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Nippon Data Systems

Nippon Data Systems

The best-in-industry ERP & CRM solution provider

With the expansion of business, the probability of complexities growing manifold also increases. In such circumstances, it becomes unavoidable for setups to look for solutions that could better their process. In recent times, ERP and CRM softwares have emerged as the panacea for all the problems pertaining to business operations. There are a whole lot of solution providers in market but one need to make sure that they are getting services by someone who has the desired expertise and know-how of the client’s requirements. Nippon Data Systems is one such company which knows its clients way better than other market player.

It is a provider of IT enabled business solutions which provide its clients competitive business advantage. It partners with its customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and help them ‘Live Enterprise Potential™’. The company boasts of conducting business with the highest degree of ethics and treats each transaction with fairness and honesty. Client satisfaction is the primary and only measure of success. The company was built on the values to provide competitive business advantage to the prospective client using cutting edge technology for the solutions we offer. It strives to conduct business with the highest degree of ethics and treats each transaction with fairness and honesty. The company aspires to be among the Top 5 preferred solution providers in the markets we operate.

Ready to use ERP

The company specializes in solving business problems by harnessing technology and implementing them for developing and implementing customized and standard IT solutions. The effort of Nippon Data in bringing Newton Enterprise Suite helps clients to afford Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that can be implemented faster than any other solution available at the most competitive pricing. Additionally, Nippon Data provides industry specific solutions without putting the burden on financial and other resources of the organization resulting in higher ROI. The company aims to be a partner in the growth of their valued client. It does not want to limit itself to being just a service provider. A high standard of integrity is followed by the company in all its dealings with internal and external stakeholders. It delivers senior leadership involvement in client engagements.

Moreover, it hires people with technical skills including the fresh engineers from all levels of engineering colleges. This is what is required at present in India and this is how it fits in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.

The Newton of 21st Century

We are quite familiar with the 17th century genius scientist Newton who is widely acclaimed for Gravitational force. Newton and his discoveries became a pioneer for the generations to come. His name became synonymous to something out-of-the-box. Today, yet another Newton is making its presence felt on the premise of a unique approach to CRM & ERP solutions. Newton is tailor-made confluence of solutions that knows the every bit of complexities that people face in business operations. People tend to get ambushed by the magnitude of challenges while handling piled-up quandaries. Divergent sections are mounted with mixed bag of obstacles. In such a supervening, setups badly feel need of an alternative that could help them better their tasks with much ease. Newton comes with a caliber that can make any task as easy as ABC.

Newton ERP is available On-premise & On-Cloud which can manage information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments ranging from a single-location, single-product operations to multi-location, multi-product, multi-factory and multi-division operations. Newton CRM works with a vision to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which pose obstacles to growth and consume extraordinary resources. Apart from this, it yields Newton SCM that is the combination of art and science. It improves the way the company finds the raw components needed to make a product or service and then delivers it to customers. It provides technical and engineering personnel to successful businesses. It has an extensive database of pre-screened candidates and has one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

Nippon Data can fill almost any requirement including Engineering, Research & Development, Design, Drafting & CAD and Technicians etc. Moreover, it provides Value-added Consultation with considerable experience of delivering services and industry specific expertise. Its consultations help you find the right answer to your business challenge. The company has deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with changing requirements, ensuring the continuity and on-time completion of Services.  Nippon Data specializes in Analytics & Business Intelligence and has been enabling various companies to manage their client’s data and leverage the data in making business decision.

The unique footsteps of Nippon Data are to use technical expertise and partner with their customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and assist them in realizing their full potential. Nippon Data strives to conduct business with the highest degree of ethics and treat each transaction with fairness and aspires to be among the top five preferred solution providers in the market. Nippon Data, with the most professional and advanced resources, bring the most satisfactory outcomes for their client’s business. It makes sure that through their solutions; customers can get one-stop industry solution effortlessly and are capable of tackling IT related issues in the best possible manner.

It develops product which are standard in nature covering all possible business scenarios. The product is demonstrated to prospects and based on their inputs the product is modified.

It has catered to many well-acclaimed clients. One of its clients is the second largest lighting company in India. One of the largest polyester films manufacturers is also one among its clientele.

Apart from this, it yielded services to one of the largest wood products company. Moreover, the oldest industrial group of India (Textiles) has trusted the company for its reliable solutions. The story does not end here. One of the largest steel plants in East Africa has had a very strong bond with the company.


The company handled largest government project Skill India as an active facilitator. Apart from this, Automobile Company with more than 120 locations is running live on its ERP Software. It successfully implemented University Management Software for Africa’s largest university.

It plans to enhance the product on SaaS model in which the product is so configurable that users can easily start using the product without much of technical support from Nippon.

Key figures

Harish Kumar Saraf, CEO & Founder of Nippon Data Systems is a B.Tech in Computer Science andis a gold medal holder for his performance in his academia. He came back to India from the US to establish Nippon Data Systems. Harish believes, “Struggling through initial period, perseverance, hard work, self-belief and honesty within the teammates helped build a prominent company like Nippon. The commitment of the company to the customers is unconditional. We believe that our success is because of our customers only.”

Ashish Kumar Saraf, Director of Nippon Data has over 15 years of experience in consulting. He has done his MBA in Finance and has been a part of leading client’s implementation.

He along with Harish Kumar envisioned the corporation as a high-tech performer. Both are working with a vision to make Nippon the leading solutions provider. They have implemented an energetic and innovative approach in conducting their business.


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