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Music Therapy for Stress

Written by: Dr. Amit Mishra

Natural remedy for Stress: Music Therapy

“Those humans who are devoid of music, literature, and art are like a real animal without a tail, horns which roam on this earth and are just burden on this earth”.


In today’s modern era, dealing with business pressure (Market, Technology or Societal) or physiological stress for any professional, especially, budding entrepreneurs, is no more a rocket science! Google’s service can easily be accessed in Android or iOS (Apple) apps or to your computer to play, listen and download music of your choice (or band) for stress management.

Music works as a natural complementary therapy to stimulate your brain to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. Powerful music removes negative energy from your home, office or your body, boosts your immune system, improves organizational skills, increases analytical skills, and improves memory.

Market pressure, related to the global economy and the competition among companies, is increased because of the changing nature of workforces and compulsion of maintaining powerful customers. The music, the universal language of mankind, ranging from jazz to rock to classical, draws out surprising healing outcomes.

Do you know that your soul is composed of serenity? Music, the greatest art, is eternal.  It knows no boundary of caste, creed or religion and is exemplary in appealing directly to the hearts and minds of individual besides being truly inspiring.

  • Indian music, also known as Sangeet, in particular, has this unique quality in abundance for its origin traces back to the origin of humanity or Universe from Nature viz. from the sound of wind, sound of newborn babies, singing of birds, rustling of leaves, moving water of rivers, oceans, streams or waterfall.
  • Regular listening of music works as a catalyst to your healing process. It is a “medicine to your soul”. Lord Krishna Flute music relaxes entirely your mind and body, Reciting or listening Gayathri Mantra, a Universal Mantra recited first by Vishwamitra, purifies the chanter or the listener.

Is music a creativity booster?  

Several recent studies have highlighted the positive effects of music on an individual’s thought process. It surely helps in nurturing creativeness and has an overall positive effect on the wellbeing of a person. If recited with dedication and understanding, it helps open your heart and expands your intellectual horizon, opening up new luck or fortune.

Indian music in its classical form or Folk or Desi music, the most ancient types, has not only sustained but has still remained vibrant and fascinating today. The classical music of India originates from Vedic chants (~600-500 B.C.). Various instruments like Veena (of different shapes), Mridanga, flute, and drums were commonly used by sages to sing Sanskrit Vedas and hymns (strotas).  Buddhists (~566 B.C.) and Jains (~540 B.C.) used music as a medium for spreading their religions.

How music is a cure?

Music can alter physiological parameters of the body like blood pressure, heart rhythm, respiration, etc. The effectiveness of using music to deal with physical pain, even chronic, has also been clinically proven. It is very useful for life threating diseases like Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, etc.  Chanting of the “Om Mantra” has cardiovascular benefits, by relaxing your mind and body, decreasing blood pressure that decreases heartbeat and normalizes regular rhythm.

Despite there is no scientific evidence that proves music therapy healing can prevent or cure any disease, including cancer. But many reports suggest having helped to lower stress, relieve symptoms and promote relaxation. It is completely safe to use healing procedure with no negative effects. Recent psychological and neuroscientific evidence suggests that music is special in the coupling of cognition, perception, action, and emotion.

Start-ups and Music therapy

Recently the music industry has seen a huge boom in the number of Start-ups working in this field. There has been a sharp increase seen in a number of music therapy centers in major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Puducherry, and Gurgaon.

During the past two decades, the burgeoning medical field of music therapy assisted childbirth and for the treatment of senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia has been growing acceptance because of the quality results.

With the successful proven results of music therapy in the development of social, language, communication, behavioral, decision making, and cognitive skills in adults, everyone, including Young Entrepreneurs, should enjoy the music of their choice (Indian or Western) to remain tension-free and develop qualities necessary to ease their business and life as becoming successful in business is more about your attitude, psychology, and perseverance.


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