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Kreate Konnect

Kreate Konnect: The preferred choice for e-commerce management

In the last few years, the entrepreneurial scene in India has really picked up and become mainstream. Earlier, very few people used to take that plunge into entrepreneurship but now we see students just out of colleges starting their companies. A whole lot of young minds are delving deeper into the world of enterprising. Several budding ideas have placed India on the global platform. Many companies are bubbling out to cement their position as the market leader in their domain. Kreate Konnect is one such company that was ideated by two creative entrepreneurs Abhishek Jain and Piyush Jaidev.

The Company was founded in June 2015 with a vision to create one of the largest and most dynamic ecosystem for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It started working with a vision to provide a platform to the clients from where they could manage their entire e-commerce business from a single dashboard. In 3 years, it has been able to successfully build a community of thriving internet entrepreneurs who are selling to more than 20 countries across the world using its solution.

It is an e-commerce management company that helps sellers to sell products across various online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and Paytmmall, etc. It manages more than 20 e-commerce marketplaces from around the world and aims to make online selling easier and efficient for its clients. As of now, it manages a portfolio of 50+ clients, a catalog size of 10000+ SKU, 1000+ orders daily and shipments to more than 25 countries. It has a team strength of 30 people spread across its offices in Delhi, Vadodara and Bengaluru.

Coming out of all odds

For any start-up one of the biggest challenges is always hiring the right people. In the initial days it is very difficult to get the right talent and then able to retain them. But, the company has been able to get very good talent since the beginning who have stayed with it till date. It boasts of less than 2% attrition rate. Moreover, for the company, managing teams across different cities was always a major obstacle. Also, since both the co-founders used to work out of different cities, there was a problem of coordination and managing teams remotely.

Both Abhishek and Piyush have always believed in the power of string processes and that’s what they have created at KreateKonnect. Each and every process at KreateKonnect has been developed as such that it works with the same effectiveness at scale.Systems such as a centralized repository of all client data, standard data collection and reporting templates, simultaneous analysis of more than 20+ data points and generate custom insights for each client are some of the highly scalable processes at the company. In its journey of last 3 years, this has been possible because of the company’s single point focus on having rock solid systems at place. This has helped to keep the company profitable and sustainable. Its clientele is very diverse and is a good mix of big corporations, SMEs, designers, artisans, e-commerce entrepreneurs and brands. Some of the notable names are Asian Paints, Archies and HP etc.

Both Abhishek and Piyush are very excited about the company’s future. We are working on some ground-breaking processes and leveraging technology to help our clients in managing their e-commerce businesses with ease and efficiency. We want to be a one-stop solution for all e-commerce needs and are working towards the same. Every day its technology team is enhancing the platform to make it more and more widely acceptable. Its sales and marketing team is working round the clock to onboard sellers from every nook and corner of the world. The operations team which services each client with great enthusiasm and vigor complements the other departments wonderfully. It is this unique blend of ‘Services + Technology’ that continues to be its biggest differentiator till date.

Culture of responsibility& Foundation

The Company is a team of 30 people spanning across brand managers, operations executives, technology, sales and marketing, HR and accounts. Since the beginning, the culture of the company has been promoting free thinking. Once every month, there are brain storming sessions where every team member discusses what strategies worked and what didn’t in that particular month. All the new ideas are laid out on the table and the best ones are then put into implementation for the coming months. It also promotes a culture of responsibility and accountability among all the employees. If a particular task is assigned to someone, he/she has to take full responsibility of the deliverable in a timely manner. The person can engage any number of people across various teams but the sole responsibility lies with him/her.

At KreateKonnect everyone truly believes in the power of data. The company has developed proprietary models that are analyzing more than 20 data points at any time. The system has been developed such that it keeps becoming intelligent as more and more data is ploughed in. Its forecasting and trend models help the clients to predict the demand of high selling products, plan their inventory accordingly, be prepared for seasonality, discontinue loss making products, identify high performing regions, analyze sales and trend patterns at various times and on days. It had realized very early into the business that going forward, its grip on data and generating insights from it would be the biggest forte. Today with more than 85% client retention rate, the risk has paid off.

KreateKonnect wants to be one of the most influential e-commerce management brands in the Indian e-commerce space in the next few years. At this point, it works with more than 20 e-commerce marketplaces across the globe. Its integrated cloud based solution is being used to manage more than 10000 SKUs spread across various categories such as home furnishing, electronics, pet products, etc, and process more than 1000 orders daily.

Global presence

It not only helps the clients to sell across the globe but it also works the other way round wherein it helps companies and brands from other countries to sell in India on the online marketplaces. In the next 1-2 years, the company intends to get more and more sellers from other countries on its platform.

The Company is looking at further expansion. Within a span of 3 years, it has scaled to a team of 30 people spanning across 3 offices in Delhi, Vadodara and Bengaluru. In 2019, it is looking to invest more in technology and scaling the tech team. It also has plans to expand sales and marketing team. It aims to reach 100 clients by the end of 2019 with a monthly GMV of INR 10 crores. It had raised its seed round in early 2017. Though it is an operationally profitable company. It has plans to raise series A round in mid-end 2019.

It has been able to maintain a healthy ratio of 50:50 for male and female employees in its company. KreateKonnect values the person and his/her skill set and ability to learn. It has tried to ensure that its workplace doesn’t discriminate or encourage biases towards anyone. “We have built the company as a one big family and intend to maintain the same going forward”, asserts Mr Jaidev.

Key figures

Abhishek Jain, CEO

Mr Jain comes from a banking background and has worked with HSBC and DBS at business development and strategic positions in the past. At KreateKonnect, he primarily handles the sales and marketing initiatives.

Piyush Jaidev, COO

Mr Jaidev has a diverse experience spanning across Legal process outsourcing – IPR, Group buying/Social commerce, e-commerce. Prior to starting KreateKonnect, he had worked with a slew of startups such as Taggle and Mydala.


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