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Mint Hotels and Restaurants Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Mint Hotels and Restaurants Consultancy Pvt. Ltd: True Afflatus of Hospitality

Food and Beverage services sector contributes a great deal to the profits in hospitality industry. The food and beverages away from home, forms a substantial part of the activities of the Hospitality industry and indeed of the economy as a whole. Reaching to a peak and marking your name in such a growing and ever expanding industry is exemplary. One such example is a great person whose courage and determination, ability to take risks, clarity of vision and passion towards everything has led him to be the mastermind behind a successful hospitality consulting firm,“MINT HOTELS& RESTAURANTS CONSULTANCY PVT LTD”. Arun Chanda, the founder of the Mint Hospitality Consultancy is a magnetism identity,a chef with a rich culinary background of more than 25 years &who was once the creator of the musical band “Dr. CHEF”, following his passion for music. He is now the deity, maker and founder of the world class food & beverage consulting firm. A person of dynamic and inspirational personality whose passionate determination and self-motivating spirit has led him to be the organizer of a passionate bunch of highly experienced hospitality professionals.  Arun Chanda strongly believes in giving it back to society. His company contributes every year towards “Save the Children”, “Help Age India” & “Cry”, along with occasional contribution towards a few other foundations. With a mission in mind and constantly innovating and creating ways to discover easy solutions for all possible F&B related issues, Mint is bringing success and providing amazing service to the people. Chanda’s inspiration has been endowed fromThe Saint, The Surfer & The CEO, Alchemist, Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson and many such inspirational books.

“Research and Development is a core requirement in this business. Every project requires some amount of it. It’s a continuous process of learning & evolving at the same time”, says, Mr. Chanda.


Mint is a 360-degree solution provider for the hospitality business. A one-stop-shop for your existing or upcoming F&B brand. It’s a collaborative force of professionals who have very specific areas of expertise ranging from Culinary & Bar Operations to Brand Building Strategy & Communication.

The team is able to deliver specialized results that cater to all needs of the people. Leadership is critical to the success of any food service organization and their seasoned team of experts provides the necessary guidance to achieve those results.

Not only this, they have core competencies in concept development, budget & P&L, facility planning, kitchen and bar design, menu development and engineering, supply chain, staffing & training, equipment sourcing, creating customized SOPs & manuals, restaurant accounting, F&B controls, branding & communication strategy.


Neither his roots were from Delhi nor many people knew him here, but with his dexterity to achieve something made him to follow his dream and become successful. Before he got his first break, he used to spend time on the web on LinkedIn and related sites, studied the restaurant market, identified the gaps and made his notes. He formed a band called the “Dr.Chef” played in many pubs and events and travelled in many places. But his enthusiasm of learning each day, made him got his first consulting assignment in Nov 2009, for changing a menu of a renowned Australian Café & Pub in Khan Market,New Delhi, where Dr.Chef used to perform twice a month. And that was the beginning of a great journey.From then till this date, his company has grown to a great family of 15 professionals and doing business PAN India, in the US & Europe.


“Work keeps us busy and therefore, motivated”, says “Arun Chanda”. Accepting the challenges is the greatest thing and Arun Chanda is one of them. According to him, these are the challenges of the food & beverage industry: High Real Estate cost, huge competition due to presence of a very big segment of unorganized players, lack of skilled man power, huge attrition rate, insufficient cold chains, maintenance issues, and tax laws.The main objective is to identify the problems and pain points of the client and situation &effectively find a solution for that.‘Mint’ getsa lot of repeat businesses from many of their existing clients and through referrals. They don’t believe in the concept of “Men” or “Women” entrepreneurs. It’s a single clan called “Entrepreneur”, says Arun Chanda. Whether ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’, all that matters are their‘vision’, ‘passion’, ‘clarity’ of thoughts’ & ‘implementation’ with which one strides towards achieving it.Kudos to all who achieve their dreams irrespective of the size of achievement. Automation in cooking equipment, smart cooking appliances, power saving technologies and use of AI in marketing tools has helped in the productivity along with the quality of output, helping them to deliver better results for their clients. The spirit of the company has been a major reason behind the success of the company. They develop dining concepts suited for the market, in tune with current F&B trends and according to the client’s budget, for both Indian & International Markets. Not only this, they have also been consulting for R&D Kitchens, developing menus/recipes for some of the world’s biggest international chains & FMCG companies for quite sometimes now.


A good work environment, a perfect balance of accountability v/s authority and a creative freedom to deliver the best”, says “Arun Chanda”.They have a team of trained professionals who are updated with the latest technology, who are invited to various exhibitions and workshops showcasing the latest technology which they incorporate where it is relevant. Having a widespread list of clients, that they cater on a ground customized level, has resulted in few of the biggest names in the industry under their belt. A few such brands are: Nestle India, Jubilant Group, Mitsui Group, Havmor Group, Maiam Global Foods Ltd, Moets Group to name some. Mint is also doing international restaurant projects in the USA, Norway & Switzerland.


The company is all set to expand the business on a global platform with pipeline work in few other countries in USA, Europe & Asia. Their expansion plans are in progress with few consumer products also, that will be launched in the near future.

“A great team of passionate professionals and the harmony within them is quite amazing. We think no business can succeed without a good team”, asserts, ARUN CHANDA.

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