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Nirmalya Labs: The SaaS-driven ideal workplace

Nirmalya Labs
The SaaS-driven ideal workplace

Nirmalya Labs is a company that blossomed out of the need of its co-founders to start something on their own, where they could innovate and do something which they never got to do in their corporate life. After working for more than 20+ years in corporate, the trio of Biraja Prasad Nath, Keshav Tripathy and SulekhRath decided to carve a niche in the domain of Product Engineering. The key services of the company include Product Engineering, Enterprise Application, Agile Testing and Finance & Accounting Services. Considering the volatile dynamics of global economic system, every company/organization needs cost effective, robust, secure and hassle-free services. All its products (iPravaah, mPravaah, nPower, nPravaah AMS &nHRMS) are SaaS based products. Customers use them on subscription basis instead of spending lots of money for development, deployment and maintenance.

As a technology company, it is focused on startups and enterprises that have great idea but pulling right kind of engineers and technocrats are difficult for them.The founder of the company MrNath has a special message for his clients, he says, “You focus on your core business, Let us do the engineering”. On this model, it is working with couple of Indian and abroad customers and developing their products.In last one year, the company has gained customers from the USA, UK, Australia, Africa and India. Fortunately, it is able to add customers in its company and is optimist to add more. It is looking to expand its reach over the period.Moreover, Mr Nath believes, we can’t thrive and stay on technological top without the creativity and innovation of our engineers; hence creating technocrats with rock solid knowledge in Blockchain, IoT, Analytics and continued research how to leverage technology that would help poor section of the society.

The work culture that understands humanism
Emphasizing upon a better workforce, MrRath says, “To become a great company, we need to have great people with a positive attitude”. We hire handpicked engineers from India’s premiere institutes and groom them to have passion. To make its work enjoyable and feel office as second home, it emphasizes upon 3R (Respect, Responsibility and Recognition). It treats employees like grown-ups and partners. It shares information with partners, actively seek out and act upon their ideas and assume they are responsible enough to manage their own time and self-driven.It treats everybody equally irrespective of experience and position. It pays partners decently and gives them good benefits that include decent healthcare, Personal Accident Insurance and group insurance too. Apart from this, it provides other rarer essentials too like paid parental leave, anniversary leave and equities.
It helps partners with their careers and understands that not all careers are built the same. It has strong training and mentoring programs. Moreover, it reimburses tuition for education outside of work, has active, well-thought out platforms for mentoring, especially for women and provide pathways for leadership career paths.

It believes that people have lives outside of work, and that these lives might sometimes impinge on their time and attention. They know that it’s give and take, not give or take.It sees fun, humor and relaxation not as the enemies of hard work, but as its allies. It has flexi office timings, working from home as part of its work culture. It has a purpose, a mission that everyone understands. Moreover, it tries to create good citizens of communities and of the world. It believes every citizen should contribute something for social responsibility and made it a culture in the organization. It celebrates birthdays of every employee in its organization. Not only this, it also goes for team outing quarterly, participate in cricket tournaments, seminars, etc. Planning to create a social service group “Unnati”, where it will take up educating schools kids in the field of computers and provide a platform to learn computers on-line.

As an organization, it has a rock-solid process and dedicated quality team that ensures every work product goes out from Nirmalya Labs should qualify as per the standard. It believes in on-time deliveryand first time right. Moreover, Quality is inherent attribute of its soul.Being a technology-driven company, making use of technology starting from interview to attendance to appraisal to exit is a part and parcel of its work culture. Every employee is different, and their goals are different as per organization needs. So it defines quantitative goals and helps partners to achieve the goals and become successful. It believes that each and every one’s success is company’s success.

In a short time frame, it was able to build its own products and make it successful in terms of usages and revenue. Its MBC products (iPravaah, and mPravaah) were quite successful and as of now, more than 2M consumers are using the products. It was recognized as one of the top 10 startups by a business magazine in 2017. It was recognizedas one of the top 10 Innovative Software Company by another business magazine in 2018. It was recognized as Startup by Govt of India and Govt of Odisha. Recently, it was awarded with “Business Excellence Certificate” for demonstrated Business Excellence by World Confederation of Business, Taxas, USA.Keshav Tripathy has been selected as a Mentor for Change by NITI Aayog and diligently working to change the society with the use of technology.

MrTripathy says, our aim is to have a happy and knowledgeable workforce who derives pleasure of working with it because of challenging assignments. The company has made it possible because it treats engineers to keep the passion and chase them to convert a professional dream. It always encourages, listens and carefully evaluates the solutions which come from any one in its Organization.

Key Officials
Biraja Prasad Nath (Founder & CMD): With over 22 years of experience product engineering & consulting, has worked with giant like PSC, IBM Labs, Credit Suisse, Alltel, Satyam, and Tata Steel. Prior to Nirmalya Labs, Biraja was the Director & Head of Engineering in Progress Software Corporation.Biraja has solid background in product engineering, utility, finance and telecom domain. He is an alumnus of NIT, Jamshedpur.

Keshav Tripathy (Co-Founder & CEO): With over 30 years of industry and consulting experience in the domains of Manufacturing, Logistics, Credit Card, Port Operations, Insurance etc. He has worked with giants like NIC, Tata Steel, Satyam, GE, IBM etc. He is an alumnus of NIT, Rourkela.

SulekhRath (Co-Founder & CMO): With over than 22 years of experience in sales and Business Management. He has worked with power distribution domain for many years and brings solid knowledge in power and distribution sector along with customer relationship and business development area. He is an alumnus of IIM, Kolkata.


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