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Ingenia Tech


The startup industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Technology startups have redefined the expectations from home automation and made it more affordable for the consumers. By now, there are way too many companies and even more options available for the customers. The competition for the companies has grown ten-fold, bringing in affordable prices for the consumers. The market has really grown from the southern posh parts of cities to Tier II towns, giving food for survival for every kind of service provider. In this flourishing industry, Ingenia Tech is making its own mark by providing the best-customized services to their clients.

Company Overview

Ingenia Tech is a Design, Engineering and Project management firm in the arena of Automation, Audio and Lighting Solutions.

They operate in the field of extra-low voltage systems (ELV). They provide automation in wired as well as wireless protocols as per the requirement of the customer. The company’s focus is centered on aesthetics as well as usability.

Ingenia Tech takes care of the tech interior needs providing solutions to suit customer requirements. They are distributors, dealers and system integrators for a range of technological pioneers in the industry. Providing turnkey solutions for technological needs with all types of customization is the company’s forte.

In Audio, they deal in various brands, from among the brands listed as Top-10 audio brands in the world. Lighting is where they come in the inception of the design for a project in coordination with the interior designer/architect. As a company, Ingenia Tech values the art of the designer and uses the appropriate lighting being creative as well as practical.

They choose their products with giving the user experience the utmost priority.

Their service and in-depth know-how of the industry and their products is the strength of Ingenia Tech. They work hard to train their human resources and ensure the best in market service to their esteemed clients. The company firmly believes in the age-old motto of “customer is always right” and integrates it into the services they provide to their clients.

 Their Story

Venturing into a new field is never easy. It comes with its own challenges and roadblocks. The early years after the inception of Ingenia Tech were extremely tough as it was a task to convince people to come to the experience center for a demo, leave apart bagging a deal which seemed too wishful. Home automation seemed a luxury to many, and very few really understood the importance of automation or a good high-end audio system. In fact, Ingenia Tech was hardly crossing the bridge the first two years. But with a firm belief in their idea and clarity of the path they wanted to tread, they broke through and are now succeeding against all odds.

A company is as good as its employees and they are the ones who form a company. An unhappy employee means numerous unhappy clients. The partners at Ingenia Tech, Mr. Abhinav Jajodia and Mr. Rohan Agarwal, are absolutely on the same page when it’s about the welfare of the employees and take a special interest in work-life balance for their various technicians and staff, ensuring they get their much-needed breaks and the company isn’t over-utilizing the resources.

They ensure to send their team for training in every quarter in order for them to update themselves with the latest that is happening in the field of technology. Today technology is so dynamic that it is inconceivable to ignore the changes. Not keeping pace with it will see a business going down much sooner than later. Ingenia Tech holds regular seminars with eminent experts in various fields keeping themselves abreast with the technological changes. It also gives them a deep understanding of the needs of the buyers. As a team, they are always brainstorming new ideas and coming up with better solutions for their clients by adding more products and strategizing as per the changing market demands. One of the most important tools for Ingenia is the feedback they receive from their customers. They welcome the feedback and are open to listening to their opinions and suggestions on their services and products. For them, it helps improvise on their dealings and fine-tune their services.

R&D is the backbone of any tech company. The stronger and more dedicated your research, the more successful you will be. The customer is always looking out for improvised and latest products and in order to provide them the best, ongoing research is essential. Ingenia Tech, therefore, is dedicated to research and development of their services and products.

“We treat every project with the same vigor and enthusiasm as if it’s our first and yes, happy customers are equivalent to happy us, has been our ethos from the very beginning. We would never be able to make our clients swear by us if we didn’t believe in ourselves and our products.”

When they started off, the few targets they had, they failed at achieving. However, as they chalked out a long-term goal, they progressed rapidly, and currently are going quite strong. The company is on the right path, with the number of clients increasing at a pace which was quite unexpected in the beginning. They are headquartered in East India, Kolkata, and get work from other zones of the country like Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, and many other Tier-II cities not in the eastern part of India.

Forging Ahead

From Individual homes, single families, small apartments to bungalows, offices, and builders, Ingenia Tech provides services to all kinds of clients and customers all across the country.

Transparency in their dealings and services par excellence has been the thread which holds the clients and makes them believe in Ingenia Tech. Being a service industry in the field of technology, which is ever-evolving and changing, they keep upgrading themselves and their products, so that they can give best possible solutions to their customers, incorporating their requirements and budget and providing them with automation services which in turn simplify their lives making their homes more comfortable and enjoyable.

In terms of their market, for Ingenia Tech, knowledge is power. Entrepreneurs can only survive in the business if they have in-depth knowledge of the solutions that can be provided to the client. As such, they only have customized designs and every client gets their own requirements fulfilled.

As per the growing trend of building even fancier houses, the demand for good home automation, lighting design and a good audio solution is going to increase. With IoT in the picture, soon a lot of solutions might just turn into necessities.

Ingenia Tech has thus a bright future filled with opportunities in its way to further success.

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