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No Labels: Redefining Luxury in Every Thread – An Exclusive with Founder Shireen Walia

No Labels: Redefining Luxury in Every Thread – An Exclusive with Founder Shireen Walia

Mohali, 21st Mar 2024: Quite recently, a fashion brand has been the talk of the town, becoming the favorite brand of women across India. “No Labels,” led by the innovative and passionate Founder Ms. Shireen Walia, is redefining the very essence of luxury fashion with its unique ideology. She believes that when it comes to fashion, you need “No Labels.”

So, let’s learn more about this rising brand from the owner herself. Ms. Walia unveils the inspirations, goals, and the driving force behind her brand.

01. Ms. Walia, “No Labels” is a name that resonates with many. Can you tell us about the ideology that powers your brand?

A: “No Labels is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a movement towards inclusivity in the luxury sector. Our ideology is rooted in the belief that luxury should be accessible, not exclusive.

We’re tearing down the traditional barriers of high fashion to create pieces as inclusive as they are exquisite. Our aim is to craft garments and accessories that empower young women to express their unique identities without constraints.”

02. The inspiration behind your collections is always eagerly anticipated. What was the muse for your latest spring collection?

A: “The muse for our spring launch is the spirit of renewal and optimism that the season brings. Inspired by the vibrant energy of spring, we’ve created a line that captures the essence of rebirth in nature and the human spirit.

If you take a closer look at our recently added attires, you’ll see our designs are infused with vivid colors, delicate textures, and fluid silhouettes. All these echo the natural world’s dynamism and beauty. This collection is an ode to women’s joy and resilience, designed to uplift and inspire.”

03. Making luxury accessible is a bold endeavor. How does “No Labels” achieve this balance?

A: “Achieving a balance between luxury and accessibility is at the core of our mission. Of course, there have been challenges. But, we maintain this by focusing on ethical sourcing of high-quality, sustainable materials and employing artisanal craftsmanship.

Our design philosophy revolves around creating timeless, elegant pieces that transcend seasonal trends, ensuring that every product is an investment in lasting style. By streamlining our processes and being mindful of our pricing strategy, we make sure that luxury is within reach without compromising on the quality or ethics of our production.”

04. Your accessories line is generating quite a buzz. What should your customers expect from these new additions?

A: “Our new accessories line is an exciting venture that extends our commitment to accessible luxury. Customers can look forward to a curated selection of pieces that blend form with function, elegance, and everyday usability. From jewelry and bags to belts, each item is designed to complement the modern woman’s wardrobe, adding a touch of luxury to their daily life. It’s about enhancing personal style while staying true to our ethos of inclusivity.”

05. Looking towards the future, what are your goals for “No Labels”?

A: “As we look ahead, our goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion. We focus on expanding our global footprint while staying true to our core values. Ultimately, we want “No Labels” to be a beacon of positive change in the industry, inspiring others to join us in redefining luxury for the modern world.”

As “No Labels” continues to charm the hearts of women across India, Ms. Shireen Walia’s vision of a more inclusive and affordable luxury fashion world is becoming a reality. With each collection, No Labels is not just selling clothes and accessories; it’s crafting a narrative of empowerment, sustainability, and timeless style.

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