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Written By- Indranil Roy

With the 21st Century spurring novel changes, it is flaming the need of entrepreneurs across domains. In the last 10 years, our lives have been transformed by the disruptive innovations of various entrepreneurs. Talking of changes, the drive to revolutionize architectural designs is an astronomical prospect. The rise in digitization is paving the way for smart cities, where people can experience a new urban lifestyle bundled with technological advancements. India is a developing nation with a broad scope for smart solutions.

The need of the hour is a visionary designer, who can combine knowledge with technology to ideate new-age designs and structures. This is where Nilvarna Design And Consultants (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. comes in Architecture & Planning has a strong lineage in India, and Nilvarna is a new-age designer for developing India.

Nilvarna proves its prowess by scaling architecture & design solution with new-edge technological designs & structures. Its solutions tailor to a new era of challenges; with, improving its services – with the implementation of the Six sigma like process. In other words, it’s combining technology with trending structural designs to curate end-to-end satisfaction for clients. To ensure excellence, Nilvarna takes several factors into play. It provides end-to-end training on innovative concepts and technologies to create a better and competitive product.

The Company is well-enlightened with the rapidly shifting technology with the support of Make in India, and the resulting increase in outreach and awareness. People have adapted to the fast-paced living conditions, with a problem-solving approach. A variety of problems have spurred across physiologies, resulting in increased growth of startups in recent years. In that context, Nilvarna is addressing the unemployment issues for Women, Skilled & also unskilled workers.

Moreover, it’s working on the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative providing practical training to newly passed graduates, also proving on the job training ‘Earn While Learn Program’. The Company seeks to generate large scale employment in Real Estate, Design & Construction Sector, etc. Parallelly, it’s creating solutions that ensure an upgraded lifestyle full of green energy, smart housing, a fresh environment, etc. Aside from that, Nilvarna has a gold heart for the underprivileged. It improves their livelihood, educates their children and pushes the initiative of stopping child labour as well.

If your sight is on entrepreneurship, never question why, only what and how?

Amid the turmoil of 2020, where investors were anxious, valuations have fallen and a substantial quantity of employment was cut-off, few indomitable innovators stood. One of them was Vikas Verma (Architect & Urban Planner). Despite the world being in desolation, the era sparked the CEO’s entrepreneurial motivation.

“I continue to believe that there are sufficient reasons to be optimistic—to see the silver lining in the form of unique opportunities that the crisis will soon open”, stated Vikas.

While ushering towards a world, that’ll have certain transfigurations, he believed it was the best period, where startups of varied sizes can have a better competing level. And with the shift, the emerging trends in architectural designs and planning solutions attracted him. He knew startups that can comprehend the new normal will actuate the best out of themselves – seize new opportunities and penetrate new customer segments.

Furthermore, he was inspired by the concept of “Har Haath Ko Kaam”, which drove his mind to establish an ecosystem having sustainable solutions and bright opportunities for young talents. Thus, bringing Nilvarna into the light. The Core vision has been“To foster industry collaboration by developing/ co-developing knowledge-based innovative ventures by leveraging its core-competence”.

The Company is on a mission to evolve as a hub of Research & Development that’ll promote woman empowerment, contribute to the development of human settlements in the nation, devise and foster innovation and knowledge, build collaboration with Govt. Bodies and commercialize IP through entrepreneurial initiatives. The business is further supported by Mr. Gurbaksh Jassi, a Vaastu expert who offers architectural design services on the 5 elements and directions in Vastu. He advises clients on new structures followed by design schemes, layout, and favourable space for construction purposes. Also, he aid clients get rid of Vaastu defects in residence, office, and other real estate structures.

R&D is the fuel that runs every innovative concept. As for Nilvarna, R&D expands its scope of research activities, assists in building an innovative ecosystem for employees, industrialists and entrepreneurs to connect and address the pressing challenges of society. The collaboration also promotes and enhances interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity; problem-solving through design-based education and projects within the value chain: from the process to the product.

The process distributes knowledge amongst domains, and enables entrepreneurial marketing, collaboration with concerned bodies to build flagships in the areas of design and innovation. Investment in R&D enables Nilvarna to work with various prototypes, toolkits, websites and mobile applications covering a wide spectrum in architecture – planning, design and management.

Nilvarna gives abundant attention to the quality of its services, to develop a loyal fan base. To deliver a stellar experience, the Company ensures good bottom-line results in every project. Nilvarna stays meticulous with the evolving business landscape and amends its activities to meet the needs of customers and organisations alike. This helps in developing structures that prioritise marketing, distribution, and other strategic decisions.

Despite being a young firm, Nilvarna is very particular about standards and uses every method to ensure overall reliability. Its solutions are present in domains such as academia, government institutions, research laboratories, etc. Nilvarna is now at the stage to have a well-functioning customer-centric information system, as well as tools for developing new workflows for marketing, distribution, and other financial decisions. Also, it is willing to work on affiliate income i.e. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) individual lead generation program.

‘Quality & Creativity’, lives inside every resource of Nilvarna that helps it ensure ‘Superior Customer Service’. While Vikas stays on the helm, he has a focused team of young professionals who ensure the Company’s positive growth. Vikas believes in leading by example, and the ability empowers individual supremacy and improves reliability/dependability on the organization. The team is guided with a meticulous approach and trained by seasoned professionals.

The holistic guidance, helps the team have an objective assessment of the competitor’s key strengths and limitations, product benefits and limitations, target-market strategy, product strategy, distribution strategy, price strategy, and promotion strategy. This makes them more prepared than their peers, further ensuring solutions are feasible and customized to the client’s requirement.

It’s only been 1 year, and Nivarna is already marking itself known by, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and building collaborations. With innovation as a keystone, it has concluded the incubation of several Startups while mentoring new ventures on the way. It has graduated R&D partnerships through joint application, for government grants to enable projects.

“We are dedicated to build fully furnished office spaces, lab resources, prototyping lab for fabrication, shared facilities”, affirms Vikas

Lastly, it’s providing IP & Licensing including creating joint IPs/Publications and unrivalled opportunities for learning and enhancing skill sets.

With an aim to effectively interface with industry – to foster, promote and sustain commercialization of its core competence, Nilvarna has the following objectives:

  • Devising innovative ways for industry partnerships, for example, setting up of Research and Development Centre of the industries.
  • Mentoring and training to enhance the skills of new graduates.
  • Promoting linkages with business and community to enable knowledge transfer.
  • Facilitating efforts outreaching to Government, Business and Community.

Subsequent to these goals, Vikas has got a lot of innovative ideas up his sleeves, which can support expansion and evolve Nilvarna into a multidisciplinary business venture.

“Set goals, learn new things and never be afraid to play a gamble. Entrepreneurship is all about bringing ideas from lab to land and building a network of people working towards a common good”.


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