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Written by- Indranil Roy

“Whether it’s building a better business or going to war, you win through best logistics practices”.

Every enterprise whose business requires the movement and management of goods needs a holistic logistics partner. While on the surface, logistics is considered to be about storing and transportation of products, deep inside – it’s much diverse. A logistics partner liaisons and negotiates, with all the stakeholders (suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers), while complying with all the statutory compliances to ensure co-ordination and optimization of the entire business cycle. In Supply chain management, logistics is responsible, for end-to-end optimization within the organisation as well as working with counterparts. It helps to develop the edge and profit of a company while constructing a valuable network within the supply chain including the end user.

With time, Logistics solutions like everything else has confronted changes. Emerging innovations, new brands, customer preferences and adaptive business models have created a cutthroat market; and finding a trustworthy brand is becoming a hardcore challenge. But, Inext Logistics is a one-step-solution for all these impediments. Thanks to a robust network of 600+ partners spread across eminent nations, the Company guarantees qualified movement of goods in all routes – air, water and land.

Headquartered in the capital of India, Inext is an AEO certified logistics partner with categorised services into Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Warehouse Service and Custom Brokerage. The Categorised solutions foster trust and help in scaling the quality customers sought. It has a Pan-India presence spread across 13 states and is a port of call for Custom brokerage (Pan India), Freight Forwarding- Air & Sea, Consolidation Services, Warehousing & Distribution Packing & Insurance, Regulatory & DGFT & Supply Chain Consultancy Express Courier, House Hold Shifting, Exhibition, handling Project cargo and Transportation.

“PASSION DELIVERED”, is the keystone of every solution at Inext. It guides the Company’s mission to offer flexible solutions built with foremost innovations, tailored to stakeholders, and have a knack for societal development. The keystone also advocates its vision to be the preferred Indian MNC in the global supply chain with a 1000 crore landmark by 2025. Inext is a proud part of WCA, CPN, GIAA, FNC and FIATA, MTO Network, with a presence in nearly every country. It has a dedicated CRM team made for customers who upholds the overall flexibility and transparency. The end-to-end communication helps in understanding client concerns and foster product development.

“A great leader never does the conspicuous or follow, instead he learns and shapes his own passion”. And the same is imprinted in Amardeep Singh Khurana (CMD) Inext. As a visionary, Mr Khurana identified the prolific scopes in the changing supply chain domain and believed in delivering solutions that show passion. “There is a lot of scope for logistics service providers who can offer quality services with flexibility and commitment”, he says. With this thought, he laid the founding stone of Inext to provide solutions having adaptability and dedication. His idea to deliver passion eventually became its principle coining its tagline “PASSION DELIVERED”.

Under his aegis, Inext hasn’t just achieved new heights, it has built a growing ecosystem for its people. His passion and zeal extend to his fellow leaders and employees, and the cohesiveness strengthens its operations. The Company invests considerable resources in coaching its people, turning them into high-performing professionals. Its culture is more focused on assisting than controlling with respect to individual responsibilities. The subversive approach amalgamated with considerable experience in freight, warehousing & distribution services, helps in advising on industry insights, negotiate risks and proactive measures in changing scenarios. The combined focus is to provide the most innovative, competitive and effective logistics and supply chain solutions with an eye for product development.

As mentioned before, logistics is constantly encountering changes. And to thrive, R&D is indispensable. Inext believes and works towards surpassing its competitors. It constantly confers new practices, welcomes new technology to create effective solutions. Digitization is the name of the game! Modern logistics systems are bundled with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Sensors, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with cloud computing. So how can Inext stay back in this race? The Company has boarded all the competencies, starting from:

  • Shipment Tracking Systems – Enables clients to track consignments 24×7
  • Enhanced GPS Accuracy – To track truck locations with updated traffic data
  • Social Media Platforms – Optimize efficiency by transferring information and building better communication with clients
  • Logistics Technology – To address the fast turnaround times, and safety challenges. The trucks and other freight carrying vehicles consists of features like lane assist and backup cameras, to ensure safe deliveries.

A plausible example of its R&D and technology integration is its ERP platform. The platform enables clients to check the real-time status of their consignments; and process orders online as well. “The platform enables the suitable transfer of information on the click of a button”, acclaims Mr Khurana. The platform can be accessed via website or as an app.

It’s not an epiphany that the collaboration of everyone on board is the reason behind Inext’s global footprint. And to ensure their integrity, Inext gives abundant opportunities for growth with responsibilities on diverse aspects. Employees are encouraged for higher education and nurtured with skill-based training programs to upscale overall excellence. Also, they find well-defined salary and incentive structure, and top performers are rewarded with much more than their annual salary packages. “Our motto is – work more and earn more”, shares Mr Khurana. The positivity creates a cheerful ambience and people work as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

Mr Khurana also states, “Everyone here works very hard and party harder”.

The Collaboration gave a major upper hand during the pandemic. While constantly struggling with the lockdown, it stayed to commitments and deployed its team to fulfil the supply chain requirements. Through a flexible and cost-effective manner, it partnered with customers to understand their concerns and devise solutions & strategies to keep the wheels in motion.

Whether it’s International or within the country, Inext has done a sterling job. Its excellence and real-time solutions are awarded, by its top 5 clients. Throughout its time, it has covered all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain, with backward integration right from packaging solution to end customer delivery. Its propensity for untouched client satisfaction has made its venture into e-commerce and International express courier. It has also concluded the transfer and storage of critical goods that further makes it improve infrastructure and transportation.

“Set your goals and work hard – you will surely reach your destination. Conceive, Believe & Achieve is my mantra”Amardeep Singh Khurana.


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