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Workplace technology is emerging as an indispensable part of the business. In India as well as globally, the enterprises are investing substantially to adopt workplace technology to enhance workforce productivity. The enterprises have been grappling with ever-increasing digital innovations and inadvertent adoption of open social media tools by its workforce for easier connectivity and collaboration. However, such unsupervised adoption at workplaces without business sanction and mandate has created compliance and data security risks for enterprises. The popularity of consumer social networking platforms has been stimulating demand for similar communication and collaboration technology for use by businesses.

This is the precise gap addressed by ODIGO, a secure enterprise messaging and tracking platform for a distributed workforce. ODIGO is offered by Bangalore (INDIA) based technology startup TalentBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ODIGO offers two critical differentiations over the open messaging platform i.e. hierarchical and confidential interaction in a secure and scalable environment.

ODIGO ensures hierarchical (Vertical as well as Horizontal) engagement with the total confidentiality and security of the content shared. Users can not copy/ download or forward any content shared on the platform unless authorized by the enterprise. Enterprise can manage and track the distributed workforce effectively with every activity and interaction being geo-tagged and time-stamped. While attendance management aided by face recognition technology ensures validation of distributed workforce, ‘LIVE VIEW’ shows the current location of all the field force on the field with user details. This feature will also display the ‘Planned Vs Actual’ route map of the user while on the field.

‘Contextual Personalization’ is one of the distinctive features of ODIGO, which makes the interaction more personalized or contextualized imbedding Text/Audio/ Video in documents (Doc/PPT/PDF) to be shared for the specific user group. Users can also seek clarification on specific elements of shared documents in the same Text/Audio/Video mode. The Document Approval workflow lets the user share the file(s) with one or more user(s) for their approval before the file(s) being shared amongst the group. With ODIGO, enterprises can assign tasks, conduct surveys and assessments, collect data with enormous ease.

However, what makes ODIGO compelling for enterprises with a distributed workforce is the complete audit trail of activities and interaction on the platform available to

enterprise and ownership of data related such interactions/ activities rests with the enterprise.

ODIGO gives complete operational control of field force wherein the enterprise can easily reach out to the work force & get a quick response, collaborate with the team in a secure & confidential way, ensuring precise and accurate data collection/reporting.

To contain service delivery costs and remain nimble, every service organization needs the ability to locate the worker, track the status and progress of the job, and send other relevant information back and forth. ODIGO offers complete visibility of the field force in the field.

ODIGO ensures efficient and effective use of contract workforce (use of the third party for service delivery and to augment their regular workforce) to manage variable demand, special projects, or expansion into new geographic areas.

ODIGO is available on Mobile as well as WEB platform, using the same login credentials (OTP based login by using a mobile number). ODIGO can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (iOS version) and Google Play Store (Android Version).


Team ODIGO keep an eye on all the hottest trends that look beneficial for taking the trajectory of the business to the next level which involves taking feedback from the ODIGO users and discussing with the individuals on the field to find out their inputs and the changes they want to see in the product. More time the team spends with the customers, more the evolution of ODIGO as nextgeneration Enterprise Messaging & Tracking platform.


ODIGO already has some key strategic partnerships in place. ODIGO has a strategic partnership with Lintas for Advertisement Activation Management and an exclusive partnership with one of the Global leading Marketing Execution cum Procurement partner HH Global is instead. ODIGO is building a significant partnership with one of the top Defense PSUs in India to offer ODIGO jointly to other PSUs in India.

Last year ODIGO was amongst the winners at HDFC Digital Innovation Summit 2018. Awarded HOT100 startups in 2014 by HOT100 Technology (in association with Amazon and Netmagic), TalentBridge was recognized amongst the Top 30 Entrepreneurs by Silicon Review in 2017

“With messaging becoming the norm of the day, and data privacy & confidentiality norms becoming more and more stringent, ODIGO today is in very good stead to address both, and poised for rapid customer acceptance across the globe.” ~Gauravendra Shukla Founder & CEO

“ODIGO is a downright customer-centric product. The simplicity and fundamental utility of the product for users is a focal point for the future of ODIGO.” ~Sandip Yuwanati Co-founder & COO


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