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Reinforcing a guarding shield for your treasured data

By Mehak Malhotra

The rise in technology and digital lifestyle has been outgrowing invincibly. People are exhilarated by a modernized approach to living, getting their hands on any information in just a click, connecting to dear ones with ease. While it may seem attractive to many, there are always hidden deceptions of every engaging thing. Technology was invented to facilitate society, however, some take it otherwise and make misuse its advantages. Cybercrime tops this list.

It is one of the most rapidly increasing crimes in India. There are online predators, bullies, data thieves, security breaches, hacking, etc. violating norms and threatening the masses. It is our responsibility to take such concerns into serious consideration before it gets too late. To eliminate such an unfortunate series of events, Indian Cyber Security Solutions have taken significant steps. In this edition, we are going to take a glance at their remarkable work.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an organization aiding technology-based risk management and cybersecurity solutions across the globe. It is a unit of GreenFellow IT Security Solutions Pvt Ltd thriving to deliver optimum cybersecurity solutions to government and private enterprises all over the world. The company has served over 200 clients with its diligence and efforts. Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims at providing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services making cybersecurity convenient for every organization. Their motive is to provide a shield against every illegitimate cyber activity

The organization is inclined towards providing a profusion of services related to cybersecurity. Penetration testing, HIPPA, GDPRO, ISO27 2001 are certainly a few to name. The reports provided after the audit helps in certifying a firm for particular compliance. The auditing department precisely uses penetration testing, web penetration testing, Android, and IOS testing. ICSS also provides an extensive range of other services like Red Teaming and Security Operations Center, centralizing cybersecurity prospects.

SAVE (Secured Artificial Intelligence Based Vulnerability Assessment Tool For Enterprise) and MARGDARSHAK and the two finest components of the company. SAVE works as a 360-degree approach to companies and enterprises. It supports in scrutinizing the threats and provide relevant suggestions whereas MARGDARSHAK is an initiative to detect phishing pages and sites.

Technology and R&D always run parallel. They are the backbone of all the organizations to effectively sustain in the long run. Taking into consideration the rise of ICSS, research and development have played a vital role. The marketing department also contributed to the growth of the company but R&D was incessant throughout the journey.

While in a business, the market is incessantly changing, and to sustain in a long run, adapting as per market trends holds the utmost importance. Keeping up with the technological advancements is imperative for any business to lead the path of success. The CEO and Founder, Abhishek Mitra firmly believes that young minds attract more positivity and enhanced work efficiency. The company always looks forward to hiring aspiring youth. Experience is pertinent but sustaining a balance between young and experienced minds is fairly important.

Apart from the services and work profile of the company, what holds the foremost importance is the added exclusionary measures taken by the company. These are hidden yet the most valuable propositions that succour an organization to stand tall among its peers in the industry. Enlightenment to some of them is catalogued as :

  • The Indian Cyber Security Solutions team refunds 70% of the total amount charged as a fee in unprecedented scenarios where the third party finds loopholes. An immediate response is provided to ensure top-grade quality service.
  • A systematic NDA is signed between the client and company enabling the clients to have an upper hand. It helps in keeping the security and privacy of the data between the firms in check.
  • The company categorizes its services in 3 phases. In this initial phase, VA is carried out followed by PT in the second phase. Accordingly, a report is prepared and a meeting is conducted between technical teams and representatives of the firm and the Indian Cyber Security Solutions team. Considering the shortcomings, preventive measures are implemented. The team effectuates another round of testing to analyze the errors observed in the second round. This is regulated without charging a penny. This concludes in higher customer satisfaction and building a relationship of faith and loyalty.
  • The firm invites its clients to national meetups and gift exciting goodies to safeguard a healthy bond.

Ensuring vigorous strategic planning is unavoidable to escalate the efficiency of a business. Reviewing meetings, accomplishing individual goals, examining customer reviews, and taking functional measures to overcome them is salient. At Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the team takes proper care to carry a methodical plan of action. They organize weekly meetings to maintain a sync between different departments. Nourishing a balance between the employees of all departments is essential. It culminates in a smooth flow of work within the premises. A content and pleasant employee works to the best of his knowledge, thereby bringing fruitful outcomes for the company. The company leaves no stone unturned to render that atmosphere.

With the earnest hard work of the entire team, the company has been accoladed with enormous recognition. Some of the prestigious awards acquired by Indian Cyber Security Solutions are enlisted ahead :

  • In the education sector, Indian Cyber Security Solutions Academy has been ranked NO. 2 in the top 20 cybersecurity training company by Silicon India.
  • The illustrious firm has been honoured as the second-best cybersecurity solutions provider by Silicon India.
  • The CEO of India Cyber Security Solutions, Abhishek Mitra was invited as a spokesperson on a multitude of national and international news channels like NEWS18 Hindi, AAJTAK to share his views on Cybercrime, and Cybersecurity.

Abhishek and his enthusiastic teammates flourish to continue the good work and accomplish more for the company with each passing day.

In the near future, the organization aspires to move from the B-B prospect to the B-C prospects in the service sector with an aim to foster products with higher credibility to the customers. Over and above that, the team also has an eye to provide superior services with assistance from the government to deliver futuristic products
to the clients.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions also shares few words of wisdom with the readers and budding entrepreneurs of the magazine. “The journey needs to be cherished and failures need to be accepted. An entrepreneur is a person who can come back and set up a benchmarking result. The failures help in crossing new hurdles with a higher enthusiasm”, quotes The CEO of Indian Cyber Security Solutions, Abhishek Mitra. He further states that a person needs to be strong and determined towards his dreams. One should learn to embrace every milestone that comes in the way and the art to master it positively.


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