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Reliable business partner for global Supply Chains in Life Sciences sector Key Intermediates, Registered Starting Materials, & Active ingredients

The Pharma market consisting of pharmaceutical supply chains is a complex network of companies in various fields from of drug discovery, drug development, administrative processes, up to manufacturing, processing of drugs, and finally distribution.

There are substantial changes in the international pharmaceutical industry as well as significant movements in the global pharma market. Growth in manufacturing, processing of drugs is expected slowdown in developed markets, as emerging markets will become increasingly relevant over the next decade. Together with the growing demand linked with population growth and welfare the Indian pharmaceutical industry will be seen spearheading growth in these markets.

The world is on its knees in the present scenario, with the Coronavirus pandemic disastrously hitting the world. There is now a pressing need to shift the global dependencies in Chemical Products away from China. There is a shortage of trustworthy, reliable chemical manufacturing companies in this vocation. To be part of the solution it is essential to have world-class business processes, technological skills, and the capacity to create reliable supply chains for multinational customers.

A McKinsey & Company report indicates that by 2020, the Indian pharmaceutical market will rise to USD 55 billion, powered by a steady increase in affordability and a step up in market access. This market would be equivalent to all established markets other than the US, Japan, and China on the estimated scale. The level of penetration would be even more remarkable. India will be at the top in terms of volumes, a close second only to the United States’ market. This combination of importance and work presents exciting possibilities for enhancing the standards of therapy and care in India.

The pharmaceutical industry is now seen to be not only critical for the well-being of a human being, but also for the economy as a whole.

Luckily, India is anchoring its role to capitalize on this wave by developing a reasonable ability to create the needed state of the art chemical manufacturing capacities in companies such as Inventys. These Companies will allow take advantage of the global wave of moving chemical manufacturing from China to India. Also, the growing Indian market for pharmaceuticals has features that make it unique. Branded generics are dominant, representing 70-80% of the retail market. Second, local players have enjoyed a dominant role powered by the capacity to establish formulations and early investments. Thirdly, price levels, powered by intense competition, are inadequate. Though India is ranked tenth in terms of global value, it is ranked third in volumes. These features raise opportunities and challenges of their own.

Inventys is an Indian research-driven chemical manufacturing company with over four decades of proven expertise in Research, Process development scale-up and manufacturing of fine chemicals as well as Active ingredients for pharmaceutical, agrochemical or specialty chemical applications. The Company is certified by WHO-GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Inventys Management is committed to be a valuable contributor in the supply chain of high value pharmaceutical and other life science intermediates. More than 75% of sales are currently being generated from mature markets such as Western Europe, the United States of America, and Japan. It includes a significant amount from assignments in Custom Manufacturing. Inventys has an established excellent track record of providing its clients with world class results based on the emphasis that advanced technology assures innovative, cost-effective, and secure solutions. Inventys was formed from the ground up with minimal capital through innovative and entrepreneurial management across two generations of technocrats from the same family.

The Multi Group was the backbone of this development supporting the first steps. This experience has been rooted in it to use resources wisely and frugally and to follow good business practices. It has helped to grow Research Company Pvt. Ltd. to the level of a world-class player in the fine chemical’s world.

Research is the cornerstone of Inventys business philosophy. Over the last four years – Inventys has invested in R&D – more than its yearly revenue! Inventys is now recognized as an innovation driver for chemical manufacturing of speciality chemicals, advanced intermediates, KSMs (Registered Starting Materials), and actives for the pharmaceutical, agro, and electronic chemical industry sector. Acetonitrile technology of Inventys is an example of cutting-edge research. Inventys uses a completely green route of synthesis for Acetonitrile – an important molecule in pharmaceutical processes as well as in analytical chemistry. The only byproduct in this process is water – making this technology a more sustainable way of synthesizing Acetonitrile. Inventys’ Acetonitrile has been approved in India by more than 50 pharmaceutical companies as well as other companies.

Over the last two years, more than 15 new products have been developed from the lab bench up to commercial production for the market. Today almost 30 products are now in development stage laboratory scale and are expected to commercialize in the next few years.

Growing a product from the laboratory up to a thousand MTs level is a complex challenge. It is one of Inventys’ key strengths.

Inventys can start from the name of the molecule (and CAS number), devise a safe and efficient laboratory process for the first few grams, scale it up to the next level the kilo scale, and finally to the MTs scale production using a process that will be easier to manufacture with, will be inherently safer to operate, and also reduce effluents and waste. Based on the requirements for particularly complex processes Inventys may also build a dedicated Pilot Plant facility. Such a facility is used to further optimize and perfect the manufacturing process as well as to develop detail engineering design for commercial production with better accuracy. Inventys has successfully executed multiple such CDMO assignments for European, Japanese, and American MNCs. Companies including Sanofi Aventis (France), Pfizer (USA), and Merck (Germany) have approved various Advanced Intermediates or RSMs (Registered Starting Materials) manufactured by Inventys.

The backbone for commercial production is Butibori site where Inventys has designed, built, and currently operates five automated multipurpose plants with 15 independent production lines. Inventys production blocks are mainly flexible multipurpose plants. They are designed to handle a wide range of technologies including continuous gas or liquid phase reactions, fixed bed continuous reactions, high-temperature catalytic reactions, high-pressure hydrogenation, and the whole bunch of chemical reactions like: cyanation, hydrogenation, esterification, cyclisation, bromination, and chlorination, nitrile synthesis, hydrolysis, oxidation, as well as organometallic reactions. Fluorination is expected to be introduced over soon. In the path forward expanding capacities of three additional new state-of-the-art sites for APIs, AIs, and advanced intermediaries totaling around 20 acres has been started by Inventys. The development of these three neighboring sites is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2022.

Inventys focuses on products of high technology requirements that are not usually manufactured by any other Indian company or have an extremely limited supplier portfolio on a global base. Inventys competes for its market mainly with Chinese and European companies. There were no customers in India until 2019 with Inventys. The total revenue of Inventys was received from exports to advanced countries like Europe, Japan, and the United States of America. Inventys’ goal is to upport Indian and global supply chains minimize their dependency on China by offering a cheaper, more accountable alternative and generating sufficient job opportunities in India. Inventys’ customer base includes some of the top global agrochemical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical players. They have been partnering with the world’s leading innovators for over a decade. However, most of their Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) efforts are currently focused on mature products from innovators.

Dr Deepak Birewar – the Chairman and Managing Director at Inventys – is a trained chemical engineer. He earned his B. Tech. degree in 1985 from IIT Mumbai, followed by his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States of America in 1989. Dr Deepak Birewar has one son and he lives with his family in Mumbai. Dr Deepak Birewar has been setting standards for the Indian pharmaceutical industry by innovating and creating products and strategies through his company Inventys Research. Dr Deepak Birewar started his career in Dupont Corporation, one of the largest chemical companies in the world, after receiving his doctorate. He worked at the Experimental Station near Wilmington in Delaware, USA, as a research scientist in the Central Research Department. To broaden his horizon moved to the software industry and became Vice President of the i2 Technologies, Dallas, the USA in the Semiconductors Division.

As a next step he founded his own software consulting company Rushi International in Dallas, the USA in 1998. He also formed another software company in Dallas named Econet’s Inc. In late 2002 he decided to return to India and joined his father’s chemical manufacturing business in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, called Multi Organics. Following his path as founder and entrepreneur he founded Inventys Research Company in 2005 to concentrate on the Business of custom manufacturing.

Dr Deepak Birewar with vast experience across domains, industries and markets is a proud leader of this global chemical player As a catalytic agent driving innovation, Dr Deepak Birewar has always addressed transformation. In reality, he says that “before the change reaches us, we want to change. Instead of waiting for the change through our initiative, we like to innovate, strengthen, and change for the better”. In Dr Deepak Birewar’s view applying new technology is the most crucial aspect of being a scientist and an entrepreneur to create benefits for the society and the environment through economy and ecology. It is most exciting to develop products for the world on a commercial scale so you can see innovations coming to life.

The most challenging lesson Dr. Birewar said he learned was when he shut down his former software company in the USA in 2002. “Shutting down the company you started is like losing your loved one,” he said. The lesson learned is to build sufficient reserves of protection and not overleverage. The world around you can change in a blink!

He further adds, “The journey with Inventys, to say the least, is satisfying.” There were ups and downs, struggles, milestones and, of course, failures. Yet, he is thankful that he has been able to live and have remained steadfast! Great leaders encourage greatness in others as well. A fair and ethical setting – the corporate culture is a key success factor for such a fast-growing team to make sure inspiration comes from loving your job to become the best you can be.

We at Inventys are grateful for every day we are moving forward to make the world a little bit better!

Inventys is integrated part of the MULTI Group a leading Intermediates & Specialty Chemicals producer in India. It has a rich history of four decades of excellence in providing the chemical industry with quality goods in India and around the world. The Multi Group. is recognized for its process engineering, frugal project engineering, and excellence in development.

The MULTI Group consists of:

  • Multi Organics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Abhideep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Inventys Research Company Pvt. Ltd.

The MULTI Group, headquartered in Mumbai, India, maintains in total more than 13 acres with R&D laboratories, development units and production facilities in Maharashtra’s Nagpur and Chandrapur. Its asset base, consistent growth and a history of stable financial performance is the result of their capabilities. Maximizing efficiency at every stage is the core strength of the MULTI Group and the solid base for further growth!


  • Winner of “ET NOW (The Economic Times)” for the prestigious Tomorrow Leaders award in the category of Chemicals and Petrochemicals.
  • Named as the Business of The Year in 2018by “The CEO Magazine”.
  • Recently selected by the Nagpur First organization to be the number 1 manufacturing company in eastern Maharashtra for the manufacturing sector.
  • Chosen as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Pharma Solution Providers in an upcoming issue of the “Business Connect Magazine”.

Inventys has embarked on a journey to deliver customized manufacturing services as sustainable value-adding solutions for innovative, established, and emerging life science companies. With research and development as cornerstones, we envision firmly establishing ourselves as a partner of choice for our customers in both overseas and Indian markets.



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