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NewGen IT Solutions and Services Pte. Ltd

NewGen IT Solutions: Providing the new age of IT Solutions and Services  worldwide

In the world of IT, NewGen IT is the most vibrant name which is globally recognized as one of the most trusted and reputed business partners of its customer. Mr. Jagdish Bhatt, founder & director, having had vast experience and knowledge of the industry in multinational companies with numerous capacities and responsibilities as well as expertise in international business. Within a short span of time, NewGen IT has rendered various services as IT Infrastructure Managed Services (IT IMS), Cybersecurity, Software Solutions, AI and Machine Learning to global clients in more than 21 countries. To serve not only in remote in-country but also cross-country through in-house and trusted global partner network leading providers, the company possesses many local offices in different locations like in India, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, South Africa and Europe and aims to expand into other geographies The clientele includes big corporates to enterprise, SMBs  in the areas as Energy, IT & Telecommunications, BFSI, Healthcare & Wellness, Retail, FMCG, BPO, Software Manufacturing, Logistics, System Integrators, Consultancy firms, etc.

Offering services and solutions

In this constantly changing scenario of the technology, NewGen IT has come with a number of services to meet the demands and requirements of this rapidly changing world of Information Technology. NewGen IT Provides IT Infrastructure Managed Services, Cyber Security Solutions and Services.

The IT Services Portfolio of NewGen IT Includes but not limited to:

  • Network Infrastructure Design and support, Network Monitoring & troubleshooting
  • IT Infrastructure Support Services
  • Hardware as a Service ( HAAS) and Software As a Services (SAAS)
  • Data Centre Facility Management services,
  • DataCentre & DR Automation Services
  • Application support services
  • Cybersecurity solutions & services
  • Professional services
  • Consultancy services, Network & Security Audit services.
  • Employee Assessment services, Compensation Benchmarking, L&D Trainings, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning AI PMS
  • Cloud Services
  • Deployment of Tech. Resources on Managed Services (Hire & Deploy) Model.

These services are shaping and fulfilling the necessities of its customers and industry across many countries.

While providing such services, the company assures to fulfill the commitments with effective and affordable cost. To ensure the best services for its clients, all the possible and required efforts are made such as time-bounded services, implementing the latest technology and the most important factor that is the satisfaction of the customers. On the strength of a skilled and dedicated team, NewGen IT has not only reached a number of clients (more than 80 clients globally) but also the serving area as APAC, Middle East, Africa, USA, and Europe. By being part of the global market and trusted name in the industry, some of the commitments have made by the company such as

  • Reduce IT operational costs by 20-30%
  • Proactive IT Support
  • Optimize IT processes as per business needs
  • Provide 24×7× monitoring and support
  • Delivering commitment
  • Align IT roadmap to the business

Building faith factor in the heart of clients

Building the faith and having a space in the market requires a lot of factors and hard work which assure the prosperous business and growth of the company. Therefore, it is the constant efforts from the side of NewGen IT to make the trust strong to stronger by delivering the best with the skilled-team and its key service provider partners. To abide by the principles and promises, the company has made many alliances such as with a number of software and hardware OEMs as well as strategic alliances for the latest technologies in application platform such as the complete event streaming that enables the customers to innovate and win by being both real-time and highly-scalable. These steps denote the caliber and dedication to serve the best to the clients as well as make a difference in the industry. The company has the application platform for reliably and securely take data from any source in any format then search, analyze and visualize it in real-time.

Adding an edge to the growth of NewGEN IT

Having the best manpower is as important as drinking water to be alive, all the plans and services are delivered to the clients by employees of the organization. Therefore, it is the first priority of the company to have the best and skilled manpower to render the services. The healthy and informative work culture is assured by NewGen IT  to be positive and dedicated to the vision of the company. Time to time, the confidence of the employees is boosted to be energetic and motivated to serve the clients. Besides all, investment is also made for the latest technology and newly developed products so that the manpower of the NewGen IT can be updated and be skilled in them to render the services to the valuable clients and customers globally.

Achievements and milestones of the organization

The company has created its presence and existence in the global and Indian market within a short period of time on the strength of its services , delivery commitment, and values which are the core part of the company that have helped a lot to get more than 80+ fortune clients globally including big and reputed multinational enterprise, corporates and SMBs who have also become the achievements for the company. Consistent work and commitment resulted in a big achievement which made NewGen IT a US$ 4.5 million company within a short span of time. The core part of the journey to reach here, is to satisfy the customers’ needs by providing cost-effective solutions and services on a competitive cost which resolves the pain areas of the CIOs/CTO/IT Heads of their customers.

Apart from all, the company is focused to be ready for the upcoming challenges and obstacles to tackle them in time so that the growth of the company continues and reaches the highest height to compete in the industry. Therefore, research and development (R&D) is part of the company which is an investment for the future of the company. it adds something new to the services of the company and renders continuous innovation of the services.

There is a wonderful saying that “The sunshine shows the day”. At present, the growth of the company is commendable. Now, it targets to grasp more in the coming years to increase the number of clients and services worldwide with its commitments and the best services. It targets to be 15 million of the company by March 2021 for meeting such a big target on the strength of its innovative IT services and product developments along with dedicated employees who are determined to make all happen.

NewGen IT Vision:

“To be the trusted partner of choice in the global IT services market to become a leading, trusted and dependable IT Service provider”.

NewGen IT Mission:

“Efficiently & effectively assist clients in their global IT requirement so as to achieve their business goals”.


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