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iAssureIT: Assuring Success across all Verticals

Globally, markets are changing at a faster pace than ever before. Mobile penetration in India is growing at amazingly fast pace. The ever increasing use of smart phones and reducing data costs in India are making it possible for all businesses to reach every user’s pocket in the form of mobile apps, responsive websites, progressive web apps, social media, etc.

Let’s get to know more

iAssureIT is well known as one of the most innovative IT solutions provider & offers various solutions under Application Development Services (ADS) and Application Maintenance Services (AMS). Company has gained strong expertise in developing Enterprise grade large scale Web & Mobiles Apps using advanced and modern technologies.

“Under the eCommerce solutions section of the iAssureIT, we have developed indigenous eCommerce platform called as AutoPilot for a single owner online shop and a multi-vendor marketplace. These are highly scalable, high performance and easily customizable solutions have greatly satisfied and added happy users in our achievement list,” says the founder, Naik. Company has developed both types of online stores under their ownership nursery world and igardens and also the solutions can be used to develop the client’s online stores.

Company’s Research & Development wing has a brand name of iAssure Research Lab (IRL). The sole objective of this wing is Research, Innovation and Ideation of unique, large scale IT systems useful for the benefit of the country, society or whole of mankind. IRL is relatively nascent but contributing strongly to the brand building and tremendous innovations in iAssureIT. Company is highly committed in investing into Research & Development to bring out innovative IT products into markets as well as feasibility study of large scale IT system.

iAssureIT has over 50 software engineers graduated in Computer Science engineering or IT engineering, having experience up to 20 years in IT industry. Every single employee is a fullstack developer, which means developer has equal expertise in front end (UI/UX) technologies (like ReactJS), backend programming languages (like MeteorJS/NodeJS) and database (MongoDB). This is a special achievement of the company of having 100% full-stack profile as every employee in iAssureIT is capable of producing the work of three individual developers, expert in three independent areas.

“With the combined experience of more than 300 person years, we have developed a customer-intimate approach of IT development. Our relentless attention to details results in technology solutions that meet our customers’ needs precisely and distinguish iAssureIT in the market,” asserts Naik. With an experienced culture that drives extremely high customer and employee satisfaction, iAssureIT is able to provide exceptional thought leadership, quality support, and effective solutions that yield tangible, verifiable client benefits, including, lower cost of ownership, maximum ROI, etc.

Clientele on Wheels

“In order to win the heart of clients, we do more than just a business. Trust of our client is a by-product of our commitment to quality and excellence,” believes Mr AshishNaik.

The clientele of iAssureIT is global in nature. With the modern technology skillset, the team has developed several promising B2C as well as enterprise level apps such as; the large scale Learning Management System Platform for Sanjay Ghodawat University,Sourcing Management System for Cahors – the French Multi-National Manufacturing Group, the AssureID App (a massive national level initiative for professional background verification), – a powerful local search engine with Social Media flavour, BCI app (Better Cotton Initiative, United Nations, Geneva), Pamtap (a large scale daily subscription vendor-customer relationship app), Rotarian’s Referral Network (RRN) and many others.

They are focusing on the special ability of developing the massive scale yet ultra-secured hack-proof apps that would distinguish them from the rest of market. For this, they will continue using React-Native technology with the help of block-chain and hyper ledger technologies that would bring the unparalleled security comparable to those of crypto currencies.

With this innovative and first-of-its-kind technical architecture, iAssureIT is launching world’s some of the largest web and mobile apps such as Swiss Merchant Banking – the international level portal for merchant bankers, EnergyPower – the largest global portal for power generation industry professionals and companies, national level app for Real Estate agents and the most importantly, our own innovation of war-room based digital monitoring and tracking of municipal governance system. This system would be developed in collaboration with ISRO and would consume the satellite based civilian geographical information.

iAssureIT is working hard on making a strong name in the world of technology Innovation. Time and burning-desire is required to make the ever lasting impression which in turn will help the company to be one of the premium-IT-companies in India.

“We believe that the Quality is the Best Business Plan and therefore have ensured that our development process goes through the comprehensive Defect Prevention plan which has multi-layered quality check-posts at various levels during the lifecycle of software development. The end result is truly a world-class quality that aims at absolute zero defect when it goes in the hands of client,” says the MD & CEO, Ashish Naik.

Winning laurels

iAssure International Technologies Pvt Ltd established in 2015 in last 3+ years, company has acquired substantial expertise into the advanced and modern technology skill set of NodeJS, MeteorJS, ReactJS, React Native and  MongoDB. Company has developed over 90 projects using these technologies.

Company has its own innovation arm called as iAssure Research Lab, which relentlessly produces innovations, IPRs and Patents. Some of the notable innovations and IPRs are as follows.

iAssureIT has developed its own Application Development Platform called as FastTrack which ensures a rapid development of the application, with blazing-fast performance, realtime data features and jaw-dropping savings of upto 40% in development cost of the application. Due to this wonderful innovation, iAssureIT is fetching lots of new project deals and helping the revenue growth.

Another innovation of the company was the indigenously developed eCommerce platform called as AutoPilot, for multi-vendor market place and single owner shop. The platform is capable of developing web version of online store, cross platform mobile app and Native mobile app, all in one. This platform has already developed few sites and now ready for commercial launch for the whole world.

The biggest innovation was in the form of innovation in the field of Energy and Power in collaboration with one startup viz. EnergyPower. The IPR called as AutoSetting Hybrid EnergyPower Technology. This is Patent is under processing. This would have a giant IT application at a global scale and catering the services to thousands of industries. The sole objective of the EnergyPowerapplication is to enhance the Power output, reduce the Energy consumption and reduce the breakdown downtime by 75% using rapid response as well as preventive maintenance to all industries.

Beside these innovations, iAssureIT has developed several micro-innovations such as User Management, Notification Management, Preference Settings, Franchise or SaaS model architecture, Invoice Module, user friendly Reporting System and many more. All these micro-innovations help in making the system robust and flexible.

Based on the innovations that company has generated in last 3 years and company’s unique expertise into modern technology skill sets, international level prestigious magazine CIO Review India has put iAssureIT on the top spot of “India’s Top 10 Most Promising IT Company” in the September 2018 edition of CIO Review magazine.iAssureIT has also won the precious award of “The Most Innovative Start-up IT Company of the year 2018” from Asia Africa Development Council.

Globalisation on the List

“We are aspire to become one of the most innovative and premium IT organizations in the world,’ explains Mr AshishNaik. In order to become a truly global brand, company is coming out of its comfort zone of Pune location and opening its branches in 6 major cities within India. Moreover, iAssureIT is going internationally and opening their centres in 6 more countries such as USA, UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia. They have already identified office locations and channel partners in all these 14 locations.

To make their brand a more valuable IT brand, the company is strengthening the IT services capabilities with product offerings and the power of iAssure Research Lab that produces innovation, IPR and patents. The IPR should be their identity and should aspire to be India’s largest IPR generating company.

Company is investing significantly into Digital Marketing for Brand awareness and lead generation. Moreover, company is going to participate into various technical IT related Conferences in the countries where we are planning to begin our business.

Research giving wings to success

Innovation is the backbone of the company and it doesn’t happen accidently. Company takes all possible measures to bring innovation in every project that we do. This is happening via a specialized wing of the company called as iAssure Research Lab, which does a comprehensive research on various possible solutions to a given problem statement.

iAssure Research Lab’s sole objective is to do a detailed brainstorming, survey, analysis & research to publish a high-quality research report for any problem that is significant for a nation or society. The research report should recommend various possible Technical and non-technical solutions and will form the basis for next innovative IT product or solution in the company.

This Research & Development is playing a vital role in the growth of the company, as the new projects and clients that company is acquiring are due to the wonderful innovation that we have done so far. The foremost innovation is our FastTrackApplication Development Platform that uses the array of reusable components smartly interlaced together to ensure a rapid development, saves 40% of time and cost as compared with the average market time & cost for the same project size.

Another big innovation was the indigenously developed eCommerce engine called as AutoPilot for multi-vendor market place. This is highly customizable, scalable and blazing-fast performance online store that works magically on several fronts to enhance the unique user experience and leaves wow-effect. This innovation has created couple of beautiful online shops like and It is ready to knock the commercial launch soon.

Pedalling Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

The short term goals of the company are to ensure that company’s revenue grows from current 2 to 100 crore per annum. In 2019, company is planning to start 6 domestic offices and 6 international offices with registration of the company in those countries.

iAssureIT is going to launch its new innovative products SRES – Smart Real Estate System, Energy Power–global portal for power industry, Uber Merchant Banking System, etc.

Company is also launching a very ambitious project of igardens, which is a multi-vendor marketplace with amazing value addition and selling the Smart ready balcony gardens in a single click. The gardens will be available in international flavors like Italian gardens, Spanish gardens, American, Japanese, Chinese and British gardens. These gardens will have screamingly-wow designs with exotic plants, designer pots & planters, sculptures & murals, furniture like coffee table or swing chair, etc. The idea will be a mega hit and become a significant milestone in the history of company.

The long term goal of the company is to become not only India’s but the world’s biggest IT powerhouse and should be known as the most innovative and premium IT company. iAssureIT as its name suggests would be truly an international brand which will have its branches in almost all possible countries where IT demand exists.

In the coming New Year 2019, iAssureIT is planning for global expansion. However the whole process will be fully organic expansion using internal accruals. Company’s immediate target will be to open 6 new branches in India and 6 international branches in USA, UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore & Australia.

Each of the new location would contribute minimum Rs. 1 Crore in the first year of establishment. This can happen via the own sales team of iAssureIT or a channel partner from local market. This new expansion should take the company from current level of 2 Crore revenue to 33 Crore level per annum by 2020. In the same way, company has plans to reach Rs 100 Crore level by 2022 by further enhancing our IT Services and products offerings as well as geographic mix to acquire new clients.


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