain Solutions that yield ROI within 6 Months

In this new era, where customers call the final shot, Organization with the best Supply Chain wins and holds a competitive edge in the market. In the past decades, the focus on manufacturing slowly and steadily shifted towards the Big Picture – the Supply Chain. Post Covid-19, Supply Chain strongly cemented its strategic and operational importance in global organizations. As we stand today – agile, reliable, and swift Supply Chain is the crucial point of discussion in most of the board rooms.

Hesol Consulting’s mission is to be the most reliable supply chain service provider in driving Supply Chain Transformation and Supply Chain Optimization. The Company is the pioneer in enabling a lean consulting workflow in the consulting arena, thereby offering Industry best solutions at a very quick turnaround.

The Award
Hesol Consulting is awarded the ‘Most Prestigious Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants of the Year 2020’.

This recognition is truly deserved for its pioneering supply chain solutions in diverse supply chains namely – Agri products, organic foods, milk, coconut & superfoods, water and so on. Another feather on its cap is the ‘Supply chain and Logistics Framework for Post Covid19 Transformation’ that benefited many organizations to embrace growth and profitability at these tough times. They also work across other sectors like Automotive, FMCG, Pharma, Textile, Retail, and E-Commerce. Hesol also achieved this recognition via its customer experience framework, with which, it provides best-in-class service to the adored clients.

About Hesol Consulting
Hesol Consulting, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a private limited company that provides end-to-end services on Supply Chain Strategy, Simulation, Solution Design, and Implementation across 15+ sectors. It has successfully delivered more than 400+ supply- chain programs across 25+ countries. The Company has already delivered 10+ Million USD in Value Prop. for its clients in 2020. You can read more about Hesol at

Competitive Edge
Though Hesol has the capability on most key supply chain technologies and software, it neither sells any product (software/tech/automation) nor ties-up with any product; thereby there is no pressure on them to justify or be limited by a product.  This enables Hesol to completely focus on the solution that can provide a great ROI to the clients. This approach also helps them to work across MNCs, SMEs and start-ups. Hesol is the first consulting firm to introduce a measure called ‘ROC’ (Return on Consulting). Using this measure, Hesol showcases how its consulting efforts break-even well before the implementation itself.

Supply Chain and Logistics solutions of Hesol help organizations achieve a strategic position of vantage in the current competitive business environment and there-by achieve a sustainable competitive edge over their peers. Over past years, they have built an organization, process framework & workforce uniquely equipped to provide reliable and effective solutions to complex Supply Chain and Logistics business requirements.

Hesol’s USP also lies on ‘Home Grown Tools’ developed by Hesol Consultants for solving business cases on Network Optimization, Warehouse Optimization, Storage Efficiency, Should Costing and Inventory Optimization. The benefits of these tools over the off-the-shelf software are flexibility, no restriction on the iterations and the cost of a run is much budget-friendly. Hesol also builds from scratch most of the out-of-the-box solutions like sortation systems, conveyors, PLC programmed automation, PTL systems, IoT SC Devices, and other automation. This solves one of the crucial requirements of Customized Solutions rather than trying to fit and adjust what is readily available in the market.

Operations at Hesol Consulting
Even before Covid-19, Hesol worked on a virtual work environment. They do have a co-working office arrangement across 18+ cities that is used during onsite. Years before itself, Hesol has set an environment that is paperless, digital, and data secure. By 2016, Hesol became fully transformed Digital Organization where virtual collaboration happens seamlessly. The Company is also light in terms of the fixed workforce – only the solutions designing consultants are in the roles and rest of all the skill sets can be driven through an SOP on part- that time. This enables Hesol to provide the best ROI for its clients without any dip on the quality of deliverables.

Supply Chain Community
Hesol is the only consulting firm that contributes more than 30% of its bandwidth on teaching and mentoring. They run a supply chain educational portal focussed on students. Through their portal ‘Supply Chain Way’ (, they coach on supply chain basics and also supports thousands of people to shape up their supply chain career.

Founding Directors & Consultants
Alvis Lazarus is a ‘Seasoned Supply Chain Consultant’ with 2 decades of hands-on experience in building “Reliable & Scalable logistics and supply chain solutions” that enable growth and enhance profitability of an organization. He is specialized in devising national and international level supply chain strategies, solutions design and spearheading supply- chain implementations. He has handled ‘All India Operations’ at 3M, Flipkart and Commonfloor and served in a Global Consultant Role with Caterpillar. He is a certified Lean & Six Sigma MBB and Champion – coached more than 500+ Lean and Six Sigma Green belts and Black Belts. Moreover, he has global exposure on handling operations and leading Supply-chain, Warehousing & Logistics Projects across EMEA, APAC & AMERICAN regions.

Hemalatha Thanukonda is a global mentor for women entrepreneurs and strongly believes in women empowerment and entrepreneurship. She also co-founded an e-Commerce venture – a rural retail startup. Currently, she is mentoring a herbal product firm to enhance their online-offline presence, fundraising fronts and coaching few other start-ups as well. She worked as a supply chain consultant in Caterpillar Logistics, Neovia Logistics and MaFoi Analytics serving clients across the US, Europe and APAC regions. The dynamo specializes in Vendor Management, Analytics and Digital Transformations.


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