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Maxtra Technologies Private Limited “: A reliable Technology Partner for Businesses around the world

Maxtra Technologies Private Limited “: A reliable Technology Partner for Businesses around the world

After a lull of almost a decade for software opportunities in the Indian retail industry, there is sudden surge of favourable events. Traditional Retailers are looking for solutions that can bring them on par with online retail and giants. This pressure of going digital and being relevant to consumers has sprung up opportunities for technology players.
Leveraging this opportunity, Maxtra Technologies, incepted in the year 2008, defines designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for global entrepreneurs and businesses. It helps them build products that can solve their everyday problems through creative and conscientious use of technology. Understanding the necessity of a business to build new products, Maxtra, promises to provide best in class services and the right things for a project, user, and team as well.

A Passion-Driven Leader
Shivendra Dwivedi, the young, dynamic and energetic entrepreneur, is the Founder and Managing Director. From being the young graduate of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya to making Maxtra Technologies amongst the most coveted software Development Company globally, Shiv (popular name) decided to be unconventional at each step. He has attained unprecedented milestones in his business venture using the technology as his
tool. His vision is to see Maxtra technologies as a globally respected corporation.

Solutions for multiple Business needs
Maxtra serves its clients with top-notch services and customised software solutions for unique business needs. Being both a product and service-based company; Maxtra thrives on creativity and cultivation of techniques by creating masterpieces in business development. It is now a globally recognised face of Digital marketing, website design and development, mobile application development and direct selling software solution. The Firm offers a helping hand to businesses looking forward to a future full of evolution, development and unparalleled quality

Analysing the Retail Industry
Describing the current set of challenges in the retail industry, Shiv states an ideal business environment as one where principal companies and retailers don’t just grow individually, but together. With the growing demand for better goods, it is important for both entities to overcome challenges and forge a strong business partnership. The challenges right now are to keep running a profitable business with an eye on future innovations, timely changes to keep up with fluctuating business trends and taking on digital transformation as a journey acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge and to offer the clients with innovative solutions.

Opportunities are never far behind the challenges. Retailers now need to capitalize on technology to provide customers with easy access to their needs. With more customer empowerment, retailers will only survive if their business creates shared value that benefits shareholders and society. Social and environmental sustainability will strengthen the communities in which retailers operate, that in turn will appeal to customers. Maxtra will aim to re-design retail and other businesses so that all stakeholders (as many as possible) benefit: customers,
associates/employees, shareholders, the communities it serves and those in the supply chain.

Ensuring Agility
Talking about the technological advancements that are redefining industry standards, Shiv says, “Regardless of your personal opinion—Luddite or technophile—the rapid advance of technology isn’t going to slow any time sooner. More and more small ventures that fail to adapt are going to find themselves left behind while the savvy ones who learn to keep up with this aspect will reap the rewards.” One must understand how technology affects their business (for better or worse) and how to apply advancements in order to play them to an advantage.

Maxtra offers its clients such products and services that incorporate the latest technology. It aims to capture the incredible opportunity for companies to leverage influencers, who have built a loyal following and credibility within an industry, to market to enterprise decision makers. It uses analytics to gather industry-specific information that helps in identifying gaps in an organization’s performance and can be leveraged to achieve a competitive advantage. It is aiming to use Blockchain which represents a decentralized, encrypted secure system of record, with applications in government, HR and countless other industries. It is also developing mobile
solutions to cater to every aspect of client's business which can be handled from remote locations, if a smart device or tablet is loaded with the correct software. Shiv says, “These technologies have incredible implications, and we’re just beginning to see their capabilities. More importantly, we’re just beginning to imagine real-world applications for their use.”

Creating an Innovative Work Culture
Maxtra has full faith in its workforce. Shiv insists, “If a human mind can develop the technology, it surely has the capability to innovate it as well to be used in varied business models; and that's exactly what our people are capable of!” Maxtra takes care of five points when it comes to its employees –
1. Clearly defining vision as a roadmap for the employees
2. Giving employees what they want and need compassing tools, training, and support from supervisors.
3. Communicate well and often during training sessions, memos, newsletters, FAQs,
and regular meetings.
4. Get everyone engaged in planning and decision-making
5. Coach employees for success, and practice random acts of kindness.

Feedback is another great motivational tool which should be given right away, to encourage
more of the same performance when positive and to self-correct when negative.

A token of advice to the Entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs, Shiv says that it is important to know one’s passion in order to ensure that the work is done and finances are arranged. It is equally important to innovate by putting one’s passion to work in creating an organization that stands out of the crowd. One should also look for ways to positively impact the team and align their goals with company culture. Entrepreneurs

should also remember that “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Taking it to step by step allows you to grow within your means. Use your money wisely and know when to say no."

Expanding the Networks  
Maxtra Technology’s future growth plans include expanding its network of customers and to increase its products and services verticals for them. In order to expand its business, it intends to make strategic alliances with other companies that are strategically fit with its business. It strongly believes that there are still significant opportunities to further expand into both the local and international markets. To leverage those opportunities it intends to strengthen its sales and marketing network by enlisting experienced marketing and sales personnel and participating in more transnational trade fairs. Shiv concludes, “For us, technology is not about services or products we build. Those are not the end goals. Technology is a democratizing force, empowering people and businesses through information and analytics. Looking for the future, we will move from mobile first to AI first
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Quote: “We want to be the most innovative software company in any market we choose to
operate in, irrespective of the country or the industry.”

Company Name: Maxtra Technologies Private Limited

Management: Shivendra Dwivedi, Founder and Managing Director

Description: Maxtra Technologies defines designs and delivers technology-enabled business
solutions for global entrepreneurs and business.


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