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A prestigious trademark in the investment industry

Written by- Mehak Malhotra

India is one of the countries with various industrial spaces growing at a meteoric pace. The financial industry is one of them. In India, the financial industry is one of the most regulated as well as a transparent industry compared to others. Taking a glance at the equity investments and mutual funds, the market is growing by leaps and bounds, although the awareness of credible financial planning runs low in our country. To accomplish a healthy and profitable futuristic view, it is cardinal to have a reliable financial planner.

KK Credible Financial Services is an established and reliable enterprise that has diversified in Portfolio Management Services, Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Child Future Planning, Debt-Equity portfolio management, and considerably various other services that are niche in financial investments. The company has profitably procured assets of ₹150 crores in 5 years. Presently, they serve more than 300 families in financial planning. It has been constituted with the idea of imparting credible and right advisory to the people.

The firm assists in wealth creation for the clients, developing proper succession plans, efficient tax planning as well as risk management through asset allocation. Their foremost products are Mutual Funds – SIP and Lumpsum, Fixed deposits, Bonds, PMS, Insurance further categorized as Life, Health, and General.

KK Credible Financial Services was launched by Killol Kiritkumar Karia, holding expertise of more than 15 years in the financial business industry. Preliminarily, he worked with various firms including Indiabulls Securities for 2 years and heading the HDFC Mutual Fund- Saurashtra Region. He has supervised multiple training programs covering enormous topics of Financial markets, especially Financial Planning. He pays a timely visit to MBA colleges to train the young minds. Realizing the huge requirement of credible and right advisory in the society, Killol Karia initiated the firm – KK Credible Financial Services.

The company endeavors to inculcate more awareness of Financial planning in India with the right people helping to clinch it. Oftentimes, customers lose their hard-earned money by speculating into equities or haphazardly investing without proper knowledge of the product. The credible advisory was also missing due to which most people end up buying high commission giving products in insurance or New Fund Offers (NFO) in Mutual Funds. Thereby, the team at KK Credible Financial Services believes in exclusively spreading the awareness of Financial and goal-based planning to the investors.

The Director, Killol Kiritkumar Karia has empanelled himself with various investment firms and bestowed more than 250 training sessions thereby reaching out to more than 20000 investors. Furthermore, he has been honored as the Guest Lecturer at numerous colleges, edifying them with the significance of saving and investing right from an early age. He intends to enlighten credible advisory in Financial planning and awareness in a true sense.

The pivotal aim of the firm is to maximize wealth creation and practice intensive research to render value addition to clients. To effectuate this, they retain numerous services for the customers, majorly including :

  • Balancing risk and returns suitably for each investor by planning investment strategies.
  • Administering a detailed Asset Allocation Plan and opting for purchase averaging.
  • Maintaining and reporting the portfolio quarterly.
  • Advising on tax matters and providing insight by reviewing the portfolio regularly
  • Perpetuating profit booking timely and reinvesting the sale proceeds periodically.
  • Proper guidance on Succession planning as well as Goal-based planning

Communication is cardinal in the company. Everything discussed with clients concerning returns, charges, load structure, etc. is documented with an extraneous copy sent to the client to eliminate disputation and skepticism. This assists to build faith with clients and promotes loyalty and gives us a strong edge over our peers.

The team at KK Credible Financial Services facilitates their clients with a veritable paperless system through application and websites where they can prospect their current holdings, analyze the nature of return and profits being generated from their investments and transact independently on app and website. This ensures sustainability with the technological advancements in-tact.

The financial industry is vigorous and the launching of new products is recurrent. Sustained R&D is the key to maintain the forthcoming changes in the market. The team at KK Credible Financial Services ensures to analyze all the launched products and the performance that product imparts. They provide the correct advisory to the clients as per their requirements, delivering maximum output.

Furthermore, the firm has tied up with various leading research companies like Morningstar, Prime Investors, and Value research to render pertinent suggestions on the best-suited product for the client. At KK Credible, utmost sensitivity is safeguarded while suggesting the products to clients. Steadfast R&D has helped the company to eliminate the debt crisis led by IL & Fs and Franklin winding off their schemes. Their research is contemplated to be one of the best in the industry. Incessant research and analysis of the economy is their salient differentiating factor among other financial consultants in the market.

The management team at KK Credible ensures a regularity in systematizing mutual fund conferences, meetings, and personality development sessions organized at Rajkot by entrenched and highly regarded Mutual fund companies. This aids their employees an overall personality development besides business growth.

The firm facilitates the employees with enormous Perquisites like a flexible schedule, recognition of hard-work, well balanced work-life, and transparent communication within the premises. This encourages positivity and healthy work culture, enhancing the professional development of employees.

The company is associated with the Rotary Club of Rajkot – Greater. Thereby, attending various social service programs like blood donation camps, adoption of schools, and donation of dialysis machines. They have organized more than 20 free of cost training sessions in schools, imparting knowledge to the youth about credible financial planning and its significance.

The company has acquainted prodigious awards for their persistent hard work. Some of them are cataloged below :

  • Most Emerging Advisor for the year 2017-2018 by Wealth Forum in association with SBI Mutual Funds.
  • The Director of KK Credible Financial Services, Killol Kiritkumar Karia is a part of the Elite Black Club at the HDFC Mutual Fund for the last four consecutive years. (Elite Black Club is the topmost club based on business generated every year)
  • He is also a part of the Chairman Circle for ICICI Mutual funds for three years.
  • Gold club member of Birla Mutual Funds for four years.

The company strives to become an outright financial service provider, delivering Investment solutions and Debt solutions. Presently, the firm manages assets worth 150 crores. They aspire to touch the milestone of acquiring assets under management of 500 crores by the year 2025 and 1000 crores by 2030. The team is working with tenacity and utmost sincerity to achieve the set grail.

Meticulous and perpetual communication with stakeholders and customers is a vital key to the growth and expansion of any firm. At, KK Credible, it is taken well care of to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Young and aspiring entrepreneurs should ensure to prioritize client exigency and word of honor while proposing them a rigorous policy, culminating in a profitable investment.

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