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PNJ Consultants

PNJ Consultants
The future of all your consulting needs
These days, there is a flood of consulting companies which blow their own trumpet to prove them the best in this segment. But only a few are able to justify their bragging. It takes a lot of hard work and thorough research to yield a multitude of services on a single platform. India has been lucky enough to have got a pool of startup companies which are pioneering the consulting domain. PNJ Consultants is one such company which is working with a very unique strategy and concept.

PNJ Professionals network Joint is aggregation platform of professionals into field of merger acquisition, legal dispute, corporate governance, real estate advisory and taxation especially GST. This venture is bringing new revolution in service delivery with patent applied process and features like chat with experts, C-suite hiring, E-certification programs, Office space sharing and Discussion forum. So you can chat with GST experts for 5 to 10 min and get resolved your entire technical queries. The venture provides lifetime business opportunity to freelancers and entrants in professional industry. Franchisee, business association, vendor system, client referral system, everything is there on the portal. The founder has more than 14 years of mix corporate and service sector experience where he can understand the problem, expectation and requirement of customers as well as vendor. He thought to give a new definition and revolution in service delivery method so he created PNJ.

It offers unique features like office space sharing, chat with expert, c-suite hiring which help small entrepreneurs a lot. First time any portal is coming up with the feature of restoration of client service from the point of dispute or conflict. Further, it is also giving option to vendor to discontinue from the assignment; again this feature is first time in world.In service industry, many of the professionals as well as corporate clients have big office space unutilized. At the same time, many of new entrants as well as freelancers struggle for the office space due to increasing and expensive pricing of real estate. The company is giving option for space sharing to client and service vendors. People share offices and save power, fuel and natural resources required to construct the big offices

The company offers E-certification programs for their technical skills development and learning in field of Merger and Acquisition, Legal dispute, Corporate Governance, Taxation, Real estate advisory, Vaastu and Interior Designing. This is destined to enable the student think of career option in the above mentioned fields which is getting introduced for the very first time in Indian Education.

Finding a balance between challenges
The company has somehow managed to sail through the challenges. User acceptability and funds are some of the hindrances that company faces as of now. It worked on seed funding and was able to make the portal live with own funds. Now, it is looking for funding and investors to take it to new heights. Initially it was getting very few queries on GST but now it is getting good clients.

PNJ Hub wants to bring additional services with complete hub of networking benefits.The company divides each work into 4 milestones and monitors the service delivery on basis of milestone.PNJ Hub is working for many startups, small entrepreneurs, private limited companies and also medium turnover groups like Multiplex Capital, Global Stud Farms and Prrsaar Shares as its clientele.

It continuously updates & trains itself and team on various aspect of corporate law and its amendments by attending various seminars conducted by Institute of chartered accountants and Institute of Company secretaries. The company tries to empanel more and more experts on its system so that expert services at reasonable cost can be provided at comfort of their home as it is total digital monitored online.In normal case, service vendor always lose money in hands of client when they disconnect on any of the issue. No dispute mechanism has been in place. New revolution will come in service industry when somebody takes responsibility for dispute settlement between client and service vendors online.

Mr Mittal got opportunity to be awarded as HR Leader for the year 2017. Apart from this, the company was awarded as Banking financial services Insurance for the year 2017 and 2018. He completed book for publishing on real estate advisory corporate governance. Moreover, it got patent published on e-commerce service delivery method of services for third party opposition. Not only this, it launched India’s First Youtube channel dealing for videos on complex legal topics for better understanding.

The company is looking at funding to make the portal more visible and empanel more vendors and provide the client services at more reasonable cost. It is looking to launch mobile application too.

Founder Profile
Paras Mittal (ACA,ACS,NCFM)

He is member of Institute of Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. He is having vast experience in fields of Legal, Tax, Audit, Finance and Corporate Governance of over 14 years.
He served various Multinational companies like Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Hotel Management Services, Chaudhary Group and Galaxy commercial in the past in capacity of Finance and legal head.

His last corporate assignment before venturing into PNJ Group was Head of corporate affairs for Chaudhary Group with USD 3.2 billion dollar turnover.
He was looking over 6 departments with team more than of 50 members across 8 countries and 10 business verticals.


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