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Undoubtedly, the BPO industry is all about cost-optimization and time-flexibility. For exceptional operation management, the enterprises are turning towards the BPO service-providers to offer them the relaxation to prominently focus on their core competencies, instead of toiling over other business procedures.

Current market trends suggest that Retail, Healthcare, and Utility segments are being aligned towards heavy investments in BPO involvement and are majorly seeking credible partners to assist their endless service engagements in the business workflows.

In this direction, a leading Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) service provider – LeadCorp BPO & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – specializes in catering outstanding informational, back office and teleservice needs of its esteemed clientele. Offering high-quality, cost-effective service and solutions in the spheres of IT, Health Care, Market Research, Customer Service and the company is proving its prowess as an exemplary outsourcing enterprise. With a sheer commitment to serve the clients with ceaseless agility, it aspires to become an unrivalled player in the relevant domain.

Headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra, LeadCorp provides services such as contact centre, transaction processing and customer support to manage the imperative business operations for the public as well as private sector enterprises. Under the leadership of a young man, Suyash Sakhalkar, with a mission to make a difference for the customers in this fastpaced industry, the company is hitting the crescendo of success. The leader, in his early twenties, laid the foundation of his first and foremost brainchild in 2016, after attaining years of enriched industry experience and now being the guiding light to the company as the Director.

Being an adept BPO executive himself, he honed his core competencies while acknowledging the nuances of this industrial space. Eventually, he started his entrepreneurial excursion with the zeal to make a difference in this space by emerging out as a matchless service provider. What started as a small compartment with 10 head-counts has now transformed into an enterprise with 100+ employees today. Firstly, they commenced the journey as sales executives and then transitioned the whole business model into a comprehensive suite of outright BPO services.

Team LeadCorp always aspires to offer process optimization services by leveraging innovative technologies to deliver highly accessible and effortless products and services.

Titled as one of the fastest-growing BPO companies with unparalleled services, LeadCorp has witnessed thumping success in a short span of time. The Outbound & Inbound Call Center Services such as Telesales, Order-taking, Customer Service, Web-based Customer Support Solutions such as Live-Web Chat and Email Response & Back-office Operations,and Consulting are offering them with a competitive edge in the respective market.

Making justice to the customer’s requirements via a ceaseless enhancement in the implementation of Quality Management System(QMS), they have attained the unfaltering trust of their adored customer base. Instead of quantity, the company always puts quality on top of every other aspect of their services. “Focusing more on absolute customer satisfaction may help a company create a leading edge in the industry. For us, customer contentment is the foremost priority and we are adamant to ensure it in the best possible way. In this direction, we are committed to delivering end-to-end industry-specific solutions to the end-customer,” quotes Suyash.

Moreover, the Founder asserts that with the steadfast support of his dynamic workforce, he has envisioned overcoming a myriad of milestones shortly. He reckons that success and laurels lie only in the hands of the company’s agile and fervent management team.

Suyash further adds that irrespective of one’s business goals, the company makes it work ‘with you and for you’ while bringing an intense passion for reliability, value and performance. By application of some extensive analytical capabilities and utilization of their industry acumen, they ensure absolute data management for the clients for improving the performance of the operational engine. They aspire to unveil hidden insights by generating innovations that can ensure exponential business growth.

Owing to their inbound marketing services customized to fit clients demands, they assure clients business with constant engagement with the potential customers and convert them into the future customer base. The company can effectively manage high-volume inbound campaigns across the globe with sheer end-results driven approach.

Over the years, LeadCorp has proven its forte in entrusting quality customer support services to its clients where it offers customer services, order tracking, up-selling and general queries. For different industries, it has been offering diverse services.

For Healthcare industries, they provide work for Lead Generation in Durable Medical Equipment(DME) that ensures therapeutic benefits to a patient with a certain medical condition or illness. Moreover, they also have compounding leads for Diabetes, Pain reliever ointments and Scar gel.

In the insurance segment, LeadCorp generates leads concerning life, health, home, auto, travel and pet insurance. And in the sales sphere, the Company acts as a clients support partner in telephone sales and delivers best-in class outcomes. With their experienced team of telesales executives who approach to pitch a client and generate efficient sales end-results, they create value by assisting refining products, sales strategy, sales message and scripts.

“We have a total package of increasing your sales through upselling, cross-sell, increased sales from existing customers and customer retention,” asserts Suyas

LeadCorp always ensures to prioritize the client’s satisfaction over any other parameter. With its 24-hour call-centre services, the company always strives for putting client’s need before the organisation’s requirements. They avidly believe that the point of convergence for them is winning their client’s trust by enhancing their interaction with the company. “We are impelled to hold the ultimate user by contributing an extensive range of best quality solutions and experience to the clients and customers,” cites the Director.

More than just offering robotic information to the customers, the company comprehends the client’s needs, query, doubt or complain and grants them a nonpareil range of solutions. Exemplary customer service is an imperative element for a successful business and LeadCorp sync with this notion effortlessly.

For the near future, Suyash plans to expand the business verticals across the national as well as international level. But before that, he along with his adept team strives for a happy customer base and ensuring major steps to ensure that at every possible level of the organization.

Putting the conversation to an end, Suyash conveys some words of wisdom that he came across his career trajectory so far. He instigates budding entrepreneurs to learn from the failures as they could be the stepping stones for a radiant future ahead. And, he wants entrepreneurs to be never afraid of taking risks, as this is a must to have quality to excel in the business world.


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