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Learning through courses is no more a major challenge for anyone. Just a click away, one can take online classes for the desired course, anytime and anywhere. This has induced a paradigm shift in the education sector, all across the globe. Expert guidance, mentoring and teaching are not just accessible to a privileged class of people within four walls of a traditional classroom. It has come within the reach of everyone with a wide range of options to navigate through and choose the best suited one for each individual.

In this booming field of Online Education, Lifesculpt OPC Private Ltd. has recently put its front foot forward and offers the students pursuing graduation or post-graduation with pre-recorded online video courses, live online classes and workshops.

Focusing on MS Excel, numerical, analytical and programming related courses, Lifesculpt offers the courses which are designed right from the basic level, with gradual progress towards higher and advanced levels. Ensuring a better understanding for the students, it provides these courses in both Hindi and English languages.

With its inception in August, 2019, under the Directorship of Mr. Alok Bhardwaj who has been teaching numerical, analytics and programming related subjects since last fifteen years, Lifesculpt is pacing towards success. Behind its start, there was a vison to cement the gap between the knowledge acquired by the students and expectations of the industries.

The difficult language in books makes it difficult for many teachers to convey the concepts effectively into the understanding of students, hence these learners lag behind in acquiring competency. To reach students all across India, and make the concepts easily understandable in order to make them industry-ready is the central motive of Lifesculpt.

This field has its own challenges. There is a cut-throat competition among the players, with many offering the similar kinds of courses to the students. Acquiring the learner-trust and finding niche are the major struggles. Lifesculpt doesn’t believe in compromising the quality of its services and has managed to reach a larger audience because of the courses offered in Hindi as well, which is much convenient for a majority of students. Successfully attaining their trust, it has gained a considerable amount of publicity through word-of-mouth.

If the founder of an education venture has an experience in the same field or has been closely related to industries professionally, the company is bound to be ahead and successful. It is always a point of concern for the customers to know about the leading figure of an education-sector company.

The Director of Lifesculpt OPC Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Alok Bhardwaj is a seasoned professional with MBA and MCA degrees, and has a rich experience ofmore than 18 years. He has worked with reputed organizations like Hewlett Packard (Bangalore), Evalue Serve (Gurgaon) and has provided trainings and sessions at institutions of repute like S. P. Jain School of Global Management (Mumbai). He is certified in Data Analytics from IIT, Madras.He has presented papers in several International Conferences in India viz. IIM Bangalore, IBS Hyderabad and JBIMS Mumbai. Mr. Bhardwaj possesses a sound knowledge of Financial Management,Security Analysis, Valuation, International Finance, Derivatives, Financial Modeling, SAS, MS Excel, R, Python, Business Analytics and related disciplines. Besides, he has conducted consulting projects and several workshops. He is experienced in IT, Financial Analysis, Investment Banking and Teaching.

Adapting to the ever-changing market needs is important for survival. Remaining in touch with industry experts and having a first-hand knowledge of the industry-requirements along with the gap areas in the courses, is certainly helping the venture to rise the success ladder very quickly.

Relying heavily upon the student-feedback and actively tackling their problem-areas have gained Lifesculpt an undaunted faith from the learners. Keeping the language simple in lectures, and using a variety of examples to explain the topics has helped the students in grasping the concepts firmly. The topics are covered based upon the common learning styles and industry expectations. From college students to working people across the country, a variety of categories comprise the customer-base of Lifesculpt.

Blatantly making money is never the objective of this start-up. It goes along with the student, hand-in-hand throughout his or her learning journey with it, thereby valuing the invested time and resources efficiently. Staying in constant contact with the students and taking up their doubts through Email, Whatsapp, Telephone, Video calls, etc. to ensure their complete understanding on the topics, gives an edge to it.

Technology is the key to success in the contemporary times. One who can acquire the best of latest technology, leads the field. Constantly upgrading their technology, and investing a good amount of resources in Research and Development of teaching tools and methods, is always on priority for Lifesculpt. To make learning easy and interesting is ensured by them.

They are evolving rapidly and independently without seeking any help from the government schemes offering loans, guidance and incubators for new start-ups. Despite being up-to-date with all the related schemes offered by the Ministry of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), Lifesculpt is rising on its own.

Ever since its inception, the company has gained a customer-base of thousands of students within a small time period of 6 months. Receiving emails on a daily basis by the learners suggesting their requirements is surely pointing towards a bright future for Lifesculpt OPC Pvt. Ltd.

A thoughtful approach towards the workforce forms the backbone to the success of a company. A satisfied employee ensures a satisfied customer. Keeping these facts at the center of their employee handling, Lifesculpt believes in the collaborative growth of its employees, customers and the company. Most of the work is accomplished through free-lancers and affiliates instead of a full-time workforce, to ensure a cost-effective business, beneficial to the students as well.

Keeping the goals high, the company is expecting to gain momentum by reaching one thousand enrollments per month in near future. Aiming to introduce 25 to 30 new courses across various domains by the end of the year 2020 and achieving its mission to inculcate quality knowledge among more and more learners, is the prime objective of this start-up.

Learning through online courses facilitates flexible schedule and environment. Moreover, it lowers the learning costs on many fronts, like the expenses of commutation are saved, one can pursue his or her profession simultaneously and can share knowledge with others as well. Lifesculpt is a medium to make education accessible to all and is giving back to the society by enhancing the knowledge-quality of the youth.

The Director’s message to the budding entrepreneurs is to have faith in themselves, resilience and hard-work to survive the ebbs and flows of business. Courageously leaving a full-time job and taking the big leap of faith requires immense trust in oneself.












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